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Good points Joe- and taking Suarez, Downing, Hendo, Lucas et al- it obviously takes time to get to grips being at a club like LFC- so fair play.
Rushjob _
3rd Mar 2013 9:04
3rd Mar 2013 9:35
"So happy for BR. The man sure knows his football. Without the ball we are much more efficient. If we do not get it back in their half, the system gets back into a compact unit. The players look so confident under BR's methods. Can't wait to test this new confidence against Spurs. YNWA."
3rd Mar 2013 9:38
"GREAT PERFORMANCE! and without Sturridge. Had my doubts about beating Wigan, especially as this is the period when they start to battle to save themselves. The team is gradually starting to click all over the pitch and we had the right mentality from the start. WELL DONE RODGERS!"
3rd Mar 2013 9:40
"Think about the young 'uns to come in, who've already had some prem/euro experience, and how could you fail to see anything but a bright future:)"
3rd Mar 2013 9:47
"I see him following the foot steps of KD, IR MARSH, SG, JC RF to mention but few! Keep Going Luis."
3rd Mar 2013 9:47
"where exactly in that interview did joe say he's our idol, too..? running out of words he's on fire is what he said!"
3rd Mar 2013 9:52
"Now comes the TEST in the weeked!"
3rd Mar 2013 10:55
"suarez courtino played well reina too, allen was poor again lost ball alot final passes are poor "
3rd Mar 2013 11:04
"Joe Allen needs loaning out."
3rd Mar 2013 11:05
"Your perform last night still not convince us, but you made a lot of improvement. Keep your heads up high"
3rd Mar 2013 11:09
"lufeman read the full interview His relationship not only with the players he plays with, but also the fans, doesn't really happen that often. He really is a hero and an idol for everyone. The way he is performing for this club, he deserves to be."
kool ass
3rd Mar 2013 11:16
"Ahh come on guys man give him a chance hes 22 and has a lot to learn yesterday he wasnt that bad his trying to improve but how is he going to if you keep cussing the lad bet you guys said the same thing about hendo and now look how good he is. GIVE HIM A CHANCE Y.N.W.A"
3rd Mar 2013 11:26
"Hendo to start ahead of Allen, keep loosing the ball many times."
3rd Mar 2013 12:26
"Anyone planning on coming and moaning about Joe, please don't. You're the same trolls that criticized Lucas, hendo, carra in his early days (yes, people forget the booing of JC but it happened) and anyone else who doesn't look world class from the outset. Joe was comfortable in the first 2 months as we played his style, we've now evolved and he's having to adapt. Just support the lad!"
3rd Mar 2013 12:28
"I think right now Allen is the weak link in the team and I hope for his sake and the team he gets stronger and improves his passing and attacking skills. cant fault a super day of football, well deserved. for me Coutinho was super and plenty more to come from him."
3rd Mar 2013 12:33
"But it is incredible to have a player who we look to as the embodiment of what BR demands of all his players - hunger, desire, fight, intensity all wrapped in skill. If any players are ever unsure about what is needed to succeed in this team, they need only look at Luis. Not everyone will have his technical ability but there is no reason why they can't match his determination. Class!"
3rd Mar 2013 12:34
"Glad to see your honest about your own form. You are at a huge club with fans who expect 100% every week. for too long now we have had to put up with Manure winning everything while we had mediocre players. Whatever you think you have to do to improve, my advice is double it. Luis isn't as good as he is for no reason."
3rd Mar 2013 12:46
"Give Joe Allen a break hes not had a great season he admits it himself but it can take time to settle in a new team, look at Lucas and the stick he took but he worked at it, Joe is still a young player, they vary in the time it takes to ake an impact. It certainly wont help him just giving verbal stick on here but then thats all some of you come here for even after a convincing win."
3rd Mar 2013 13:13
"Yes ,Liverpool were good to watch, we scored great goals , everyone performed and so long as we continue to improve the future will be bright. Just how bright we will have a better idea after next weeks game. Suarez is world class,there is no doubt ,we have a strong team ,all we need now is consistancey. Well done all those who played yesterday, you did us proud.YNWA"
3rd Mar 2013 13:15
"Nope I take that back I am an Idiot for posting on the wrong article! Fail!! Oh well great performance Suarez is a god! Bring on totenham! YNWA"
3rd Mar 2013 13:41
"Allen has a long way to go before becoming a true Liverpool player but am confident he'll make it."
3rd Mar 2013 13:43
"Good game but Allen needs to improve, our defence also should improve , it took some very good keeping from Reina to give the clean sheet"
3rd Mar 2013 14:58
"Well said Joe :-) great win lads!!"
