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i remember Gary McAllister freekicks, awesome too
5th Mar 2013 8:30
5th Mar 2013 8:40
"You can take the free kicks as many time as you want Luis....we love you for it! I heard Phillipe Coutinho, being Brazilian is also good at taking free kicks! YNWA!"
5th Mar 2013 8:45
"Fabio Aurelio was another"
5th Mar 2013 9:03
"keep taking the free kick luis...and i know u always looked at ur captain before any FK is taken....and u knew that ur captain will always give u a go!!.."
5th Mar 2013 9:21
"Ultimate proof from Luis that the harder you work,the luckier you are. Deserves player of the year without a shadow of a doubt.Not just for his goals but for his tireless workrate at chasing lost causes and closing down defenders never giving them a minutes peace."
5th Mar 2013 9:34
"Daniel Agger can hit a ball. Downing from the right side with his left foot can be effective too. Spoilt for choice. #happydays"
Rushjob _
5th Mar 2013 9:34
"L-MAN07. Hear hear. Cant see it happening though #FA #Bale."
5th Mar 2013 9:42
"I think every team needs a couple of good free kick takers but Suarez is good enough for me at moment."
5th Mar 2013 9:47
"well done Luis keep practicing we need a specialist going forward. my favourite free-kick taker i have to say Juninho Pernambucano"
5th Mar 2013 9:57
"we have run out of praises for this man now. other dudes should step up he is simply saying practice makes perfect talent needs nurturing"
5th Mar 2013 10:00
"topman thats luis suarez -ynwa"
Gerrard o ya beauty
5th Mar 2013 10:33
"I use to always want Gerrard to take all the free kicks because he was deadly long range, short range or basically anywhere on the pitch, but now with luis I think he's moved into No.1 position. It can only be between these 2 if we need a goal with there ability, forget Downing unless we're 4 nill up. My favourite free kick is still Gerrards against Newcastle away, pure class! YNWA"
5th Mar 2013 10:50
"Gerrard o ya beauty- Yeah as much as I give SD and even Agger a shout it can only be btwn Luis and Stevie for free kicks"
5th Mar 2013 11:30
"if it is long range let gave it to Luis and short range Steven. I learned the Couti can also do better. please to hendo, downing and other know that practised make good"
5th Mar 2013 11:39
"Keep it up Luis. PC is also good at FK but LS would be my 1st choice no doubt. "
5th Mar 2013 11:45
"That's why you the man Luis! haha.. On a serious note, the boys should do a bit more practice with our corners! We get some ridiculously lousy balls into the box from corners. Its never a goal scoring threat with us which is a shame considering the number of corner we get each game. We are looking good for next season though after we finish this one strongly. YNWA"
5th Mar 2013 11:47
"Another option, another angle. Suarez and Gerrard, and Downing, though sadly no Barnes anymore. Not sure if Agger can curl them or just blast them a la Riise (now there were some strikes!)"
5th Mar 2013 12:08
"The more free kicks you take and score from Luis,will help add to your tally and get you the golden boot awrd at the end of the season,that is another reason why Stevie G lets you take them."
5th Mar 2013 12:32
"My personal likes to take the free kicks: 1. Luis Suarez 2. Steven Gerrard 3. Philippe Coutinho 4. Stewart Downing 5. Daniel Agger"
5th Mar 2013 12:47
"reds20b- I agree. Distribution fom corners isn't the best at times. Even when it is we seldom have someone to test the keeper. Skrtel and Agger being our main threat but only contribute the odd rare headed goal."
