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Worrying signs. What will happen to transfers ? Makes more worries as what will happen to suarez if a good offer around 50m+ comes in ?
4th Mar 2013 9:07
4th Mar 2013 9:15
"This isn't actually bad at all but i am sure all the drama queens will be out in force."
4th Mar 2013 9:21
"if offers comes in i dont think the club would want to sell suarez unless the palyer himself wanted to leave (just like torres did). players can come and go.."
4th Mar 2013 9:25
"Why is it worrying times. Its not as bad as the mess we used to be in, is it."
4th Mar 2013 9:31
"not good .something despretly wrong here .extreamly worrieing"
4th Mar 2013 9:37
"its the numbers "
4th Mar 2013 9:38
"the biggest creditors are the owners not a bank. The money they have loaned the club has gone on infrastructure and players - just what you'd be moaning about if there was no investment in those things. There's nothing worrying about this. you don't know what you are talking about, kodofkop88 and thekingmaker27"
4th Mar 2013 10:21
"The debt of utd has gone under £400m for the first time since 2005! I think we are in a good position and if people think we aren't then they should consider that we just bought Sturridge, which shows we've got money and won't have to sell Suarez! That year was one without european football and a huge change going on at LFC, now we're more stable. "
4th Mar 2013 10:30
"As this is from 2011-12, this is pretty good news. Since then we have taken several players off the books, Andy Carroll wages, Dirk Kuyt, Maxi, Bellamy, Cole, Adams and a few more. "
4th Mar 2013 10:30
"We have also restructured new contracts and invested in youth. We have saved approximately 25 million on wages alone for the players above. If Carroll leaves that will recoup the money paid for Sturridge and most of Coutinho, and with not spending in late august, panic buying probably saved a drastic transfer similar to Carroll purchase, financials for this year should be good. "
4th Mar 2013 10:30
"Also we have the Warrior money to include, and for the first time the money for our own store products and clothing. "
4th Mar 2013 10:42
"There is light at the end of the tunnel. We now have an excellent squad to build on. Financial stability is essential. Fenway have done a good job. Remember it was only three years ago that Mr Broughton kept us from going under. "
4th Mar 2013 11:26
"Certainly not worrying times at all. I think we should leave it to the accountants as most of you on the forum wont have a clue how the financial structure of the club works. We need to concentrate on the playing side. Big improvement and comfirmation of Suarez commitment last week"
4th Mar 2013 11:34
"So the interest bearing debt has, in effect, been reduced by £25m to just over £40m. Thats a good bit of interest payments saved. Its looking a lot better that the £200m+ debt we had under H&G. Not bad at all."
4th Mar 2013 11:46
"utd have had 5 times this amount and still spent very, very big (which may shock utd fans who seem to think only chelsea and city splash the cash!) and they also have to deal with FFP which is something about not having debts of over £150m for 3 years running which could trip them up (please...!) We're in a good position as revenue streams have increased since then."
4th Mar 2013 12:48
"It looks pretty solid. I think we're good. Decent platform to move forward financially."
4th Mar 2013 12:59
"patemondo...I fully concur...seems some fans think they are financial advisor's and know about the whole of the business. Easy to spend someone else's money. Hope when the financial fair play comes in that we are in a good situation. "
4th Mar 2013 15:41
"2014 is definitely gonna be a more fruitful year for us."
4th Mar 2013 20:50
"this year must try for Europa league..but next season onward Champion League must be target cos we once the big four ok..."