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Suso MOTM, what a talent.
4th Mar 2013 20:59
4th Mar 2013 21:00
"Those moments of magic from Suso where a real pleasure to watch! Unlucky not to grab a winner at the end but good performance and reaction to going a goal down! YNWA"
4th Mar 2013 21:07
"LfcImperia agreed with you"
4th Mar 2013 21:14
"Well done young lads! A good point earned but probably we would have deserved something more! We had a great reaction in the second half, played good tiki-taka football,created many chances, kept possession well, but at the end of the day notched just a goal! ..."
4th Mar 2013 21:14
"... A pity that we have missed 3 great strikers as Pacheco, Yesil and Ngoo along the way! Anyway we can still dream with those bunch of lads! Suso MOTM, congratulations Mr Inglethorpe! YNWA U21s Reds"
4th Mar 2013 21:43
"Guys I know we have to be positive and encourage the lads but #rosso 67, contracts Mr inglethorpe? The reason the were do poor in the first shelf was because everyone was out of position. Morgan on the right, Shelvey up front, texira on the left, Suso centre mid. As soon as they went to they're natural positions they battered them. I agree Suso finished strong but long over due. "
4th Mar 2013 21:46
"If he is .ro progress it needs to be more consistent. Let's not forget, Shelvey and Suso are first team squadnow so they should be controlling games. Good things happening at our accademy buy you gotta call a spade a spade and give constructive criticism. It's a shame there are do many injuries and even loanees."
Rushjob _
4th Mar 2013 21:51
"Agree LfcImperia. Suso was superb. Can't wait to see him and texeira in the first team proper in a year or two. "
4th Mar 2013 21:51
"Put my neck on the line and say Lloyd Jones will be a fantastic defender for lfc one day. Adjourn doesn't get enough credit either but Texira is the next big break through. Class on the ball. Think Ibe should be in the u21's too"
Rushjob _
4th Mar 2013 21:53
"Rosso- Strange one re Pacheco. Always rated him, and a BR type of player. Too many managers can't be wrong though hey?"
Rushjob _
4th Mar 2013 21:54
"TOMOKOP- Rate Coady too. "
4th Mar 2013 21:59
"Jones is a big solid defender, just needs to get lighter on his feet,but we've had many like him. really hard for a cb to break through as it's always about experience, hence wisdom & Kelly (both cb at youth level) playing rb. "
4th Mar 2013 22:04
"The trio of Texiera/Suso/Coady kept the ball really well, I think Texiera has a better chance than suso of being a regular for many seasons, but my money is on Jack Dunn. Ibe could impact the 1st team now though.. No fear, bigger build than sterling and as quick. "
4th Mar 2013 23:04
"Redrace85 I think wisdom and Kelly will soon be ready for cb and neither is slow. I think Lloyd Jones reads the game as well as any youth defender I've seen. Totally agree about ibe, he's ready for a crack off the bench for my money. #Rushjob yeah Coady is good but I don't think he is anywhere near the first team. Like cb it's hard to get in the crucial defensive cm role"
4th Mar 2013 23:35
"Saw the game...we let them control the game in the first half. As the game went on we became better and better! Suso and Jaoa Texeira were the better players even though the whole team did well! YNWA!"