5th Mar 2013 12:50
"Remember Jamie Redknapp scoring a free kick against Blackburn in what was a le decider between our biggest enemies Manu and Blackburn who had our hero as manager. Great free kick but I wasn't exactly jumping up and down in glee. Thankfully West Ham spoilt Manu's chance of glory and Blackburn won the league :) "
5th Mar 2013 13:05
"Coutinho can hit a wicked free-kick to, seen him take a few for Inter Milan, we deffo got some good options in that department"
5th Mar 2013 13:10
"Best Liverpool free-kick ive seen, was Riises one against United, Fabien Barthez had no chance, release the krakken"
5th Mar 2013 13:31
"Red20b - Agreed. We desperately need a tune up on corner taking. The only time we've looked good is when Hendo took one and we had a disallowed goal. But then I always would say"
5th Mar 2013 14:19
"I admire Suarez for his continuos improvement although he is already a world class players, I think every professional players should have the same spirit, sometimes I felt so disgusted to see players in PL can't even shoot properly from 12 yards despite earning so much every week! "
5th Mar 2013 14:37
"Lets not sell out strategies, we are very good at that, who minds how he does it as long as they get in, why alert the opposition, sometimes we talk too much."
5th Mar 2013 14:39
"ych- in terms of ability i don't think it is discusting if a player couldn't hit a barn door! (having extra loot in your back pocket doesn't turn you into a better player). Often feel that the public do have a resentment for what players earn, when really it's the clubs who pay the silly wages. "
5th Mar 2013 14:39
"ych- in terms of ability i don't think it is discusting if a player couldn't hit a barn door! (having extra loot in your back pocket doesn't turn you into a better player). Often feel that the public do have a resentment for what players earn, when really it's the clubs who pay the silly wages. "
5th Mar 2013 14:40
"It is att-i-tude or a bad att-it-tude and lack of commitment that riles me. You can never knock a tryer. Look at Savage and Phil Neville, not the most gifted but always give/gave 100%. Apologies for using a Neville as an example BTW "
5th Mar 2013 16:20
"Training + training and much workrate, that's the way. Well done LUIS !!!"
5th Mar 2013 16:30
"You don't have to explain anything Suarez. I just love watching your freekicks fly into the net."
5th Mar 2013 16:34
"Luis is the complete final third player. He can play any position as well as any player but in the final third there are only two players on the face of the earth that you can compare him with, I am not sure they are better.. You all know witch two I mean."
5th Mar 2013 16:35
"If by any chance you don't its Messi and Ronaldo."
5th Mar 2013 16:46
"You know what they say "Practice makes perfect"
5th Mar 2013 16:47
"That's work ethic right there. Not being a diva and taking care of his own equipment to improve on his game"
5th Mar 2013 17:33
"Fair play Luis!"
5th Mar 2013 18:23
"Suarez you are doing a great job... "
5th Mar 2013 18:46
"Luis is the one in form with the dead ball, so why stop him? Keep it up Suarez!"
5th Mar 2013 19:04
"I agree with comments about the corners, but the forward players aren`t massively tall, so they seem to be aimed at the like of Agger coming forward. I don`t why we don`t overload the front or the back posts, or at least mix it up a bit. The least this would do is create spaces for others to score."
Billy B girl
5th Mar 2013 19:22
"Our Luis is unbelievable and in a class of his own! You are loved by us like one of our own YNWA"
5th Mar 2013 20:32
"Thanks2Shanks - 2 people can compare in final 3rd? Messi, Ronaldo what about Van Persie? Bale? "
5th Mar 2013 20:53
"Why is this a supposed secret?! Practice always makes perfect and always did for the top players. Shanks had walls for players to kick at and get the bounce back from in the early 60s. I wish i had thought about plazzy players on wheels to do the same things as wooden slats. If Luis stays he stays, if he goes he goes "
5th Mar 2013 21:11
"Forgive me for going off topic, Can I just say Hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha. Watching Manure v Real."
5th Mar 2013 21:12
"I wonder if there might be a bit of match fixing in the man u game. Was very soft red card."
5th Mar 2013 21:15
"don't think its off topic - I'm sure Suarez will be glued to the tv watching it. Any pure football fan will be."
5th Mar 2013 21:18
"Is it bad that I feel sorry for united? What's wrong with me :/"
5th Mar 2013 21:22
"Well despite it being United, it's still English league against the Spanish. I don't mind them losing, but not with a red card."
5th Mar 2013 21:42
"TBH Guys I did feel a bit sorry for them as they deserved to win for once.... Anyway it is Manure and Im sure if it was the other way round they'd be laughing at us. Fergies face - what a picture!"
