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Absolutely deserved award Luis! I am ashamed to say it, but Luis performance was practically perfect! YNWA El Pistolero
4th Mar 2013 13:35
4th Mar 2013 13:37
"Well done LUIS YNWA "
Kaushik Bose
4th Mar 2013 13:47
"Congratulations Luis! And Pepe, if you target for the man of the match awards at LFC surpassing Suarez, you are surely going to get a regular place in the Spanish football team ahead of Casillas."
4th Mar 2013 14:04
"please next time let another player benefit from this too. think Luis is tired with this, he want UCL or Europa next season. let us all including the other players support him"
4th Mar 2013 14:49
"jodey....this is not about sharing the award out... another player needs to play better that Suarez to warrant the award!"
4th Mar 2013 15:22
"Well deserved."
4th Mar 2013 15:52
"Absolute world class player, he is only behind Ronaldo & Messi. Agree with me?"
4th Mar 2013 16:05
"Congratulations Luis! Well played Philippe and Pepe too. On another day, their performances would have warranted the award as well. Well played team!"
SGM 73.
4th Mar 2013 16:45
"Was a top performance. Hope he does the same against Spurs, who robbed the Gooners at the Lane on Sunday, but the win will get their confidence up.. Spurs fans are raving about their team right now, but bottom line, they're a one man team. Stop Bale, Stop Spurs. "
5th Mar 2013 4:55
"not sure why pepe didnt get many votes,,he actualy saved us...our back line needs strengthening"