3rd Mar 2013 15:04
"I was shocked when we signed Allen especially for 15M. I questioned it for months and still do. We can only hope he does well for us but he will never be great for us. "signs" average Joe :( "
Champions Of Europe
3rd Mar 2013 15:14
"When a player gives a difficult interview, expressing to the world he's been poor & needs to improve, why do some posters feel the need to reiterate it? Do we all always perform immaculately at work every shift, when you don't, do you admit to your team/company? The lad is 22 & didn't force anyone to pay 15mill for him. The LFC way has always been to give a player a chance, why not JA?"
3rd Mar 2013 15:25
"I know this lad is going to be great for us but he is definitely going through a crisis of confidence. I can see his mind over-ticking when he gets the ball and he appears nervous. He is usually an assured player and looked the part in his earlier incarnation. Its a combination of playing out of position and and adapting to a huge club. "
3rd Mar 2013 15:52
"No matter what people may say about Joe, he's still only 22, married with a child! He has a long career ahead of him and he is definitely going to improve! Besides, he is one of the few who actually speak well enunciated good English which is easily understood! lol! YNWA!"
3rd Mar 2013 15:54
"By the way people keep forgetting that Reina's contribution was monumental! He saved 3 sure goals which could have changed the whole results and tempo of the game! Well done Pepe!"
3rd Mar 2013 16:04
"Welsh Xavi. Nice joke BR. Can't even pass properly yet scoring."
3rd Mar 2013 17:49
"suarez was sensational again yesterday(who's van persie?) but it is beyond me why pepe reina is getting tipped to leave in the summer, his saves against wigan were world class! YNWA"
3rd Mar 2013 18:33
"LFClavinio - Robin Van Persie is a world class striker who will lift the EPL this year with Manchester United. Something Liverpool have not achieved in over 20 years. He has scored 18 league goals this year and contributed to 12 assists. Care to ask any further questions without looking like a mug? "
3rd Mar 2013 18:50
"Leave the man alone, he played well yesterday he cant do anything to replace what happened in some games.The guy gives a 100 per cent back the team and watch them flourish with confidence YNWA"
3rd Mar 2013 21:12
"Luis79 put a sock in it. Calvinio was having a laugh. Who are you? A supporter in disguise? Honestly, think about it and take a chill pill while you're there."
3rd Mar 2013 21:35
"Did premier league predictor and have LFC finishing 2nd spurs 3rd arsenal 4th with man city n chelsea 5th n 6th. Southhampton, sunderland and Reading in relegation. Do you think it might be biased thinking?"
3rd Mar 2013 21:35
"Great win and performance. On present form Allen should be on bench and Shelvey, Hendo or Suso starting. BR will lose our respect if he keeps picking an out of form player because he bought him. IE King Kenny. "
3rd Mar 2013 21:36
"Joe allen will turn good, just needs time. Maybe sign nasri or cabaye?--opinions?"
3rd Mar 2013 21:38
"Luis7?9.... you sound like a manc!! and look like the mug LOL "
3rd Mar 2013 21:56
"Patto23, Allen's last game was a much more accomplished performance in which he scored and looked more like the Joe Allen of August/September. So for me, BR picked a player based on the level of his last performance in a role that suits his style. Don't pretend to speak for the majority. It's annoying."
3rd Mar 2013 21:58
"Montyspop & Curlieman - Hit a nerve did I? Hurts when facts are smacked right in your face. Time you two went to bed as you have school in the morning. Take care :D "
3rd Mar 2013 22:21
"it's getting more and more like a playground in here. Feel like i'm regressing."
3rd Mar 2013 22:47
"I heven't been impressed with Joe but let's give the guy a break. Just like Speari, Downing, Hendo and so on. They are all players who want to do their best for LFC. "
3rd Mar 2013 22:50
"Luis7?9 mate. What's with the agression with anyone who disagrees with ya pal? "
3rd Mar 2013 22:52
"It takes a season to adjust to new surroundings. Just like downing, Hendo and Enrique have improved in the 2nd season. Even Joe Cole improved before he got shipped out."