5th Mar 2013 21:44
"ferguson thought winning champions league is as easy as mixing cereal with milk and eating lol. way behind geting to our record in europe."
5th Mar 2013 21:46
"redahendo! How Reds Fans can be sorry when manure lose??? TOO GOOD, TOO GOOD, TOO GOOD. Poor play, poor fans, poor players (how are you Mr. Evra?)... I'm not a RealM fan, but it was TOO GOOD!!!!!!"
5th Mar 2013 21:51
"christoliquid - Its like Redsquirrel says, its still an English Team against a Spanish one. Maybe we should all support our countries teams should they be the only ones left in a competition but its probably a bridge too far. I did feel a tiny bit sorry but that's long gone now!forgive my moment of madness."
5th Mar 2013 21:51
"it was a red card ofence, studs up on upper body . nani is a crying toddler. and so are united was icing on the cake seeing ronaldo nailing united"
5th Mar 2013 22:04
"hahahahahah MANURE OUT hahaha....morons will nevcer make it % i say FIVE times!!!! Its nice to see united get their own medicine stuffed down them becoz how many fake van penalties have they been given, and fake sendings off been invented to help them to the EPL by the Ferguson Association of referees.Now they know how LFC and other teams feel when crookedf english refs cheat in their favor hahaha"
5th Mar 2013 22:05
"I think if it was one of our players sent off in that manner , say Sterling in a Champions League QF (if only..) we wouldn't be happy. It was reckless which under fifa rules is a caution. "
5th Mar 2013 22:05
"What about the red card Stevie got against the red Mancs and Mash the Monster and Shelvy last year. Dont feel sorry ever for them . How many times did they win with doggy decisions in the past. "
L0\/3 4Nfi3LD
5th Mar 2013 22:06
5th Mar 2013 22:07
"I used to supprt fellow english clubs but not anymore after the vile-crap way they treated luis. Nope, our "fellow" english clubs hate liverpool and i bet you cash down on the table fergie wants lfc to lose more than any other team on the planet.Nope, no love lost there.SERVE THEM SUCKERS RIGHT HAHAHAH.."
5th Mar 2013 22:11
"I LOVE THIS HAHAHAHA....its awesome to see a referee do his job when united play.At least in europe you know the refs are intelligent honest chap, unlike the cheating bribed c.u.n.t.s hired and bought for by fergie and the fa"
5th Mar 2013 22:15
"YESSIR THAT REFEREE DESERVES A MEDAL. Mind you mour and madrid suck a$$ too but any team that beats united is alright with me haha. I just long for when we don't have to cheer anyone else in the CL except the mighty reds of L.F.C!!"
5th Mar 2013 22:18
"Feel sorry for then c**ts are you for real when we were 3-0 down in istanbul they were celebrating jumping for joy they thought it was all over but that time it wasn`t."
5th Mar 2013 22:21
"keep going Luis Suarez"
5th Mar 2013 22:33
"RED CARD: One of their former "greats" (Roy) called it a correct decision. Whether intentional or otherwise. And yes, I might be annoyed if it was one of ours, but that is football. Now I can really enjoy the rest of the CL !!!!! MU can really go the the PL now. "
5th Mar 2013 22:38
"united dont need to reaaly have a go the epl it theirs already. its the cl i wanted them out of. I think next season WE should have a real go at he epl tigtle.forget cl and top four crap...just go out from game one and win win win"
5th Mar 2013 22:41
"Ronaldo wasnt upto much today. He could look invisible against a good side. He used to go missing when he played us. Xabi needs a year back in the prem by the looks of it to sharpen him up.Very poor."
5th Mar 2013 22:43
"Ferguson is so distraught after Real kicked their butts tonight and dumped them out of the misnamed CL, what a tonic for Scousers."
5th Mar 2013 22:51
"fergi most overrated piece of crap ever. TWENTY LONG YEARS and he cant match liverpools 5 TIMES hahahaha...imagine if shanks had stayed that long? we would have had like 20 european cups!!!"
