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Next season not time to scout players. This year we have crisis defender. Pls buy top class defender
4th Mar 2013 15:01
4th Mar 2013 15:29
"please buy some quality defenders & not average defenders, i'm pretty sure FSG will grant some cash to buy a quality players. "
4th Mar 2013 17:29
"sincerely he's a player I don't know well, so it's difficult for me give an opinion, but I feel this guy could have a route similar to that had from Gary Cahill when he left Bolton and swap to Chelsea, I don't rule out that Alex Pearce could become a cracking talent as a centre back!"
4th Mar 2013 18:29
"Mamadou Sakho by all accounts little unsettled at PSG. would need atleast £15m to get him. Cant seel FSG throwing that kind of money specially after just posting a lose of £22m for last year. But he does fit the bill, 23, plenty of experience (& at a top level) plus a france international. He's no Djimi Traore though ;)"
4th Mar 2013 23:12
"Get Mamadou Sakho. He's a one-man defensive wall!"
5th Mar 2013 1:06
"I'm sure BR will sign a good CB. However I still feel that Kelly and Wisdom could do a great job providing cover at CB. Honda/Ince for free would be signings off the summer! "
5th Mar 2013 2:12
"Sign him, keisuke,ben arfa and ochoa. Sell jonjo,spearing,and carrol. then send suso, borini, and sterling on callable loan."
5th Mar 2013 2:46
"I like him he reads the game extremely well great in the air at both ends of the pitch. Comfortable on the ball can play either side of a central 2, for a free transfer why not. I think,coates,spearing,carroll,pacheco,wilson,jones should all be sold. Potentaily 20m+ in moving them on. Kelly to used as a central defender pearce in for a free gives us 4 central defenders. Without spending anything."
5th Mar 2013 3:00
"BR made 2 brilliant buys this window which has made us look a lot better for signing them, 20m was great business for sturridge and coutinho you can see already how much more they have added in quality to our first team. Id like to see next season, coutinho left sturridge centre suarez right gerrard and lucas as more deaper mids and a real quality attacking central mid brought in."
5th Mar 2013 15:40
"No relegation players, please. We want international players."
5th Mar 2013 16:17
"no way!"