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Yes I think Pepe's performance was as important as Luis' one. And although many will claim it Suarez show I will Reina played one of the main roles also. I wonder where all that top class was hidden this season? And last one? and before? Keep playing like that and we will never speak about bringin another stopper.
4th Mar 2013 9:53
Rushjob _
4th Mar 2013 9:58
"Pepe looked back to his best on Saturday- long may this continue."
4th Mar 2013 10:00
"Wells done Pepe. It's great to see the old Pepe standard returning just in time to help salvage a top 4 finish to this season . YNWA "
4th Mar 2013 10:00
"I thought Pepe might have been the MOTM! (sorry Luis!) Three (3!) top-class saves showed he's still got it and will be at LFC hopefully for years to come."
4th Mar 2013 10:05
"That was Pepe's best display in a long time. Welcome back, we have missed you YNWA"
4th Mar 2013 10:09
"Yes Pepe this is what we need!"
Gerrard o ya beauty
4th Mar 2013 10:20
"Agree with Downing about pepe at 2-0 that save what he made was worldclass, toatally different game if that goes in. YNWA pepe"
4th Mar 2013 10:25
""We played them off the park at White Hart Lane earlier in the season and how we lost I just don't know". The whole Reds team must maintain focus throughout the upcoming Sunday game against Spurs. Spurs got two goals against Arsenal when the game still looked like it could go either way. Spurs has become something of a hoodoo team to LFC in recent years. That must stop!!!Y N W A!!!"
4th Mar 2013 11:16
"great game from pepe stewart downing is right he made important saves at important times and didnt let the latics into the game ynwa"
4th Mar 2013 11:18
"people saying pepe should go make me laugh, he has been injured alot this season reina is coming good we will need next season we need experienced players like gerrad reina agger to get top 3/4 next season "
SGM 73.
4th Mar 2013 11:26
"You don't go from being world class to rubbish over night. It's difficult for keepers cos when they're not on form there is no hiding place. Pepe should have more than earned our respect and trust over the years, but it seems some fans have no respect for anything or anyone."
4th Mar 2013 11:33
"We are very lucky to have Pepe at Liverpool and it baffles me that people forget that. Top keeper and top guy"
4th Mar 2013 11:44
"Well done Pepe, great to see you back to your best. He has been an amazing player for us. Sure I am right and saying he's won the golden gloves for 3 consecutive seasons a few yrs back. Pepe has been loyal to us when an array of clubs could of snatched him up. Yet an off colour season and some fans are saying he's useless and so on. Unfair I think"
4th Mar 2013 11:52
"For me Pepe was the main man against Wigan although Luis also deserved it with his three goals. Pepe did however get 14% of the vote so maybe he can win MOTM next time. Well done Pepe!"
4th Mar 2013 11:52
"I think this was Pepe's best match this season and i hope he keeps it up."
4th Mar 2013 11:55
"Was by far his best game for Liverpool in two seasons. Two if not three world class saves and although we looked comfortable and more than likely winners if they had gone in and it was 3-2 im nbot sure we would have played with the same confidence. Superb game Reina, it breeds confidence throughout the whole team and it showed."
4th Mar 2013 12:23
"Pepés part cannot be understated. That is by no means any disrespect to Luis. But as has been said here a goal for Wigan at 0:2 would have probably revived them. An lokking at the league the goal stats could give us an extra step up the ladder. Hut we do not want to rely on that lets just win and with as many goes as possible!"
4th Mar 2013 12:47
"about time he started making saves,,thats what he gets payed for..."
4th Mar 2013 13:11
"Fobiuz,,well where ever it was hidden , i am glad it back,,Pepe is an outstanding keeper and he saved us the game as much as we won it...i am glad that the players give him the nod.."
4th Mar 2013 13:20
"sciara - No doubt about it! I agree he's a top guy and top keeper that's why I wonder why he was in such a poor form for a 2-3 years. His mistakes makes me thinking it's something about his mind than physical condition and skills."
