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Nice banner. You deserve it Daniel. Now he should get hes own song, maybe to the tune of "chelsea dagger"
3rd Mar 2013 9:39
3rd Mar 2013 9:54
"A well deserved honour! Nice one Dagger! By the way, what IS Coutinho's new chant??"
3rd Mar 2013 10:17
"Awesome banner and so well deserved. I'm proud of you D.Agger! "
3rd Mar 2013 10:32
"Well deserved Dagger! Living Legend in my eyes :)"
3rd Mar 2013 10:38
"well done Daniel,great banner too Lfc fans are the best,YNWA"
3rd Mar 2013 10:57
"Well deserved banner Daniel! A remarkable tribute to our Danish wall by some of our travelling Kop YNWA Dagger"
3rd Mar 2013 11:15
"What are the words to coutinho song?"
3rd Mar 2013 11:25
"Travelling Kop were superb at DW last night, luis garcia song, sami hyppia song and Rafa song......brilliant! Coutinio song will catch on big time, went on for ages last night, lets give it a proper "airing" at Anfield next Sunday."
3rd Mar 2013 11:29
"Dagger, we are proud of you. Legend in the making."
3rd Mar 2013 11:42
"HOHO, you know it !!"
3rd Mar 2013 11:53
"I've got a new Suarez song too. To the tune of Beatles Here comes the sun! 'Here Comes Suarez da de da da! Here comes Suarez and I say - it's alright! Luis Suarez - you bring the smile back to our face! Luis Suarez - it feels like years since you've been here! Here comes Suarez! Here comes Suarez - it's alright! YNWA"
3rd Mar 2013 12:15
"He's the got the moooooooooves - he's daggger to the tune of moves like jagger!"
3rd Mar 2013 12:36
"I love this. I think it's a bit unfair should we not show Skrtel much love too. For him, Skrtel, to have won our 2012 Player of The Year then he only needs our support in this odd time to bounce back to peak. We still need him very much to pair on Agger...YNWA!"
3rd Mar 2013 12:47
"Daniel has been faithful n he deserves it. We have a squad bt they shud be consistent,patient n hav 2getherness we saw in the pitch. N stevie n carra shud start coachng coz they were xcelent in their approach. Ynwa"
3rd Mar 2013 13:09
"For me, he's the best ball playing centre back in the world. Anyone disagrees?"
3rd Mar 2013 13:28
"Beautiful banner for Agger also fantastic to hear the travelling Kop still singing the Rafa song and showing support for Rafa at this time, best fans in the World!"
3rd Mar 2013 13:50
"dagger you're a legend at this FC. we need to scout for the next daggerman"
3rd Mar 2013 14:00
"Well deserved dagger one of the best CB in the league..... for coutinho " ole ole ole ole ole ole ole ole coutinho Or "oh oh coutinho oh oh coutinho oh oh coutinho oh oh coutinho""
3rd Mar 2013 14:57
"He deserves it! :-)"
3rd Mar 2013 16:03
"would like to see Skrtel back to the Starting XI."
3rd Mar 2013 16:13
"agree with usijayboy s allright bifi:dd...can t wait till sunday...if we beat flopham the kop goes cracyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy....ynwa"
poolman 96
3rd Mar 2013 16:45
"a lot ofpeople saying suarez was excellent at wigan and so was countinho. but if it wasnt for reina it could of being 4 all"
3rd Mar 2013 16:53
"agger is a fantastic player skrtel has to be his long term central partner surely. shout out aswell for coutinho yesterdays man of match for me dispite suarez,s hat trick"
3rd Mar 2013 17:46
"I just love it! Well done fellow Reds, top stuff indeed :D"
3rd Mar 2013 18:21
"It seems like the new Communications guy - what is his name, again? - has decided that Kopites have too much say on the forums. I think his approach is wrong. It further undermines the confidence that Kopites have in the current regime. For me, it underlines why FSG should leave ASAP. There will be a backlash. Sooner or later. This may not be a democracy, but it is a CLUB - not a franchise."
3rd Mar 2013 18:33
"If Mr Rodgers does not man-manage Skrtel properly and he leaves, he will have failed the club."
