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were is the king on this list kenny should be no1 tho love all the players on there i do think theres many more who has the deserved the right to be in the top 10
5th Mar 2013 0:27
5th Mar 2013 9:18
"stealth1 there's no british player in the list. Should be a list of players from abroad.."
shanklys best
5th Mar 2013 9:53
"Was gonna say Kenny too.. thats a big up by LFC TV. Xabi should be there and I dont think Bruce should be No1, what are they basing the positions on??"
5th Mar 2013 10:02
"What about Kenny Dalglish,John Barnes and Alan Hansen surely those three should be in this list. "
5th Mar 2013 12:58
"Here's my list. 1. Bill Shankly. 2 Bob Paisley. 3. Kenny Dalglish 4. Ian Rush 5. Roger Hunt. 6 Ian St John 7. Ron Yeats. 8 Kevin Keegan 9 Luis Suarez 10 Martin Broughton."
5th Mar 2013 14:44
"If the question is rephrased to 'which non british player played most times for Liverpool' the answer makes perfect sense"
5th Mar 2013 14:47
"It wasn't first showing of Agger's banner. First was at Wembley in last year final CL."
5th Mar 2013 17:45
"Big Jan Molby who even imitated the accent. You can't get a more devoted 'Scouser'."
5th Mar 2013 20:59
"Deffo don't agree with that ordering"
6th Mar 2013 0:05
"I think that most people here missed the paragraph that states The list has been based on the amount of games played for the club, so fans favourites like Xabi Alonso (with 210 appearances) and Stephane Henchoz (with 205) have also narrowly missed out. So stop complaining that Alonso, Garcia etc. are not also clearly states that UK players are excluded, so no Kenny."
6th Mar 2013 1:40
"Good combination in the squad "
6th Mar 2013 1:44
"Can you guys not read? It CLEARLY says "foreign players". Read before you go on a tyrade."
6th Mar 2013 1:45
"It DOES say that. It says "foreign players". Read !!!"