3rd Mar 2013 22:55
"ANI-ROAD-08 - lol what aggression? I laugh at anyone that can't argue back :)"
3rd Mar 2013 23:04
"Dead right.. Robin Van Persie is helping Man utd to win the league with his goals and contributions.. just sad to see a talent like Suarez wasted in a middle class team like liverpool''"
3rd Mar 2013 23:12
"big difference between the Man utd website and the liverpool website. For Man Utd website, we are speaking about trophies (the league is already in the bag), challenges, champions league, which is what fans pay and ask for.. whereas here, there is none of these.. only hearing BR speaking about going in the right directions.. i understand that the liverpool fans cant dream anymore'' so sad"
3rd Mar 2013 23:14
"Luis7?9- isn't this a LFC supporters site? We all have differing opinions mate. Y'day you couldn't hold back in saying 'I told you so'. When people are more concerned with proving people wrong rather than either applaud the team or show doubt i question their motives on this site. You like Geezer have barely mentioned the game but just criticised others. Sad state of affairs pal"
3rd Mar 2013 23:22
"Robin____ why come on a rival teams website? use your own. I couldn't giv a about Salford United. Only become the richest club in the world cos of a air crash. #sheep "
3rd Mar 2013 23:27
"I can see that the truth hurts.. just want to see how you fans react to the truth.. you could just say am right, and you know am right. liverpool is just a middle class team now. Man utd is the most dominant team in England, and if you know football well, you would agree that its just because of Sir Alex"
3rd Mar 2013 23:34
"Robin____ Manu. Manu, blah. blah. Dif is sunshine, we are a club with values, history and traditions. You are the richest club in the world, full of supporters who have never been to Salford nver mind Old Tafford. Who's that lying on the runway!!! Crass supporters. Now p1s$ off to your own website #sheep"
3rd Mar 2013 23:38
"am born in Manchester, so what the crap you are talking about.. just rot in your traditions and history coz the present and the future is only for the team made of real men, Man utd not like bunch of kids playing for pool.. nite"
3rd Mar 2013 23:40
3rd Mar 2013 23:44
"trying to change the topic anti.. haha.. i understand you wont have much as an argument to put forward as your team is nothing more than pure frustration, cant even make a top 4.. just having a laugh, chill out "
3rd Mar 2013 23:51
"How about having a laugh on your own glory huting website then? You stay on your website and me personally would never have the time to go on yours... Your supporters are a discrace chanting Hillsborourgh and Murderers. You lot ae obsessed with us despite you being the dominant team for the last 15 yrs. Do one "
3rd Mar 2013 23:59
"i still think pool is our greatest rival even though now pool is just a middle class team just out of all cups and cant even get a CL place. another thing i can come on dis site to critise you, but wat will u do in man utd website,makes no sense"
4th Mar 2013 0:02
"How about learning to write properly you illiterate troll. "
4th Mar 2013 0:07
"again you have no football arguments to put forward.. well you will never have.. haha.. 400 characters cant say much and have to make it short haha"
4th Mar 2013 0:23
"Well Joe show how good you are against Spurs if Mr Rodgers decides to select you."
4th Mar 2013 0:26
"ANI-ROAD-08 - Not all people that are here support LFC. FYI I did mention the game, I was commenting during the match not that an old fashioned fan like you would notice anyway. You simply do a runner when you are beaten. You still haven't replied to a comment which is now probably on the 8th page of the archive. "
4th Mar 2013 0:28
"ANI-ROAD-08 - Why are you even getting involved? I simply replied to a no brainer who wanted to know who Van Persie was. I stated facts and he couldn't reply back. Simplez! "
4th Mar 2013 0:29
"robin, obviously you are hurting so much due to the fact that we have a richer history than you manures, otherwise you would just f*off to your own site and stay away. It is called inferiority complex"
4th Mar 2013 0:33
"Luis79 > make sure your mum tucks you into bed nice and tight"
4th Mar 2013 0:34
"Luis7?9 what was your question? also when some rival fan comes on here giving abuse you are more concerned about an apparent question you asked days ago. Get your priorites right ked"
4th Mar 2013 0:35
"Red_4_life - He most likely is a United fan but why on Earth would you even bother getting involved and replying to him? Why would he be hurting when they are going to win the league? "
4th Mar 2013 0:36
"Curlieman - At least I have a mum :) Next time think before you speak, we don't want this getting personal now do we? :) "
4th Mar 2013 0:38
"why the f**k i care about your history.. you can rot in your history.. am living in the present. we will win a 20th le. what pool will win this year. pool is just pure frustration and cant even get a top 4.. thats called middle class team, sheep"
4th Mar 2013 0:41
"Sure the manures are winning the league but don't forget we are Liverpool Football Club the most illustrious club in the history of this country no matter what. Manures can and will win this year, but we WILL reclaim our throne soon, very soon"
4th Mar 2013 0:42
"Robin____ - Congratulations! SAF has done a great job. I always tell the silly LFC fans to do their homework. They still haven't learnt that you need a certain amount of attacking minded players in the starting 11 and on the bench to even think about getting into the top 4. "