3rd Mar 2013 19:16
"I disagree with the Skrtle issue. He's been dropped and needs to get back into the team by the merit of his performances in training. Carragher has been great since he came back into the side, and I for one, won't question BR's judgement on the issue. Carragher is our most experienced defender and it's great to see him back in the side."
3rd Mar 2013 19:29
"Deserves it!"
3rd Mar 2013 21:20
"Well deserved Agger. But song for Coutinho, doesn't this sound better........Coutinho.....Woah woah......Coutinho........Woah woah woah woah.......coutin.....coutin........coutin-eeee-o, coutin........coutin........coutinho (repeat)"
3rd Mar 2013 21:23
"Well deserved for many great performances. Long may it continue. YNWA"
3rd Mar 2013 21:25
"And does anybody else feel Suarez needs a new song that can't be ruined byu the opposing fans, we know the words to the song, but they always shout out "SCREW YOU SUAREZ", ruins the moment."
3rd Mar 2013 22:08
"Skrtel's always been a player with holes in his game. Not confident enough on the ball and is often a penalty waiting to happen. I voted for him for player of the year last year in a season where contenders were hard to find. I like him. But he was only ever 'potentially' great, he's not actually great. I think Hendo, Downing and Enrique show that we need not worry about BR's man-management, btw."
3rd Mar 2013 22:19
"Well deserved Daniel! I think Skrtel should get one as well! YNWA"
3rd Mar 2013 22:29
"New Luis Suarez Song! He came to Anfield. Became a red one. And now the Kop sings... Luis Suarez!! Luis Suares, Luis Suarez... and now the Kop sings... Luis Suarez!! :) YNWA!"
Afrika Kop
3rd Mar 2013 22:40
"THis is a beautiful banner, he deserves it. Too good, unlike Chelski's card board banners!"
3rd Mar 2013 23:32
"How come we dont sing the fratellies song, it has a line in it my boy is dagger ya haha"
4th Mar 2013 0:12
"his name is suarez, luis suarez, he plays his football for Liverpool, wears number seven, he's football heaven, please don't take my Luis the tune of "you are my sunshine""
Born Red 74
4th Mar 2013 1:42
"Just throwing out an idea for a new Coutinho chant... Oh, Oh, Coutinho our new El Nino, Oh Oh Coutinho, our new El Nino... Love the banner for DAGGER!!"
4th Mar 2013 3:54
"ROBIN stay on your United Website, we'll talk about trophies when we win them, last year we were happy to talk about Cup Finals and winning Trophies and last year you lot didn't want to listen."
4th Mar 2013 4:56
"wow, beautiful banner!!! congrats Daniel."
4th Mar 2013 5:41
"so cool and awesome"
4th Mar 2013 7:21
"the DANE rules! i just love his style! and when the ball is on his feet.. he is god like! 50% danish 50% scouse - 100% class! YNWA DAGGER"
4th Mar 2013 7:30
"What was that guy doing at man u's website anyway. Shameful. Never been there and you won't see my dead body there either"
let me play liverpool
4th Mar 2013 7:37
"good its about time he deserves it hes a great defender. now for sterling and skrtel to get their own!!!"
Red David
4th Mar 2013 8:36
" ROBIN___ A Man Utd fan, paying for a membership on Liverpool's homepage says it all. Yes we don't talk about trophies YET. But just wait one more season. Liverpool is building a squad of young players, who will challenge for the le in the next decade, and Man Utd will be forgotten. YNWA."
4th Mar 2013 8:53
"A well-deserved reward. Keep up the good work, Danny and YNWA!!!"
4th Mar 2013 9:00
"lads on the banner what's the crest/logo to the left of the Liver Bird all about? anyone know? "
4th Mar 2013 12:36
"Robin____, I bet you guys were already started talking about the league T-I-T-L-E about this time LAST SEASON. Still counting the lost chickens?"
4th Mar 2013 13:12
"Great banner!"
LFC Nuuk Greenland
4th Mar 2013 14:58
"Great banner lads. Very well deserved. Love his dedication to this great club. YNWA"