5th Mar 2013 22:53
"fergie and united cant win in europe becoz the refs actually do their jobs out there without cheating the whole season long in favor of manure."
5th Mar 2013 23:23
"Can't say it makes me happy they didn't get through as I don't think we need to see Man U fail to make us feel good. Hope LFC can be in that great competition before too long."
L0\/3 4Nfi3LD
5th Mar 2013 23:44
"Luis looks like pacheco.. Keep up the free kicks, top 5 player in the world"
6th Mar 2013 0:24
"oh after all the bs nanure have shovelled at us in the past years, yeah i think seeing them FAIL makes any real lfc fan happy"
6th Mar 2013 0:43
" redsquirral shut up u red nose pig! if united won they would forget they defeated man united and would be making fun of us right now"
6th Mar 2013 0:46
"i meaned real madrid"
6th Mar 2013 0:55
"5fivetimes I agree with you. English refs are in that 's pocket"
6th Mar 2013 0:58
"redsquirrel are you a lad? If you know LFC you should know it's history and how manure have enjoyed seeing us suffer, so we are pleased when their red nose is rubbed into Spanish cr*ap lol "
6th Mar 2013 1:00
"5fivetimes I agree with you. English refs are in that creten's pocket" "
6th Mar 2013 1:09
6th Mar 2013 1:38
"yea red4life...i think squirrel may be a closet manure fan haha..."
6th Mar 2013 1:59
"Jose Arrogantio 1 - Rab C. Ferguson 0."
6th Mar 2013 3:14
"Just one thing ... make those plastic dummies bigger !!!"
6th Mar 2013 5:31
"redsquirral- mate you seemm like a good guy, respectful to people and allthough obsenced my comment the other day, you still forgave. But c'mon mate, feel sorry for Manu! There fans are the worst losers ever (maybe due to their success in recent times, means defeats are harder to take! "
6th Mar 2013 5:32
"But they have taken great pleasue in our demise the last few yrs. They are the set of fans over no other who continue to taunt and belitte us. There lack of deceny and respect towards us is appalling and the favourtism with the press and media, FA and officials is appaling. Nah, I took great pleasue seeing Madrid turn em over, even better with the controversy involved. #haha "
6th Mar 2013 7:57
"Isn't that manc fan robin_____ making another appearance on our forums today? How is that treble coming along? I had a treble last night when i heard the result! Kiss goodbye to the fa cup this weekend too- the only game i will be happy to see chelsea win this season! Anyway, saurez to get 2 against the spuds in the only game I'm interested in this weekend. 5 times, we only won it five times!!!"
6th Mar 2013 8:34
"in my view just coz united do it to us makes them look bad. We focus on our own team."
6th Mar 2013 9:07
"Just re-read my post. Do waffle and then proof read after posting. But I think you get the picture! ;)"
6th Mar 2013 9:14
"When Fergie ran down towards the pitch he was looking for Howard Webb to take the red card back. Oh sorry no english Refs helping Mr Grumpy in Europe. Playing at home and leading 1-0 they concede 2 goals in 2 minutes how stupid can you get. When Shelvy got sent off Stevie scored and only a doggy non penalty made them win at Anfield. So just stop crying you whinners"
6th Mar 2013 9:16
"Have you ever seen a Red squirrel? Serious, quite rare!!! There are some in Formby. But I never saw em when I went to visit! :( As for United, I agree with Kingmat, never support Chelski but shall be hoping this weekend. "
6th Mar 2013 9:20
"CONFESSION! My sister goes out with a Manc. Thought last night i would get involved in banter and used Twitter and even used Facebook for a rare outing. Anyway, he my sisters BF took exception to my 'above the line banter' and subsequently deleted me. Should be a intersting family meal on Mothers Day this Sunday that he is attending. #awkward #badloser "
6th Mar 2013 9:25
"Last on the subject of dirty mancs. They said it was a discrace that Nani got sent off. Short memories. Stevie got sent off against Manu for a challenge on Carrick (for which he won the ball) and Utd fans wer screaming blue murder. When it suits hey! What about disallowed goal last night or Rafael's challenge. #bellends"