4th Mar 2013 13:26
"world class..ynwa"
Kaushik Bose
4th Mar 2013 13:54
"Hey Pepe, if you target for the man of the match awards surpassing Suarez, you are surely going to get a regular place in the Spanish football team ahead of Casillas.;) Its a Win-Win deal! YNWA"
LFC Nuuk Greenland
4th Mar 2013 14:42
"Very well done Pepe. I'm glad to see your true class again. Downing did pretty good too. YNWA"
4th Mar 2013 15:24
"Pepe has had his moments this season, but Saturday, he showed real quality with some excellent saves."
4th Mar 2013 16:08
"Pepe had an excellent game, infact, I can't remember the last time he's played so well."
4th Mar 2013 16:26
"We need a new goalkeeping coach, maybe Bruce should come in. One on ones = make yourself big - not as small as you can. Corners focus on the ball not the players."
4th Mar 2013 16:46
4th Mar 2013 16:48
"Lets hope LFC can keep clean sheets for most of the remainder of the season with a solid defence to help Pepe starting with Spurs on Sunday. Would like to see another 7-0 win like the game I saw Sep 1978 but with Bale in fantastic form its going to be a difficult game. Good luck LFC."
4th Mar 2013 16:52
"It was a very peppy performance by Pepe. The January signings appear to have given the whole team a lift. Good performances by the oufield players appear to be rubbing off on the goalie. It will help if they keep giving Pepe leads to defend. It was good to see him giving the defenders a jolt."
4th Mar 2013 18:43
"Do not recall for some time Pepe performance so good and I hope he will show the same form against Spurs on sunday and then with Suarez Lfc can secure 3 points."
4th Mar 2013 19:08
"Yes, Pepe had a great game, I've never doubted him and I don't understand why all sorts of funny goalies that are not a patch on him are being discussed all over the place. He should stay!!! "
4th Mar 2013 19:08
"Why is Martin Skrtel getting a bum deal? Why is big Andy not good enough for the apprentice's system. So we won a game against a side we must win against. What happens next week. I still say, we're not Swansea and we're not Barcelona, so Brendan, take your dossier and go away !!!"
4th Mar 2013 19:19
"I have only seen the highlights of the game on MOTD and from what I saw of Pepe it was a million miles from where he has been recently. We know he is capable of those saves, lets hope the real Reina is back. Looking forward to seeing him in action against Gareth Balespurs on the weekend. "
4th Mar 2013 20:57
"i voted pepe for man of the match after the game. we have seen in the past oppositions taking 3 shots on target against us and winning where else we take 25 shots and end up on the losing end"
4th Mar 2013 20:59
""Man u are an arse" the fact you have to ask those questions still shows how little you understand the big picture. Rodgers is showing what his vision is about. Be patient, it's coming together. "
4th Mar 2013 21:25
"ManUmyarse have you been watching our defense since Skrtel has not been present in the team? Rogers is getting a lot of things right lately and the team is taking shape. I for one can't wait for next season."
4th Mar 2013 21:26
"ManUmyarse have you been watching our defense since Skrtel has not been present in the team? Rogers is getting a lot of things right lately and the team is taking shape. I for one can't wait for next season."
4th Mar 2013 21:26
"ManUmyarse have you been watching our defense since Skrtel has not been present in the team? Rogers is getting a lot of things right lately and the team is taking shape. I for one can't wait for next season."
5th Mar 2013 2:01
"Pepe got my vote for MOM His best diplay for 2 yrs. If he continues with this form there is no way he should be sold . Could not understand how Luis got so many more votes. "
5th Mar 2013 2:11
"ManumyA:Totally agree Skrtel is streets ahesd of Carra in every way , one on one on the ground or in the air, distribution,set piece defending , but mainly on set piece attacking , Carra would not score a goal in the half-time break.Out & out favoritism by Rodgers."
5th Mar 2013 7:32
"Great do from Pepe Reina since the days of Alonso, Arbeloa, Torres and company, hope you are back, well done, we got second that year remember.YNWA"
5th Mar 2013 15:02
"Top saves from reina but nearly made a joke of himself in that game! Moving forward, we need another keeper to keep him on his toe and as a backup as well! And well done to BR, all the hard works started to pay off now! "