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2nd Mar 2013 9:33
2nd Mar 2013 10:01
"Yes they were the days! When we had a chance of winning cups! Long gone now alas. "
2nd Mar 2013 10:01
"what a great memory! unforgettable! watched the final on telly but the emotions, the trepidations, it's like it was now! "
2nd Mar 2013 10:34
"Mushroomscouser67 - Correct me if I'm wrong, but didn't we go out of the League Cup in the 4th Round and the FA Cup the 5th Round the following season? How is that any different to where we are now? Keep the faith."
2nd Mar 2013 11:45
"Hardly a Premier League le or European Cup Triumph. It's only the Mickey Mouse Cup. Why are we headlining this???"
2nd Mar 2013 11:47
"God where did that ten years go? I remember the media gave us no chance and we turned them over incredibly well. Great performance by the guys.King Kenny brought us more League Cup joy last year in his first full season back, how long will we have to wait for silverware with BR I wonder???????????????"
2nd Mar 2013 12:42
"Redox92- God that was the Bolton game where Diao gave away pens, Awful, but as someone said when we win the league cup we either retain it or go out in the first match!"
2nd Mar 2013 12:44
"didn't fergie play keane as a centre-back and was torn a new...frown by owen? best manager ever my balls"
2nd Mar 2013 14:03
"I was there - great day. Out sang the mancs in the pubs, the streets and the stadium. Dudek was like a Marvel superhero! The owners don't seem to get that getting to cup finals is important - Kenny gave us 3 Wembley days out after such a long wait. "
2nd Mar 2013 14:20
"Still thinking of the past...? How very sad considering it was only the league cup. Why even bother with such ridiculous headlines. "
2nd Mar 2013 17:13
"These trophy winning days are not to far awy,have faith all you true reds fans,in Brendan we trust. Next season we will hit the ground running. Sturridge and suarez will be unstoppable. Watchout premiere league next season,no im not deluded,I am a true loyal reds fan and have supported them for 35 years,Y.N.W.A"
3rd Mar 2013 6:18
"As Max Boyce would say ... 'I remember cos I was there'!!! Great day. More to come as BR builds another Red dynasty. Faith."