4th Mar 2013 0:43
"Robin____ - Ther was one numpty on here that thought we had 12 attacking minded players. I laughed so much that I almost fell of my chair. If we had 12, we would already be in the top 3. "
4th Mar 2013 0:46
"Luis7?9 When you are being complemtary to a troll Manc yet arguing with your own fans it makes me think!!! #justsaying"
4th Mar 2013 0:46
"I'm going now, I wouldn't call this a debate as it was pointless. Bottom line is Liverpool are miles behind United. Not many would have the balls to even congratulate SAF and what he has done for United. "
4th Mar 2013 0:47
"Ha ha you are a joke Luis79. 5x Champions Leagues - Go think about that. You're not even worth worrying about"
4th Mar 2013 0:49
"by the way, at least our club is located in Liverpool. Where was Manure? oh I remember, I think it's called Salford lol! Man united is not even from Manchester blimey bit*ch"
4th Mar 2013 0:50
"ANI-ROAD-08 - This topic was related to Allen which I replied to on my first comment. I then answered a fans question to who RVP was and then I get a bashing? Just giving others a taste of their own medicine, don't see anything wrong with that mate. Good night! "
4th Mar 2013 0:53
"Ani-road what's with this luis7?9 bit*ch? doesn't seem like a dedicated fan kissing manc ass does he lol? "
4th Mar 2013 0:54
"Luis7?9- You see yourself and people like Buddha are so obsesses in being proved right that you end up arguing and insulting fans o get your point across. Now I have never done that to you. I have debated and that's all. "
4th Mar 2013 0:55
"But when some troll from Manu comes on here and you are more concerned about arguing with your own fans whilst complimenting the troll and that whiskey nosed c^^t of a manager it make me think! That's all"
4th Mar 2013 0:55
"Luiz- the most funny part is when a LFC fan says that they gona do it next year.. haha.. i can almost die out of laughing. they are a laughing stock around the world. arsenal is joining them soon. pool will always be below Man Utd.. just get a good manager like SAF, be man and admit he is just a genius"
4th Mar 2013 0:58
"Red_4_life haha agree mate"
4th Mar 2013 1:02
"all manure fans, players, manager, directors, etc. are shi*tting bricks watching the kind of football we are close to perfecting with BR and our squad. They know we are coming back to knock them off the summit they have occupied by not only good football on the pitch"
4th Mar 2013 1:05
"Who are these guys on here? What is a Manc troll doing on here? What a sad life Robin must have if he has to get his kicks by coming on this site. Must be insecure little puppy that one. Poor little boy"
4th Mar 2013 1:12
"curlieman I agree, the bit*ch needs to get a life lol!"
4th Mar 2013 1:20
"Red4life - Good to see some fighters left on here :-) Sometimes u have to go backwards to go forwards. That's exactly what this years is all about. New players, new philosophy. Don't worry we're going to have our day soon. It might just be an era"
4th Mar 2013 1:25
"and an era it WILL be mate. Can't wait for next season to kick ass YNWA"
4th Mar 2013 1:27
"brilliant performance by our lads...just don't get carried away...Spurs game is coming....and everygame is a must win game....YNWA"
4th Mar 2013 1:28
"sorry joe but i beg to differ on your comment on the defending. a lot of work still need to be done. we were lucky it was wigan. we would have been punished if it were some other team with better finishers. anyway solid game and you seem to be playing better too. keep it up and do something on the defence. ynwa."
4th Mar 2013 1:31
"i say its better for you to live in the past, at least you can get some satisfaction.. watching Man utd to lift the PL trophy must be so painful isnt it.. start to fight for a 4th place before even dreaming to be the num 1 team in england "
4th Mar 2013 1:33
"Robin .... you are a big disgrace for the disgraceful Manchester United .. go to your hole...."
4th Mar 2013 2:09
"Interesting, Manhole supporters at their rival sites... worrying abt us!!! Anyway they should starts worrying when SAF retired and their loan become unmanageable... good luck!"
4th Mar 2013 3:46
"Robin_ ha brilliant a manc not only on our site but a member? we have a great manager by the way, cant you see the comparisons with SAF. Utd will soon fall from grace, the immanent departures of SAF, scholes, giggs, evra etc. will see to that. "
4th Mar 2013 5:25
"I would like o see JA play more, but if he dose not then i thnk in fairness to him i think he must be loaned out to keep him playing,,he is a very good player and will get even better as he plays"
4th Mar 2013 7:10
"you all need to give joe allen a brake and by the way he played well on the weekend some on you seem to think you know every thing yet you know nothing YNWA lfc for life "
let me play liverpool
4th Mar 2013 7:51
"god hes an amazing player. for me hes the best formard in the premier league. "
4th Mar 2013 8:53
"Whoa, Rare to see Manu clowns here. Still in the shadow of the 5 times Champion of Europe? or Manu website is still under construction? I guess Suarez over taking over Shirek, Van Pussie and your rest of the donkeys scare the of out your man hole. Get back to the man hole you guys came from."
4th Mar 2013 12:41
"when your team cant even get to a top 4, what is it called, just a rubbish middle class team made of bunch of kids.. it must be hurting to see Man utd to lift the PL trophy this year while pool cant even get in the CL place.. your manager is sh*t, the world can see that, bunch of laughing stock "
4th Mar 2013 13:10
"Nice comments Joe!"