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Thanks to Alex Inglethorpe for posting his views. Its great to hear from someone involved in producing the next LFC Stars.
3rd Mar 2013 9:59
Kaushik Bose
3rd Mar 2013 10:40
":) Proud Supporter! YNWA"
3rd Mar 2013 12:06
"Nice to hear from an academy coach! Alex Inglethorpe is a talented coach who is good with the young players! It is also good to hear that the top management do reach out to the younger academy players! That is why I love Liverpool!"
3rd Mar 2013 13:03
3rd Mar 2013 15:52
"liking how liverpool is playing now. I know that it is old thing...But I am 100% sure that Torres will rock again in the red shirt. Our playing style is perfect for him. And to all respect for Downing, but Torres will be beater than him... Look at the stats of Torres, possession and pass... and he know how to socre. This guy will be good for liverpool... Another Hot Shot, will be LUKAKU..."
3rd Mar 2013 16:33
"Very Good Interview! I hope Yesil will turn out to be a pure diamond and you will play a huge role in polishing that diamond!! "
4th Mar 2013 6:10
"Maybe somedaya Alex Inglethorpe can be a great manager for LFC in the future... Keep the goodwork at the academy Alex lad."
Red David
4th Mar 2013 8:55
"To know that Inglethorpe came from Spurs' academy is only a good thing, because the Spurs' U21 and U18 is leading in their respective tournaments currently. He can only add more quality to Liverpool's academy. YNWA."
Geezer 06
4th Mar 2013 14:07