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He should be player of the year because HE IS Luis Suarez. His work rate, commitment, passion and spectacular goals this season have been immense. He is IDOLISED and LOVED by Liverpool Fans and IS the PLAYER OF THE YEAR 2012/2013 season. That's my prediction anyway.
28th Feb 2013 9:24
28th Feb 2013 9:24
"Suarez should get the Award he does so much for Lfc always gives 110% and is exciting on the ball. Its just a shame there is so much hatred for him and Lfc by the media etc... Luis Suarez Lfc #7 forever... He is absolute quality and is deserving of the award"
28th Feb 2013 9:25
"Spot on...Suarez...PFA players of the Year.."
28th Feb 2013 9:26
"it will go to van persie why? cos hes a manc and even though suarez is the best player in the prem this year he plays for us and for that reason the biased voting will go against him "
28th Feb 2013 9:27
"cant think off a better player in the world right now .he should be honoured he played amazing and saved us from possibly a relogation dog fight hes been that good his charictor with support of fans has been a rare shineing light this season"
28th Feb 2013 9:40
"IMO Luis' all round play should make him favourite to win the prestigious PFA award this year. His team contribution, how he takes on and gets past defenders shows his brilliance and he's a crowd pleaser which is more than van Perie or Bale gives to their respective team in terms of assists. Good luck Luis."
28th Feb 2013 9:44
"Luis Suarez > Torres"
28th Feb 2013 9:59
"hardest worker,most skillful almost top scorer with the worst of the three teams involved hes the best simple...But he will never get it because he is not liked outside of Liverpool so the can stick it Obviously fergusions player will get it.Luis your the bestand we love you YNWA"
28th Feb 2013 10:01
"king el pistolero for player of the year YNWA"
28th Feb 2013 10:02
"He will never win it. Liverpool vs Utd and Spurs. Be realistic.Facts and Statistics mean nothing. Media favourites Bale and van Persie will dominate our Suarez. But I wouldn't swap him for either. Luis YNWA!! "
28th Feb 2013 10:08
"Van Persie will win because he helped United to win the league and maybe even the F.A. Cup, which is still to come. He has made all the difference in the world for Manchester United. Where has Suarez taken Liverpool to? He has a good work rate, commitment, passion and spectacular goals too."
28th Feb 2013 10:11
"I think it will be a close race between RVP and Suarez. RVP may just nick it but if Suarez gets that Golden Boot, Suarez has a better chance of getting it."
Gerrard o ya beauty
28th Feb 2013 10:43
"Spot on Lucas it's defiantly out of them 3, they have been on another level this season. Good luck luis but it will probably go to Ryan Giggs for scoring 1 goal again like when he won it in 2009 and that's why these sort of awards are meaningless because they are fixed! YNWA"
28th Feb 2013 11:35
"Watching every game this season and watching Luis, he has been amazing. Even when his touch is off or his passing, he is still everywhere wanting on the ball. No player in the league uses every blade of grass like him. He is Maradonesk and seriously is a unique player. YNWA hope he gives us one more year."
28th Feb 2013 11:38
"Seriously though, Steve Sidwell should get it! ;-)"
28th Feb 2013 11:40
"the FA are too far down Fergie's pockets to dare to give King Luis the award.But we all know who should win, as does every defender,manager and supporter of every club in the country.Thank god King Luis plays for us,its between him and Bale."
28th Feb 2013 11:47
"Just read somewhere that Suarez would listen to offers from Bayern Munich. If we fail to make it to top 4 and he leaves, it would be an irreversible loss. Not many strikers around of his quality who would be tempted toward LFC with no CL. "
28th Feb 2013 12:01
"Given our lack of success this year I find it very difficult to see how he can be voted player of the year. Yep he has done great for us but surely a more successful team would have a player that has helped drive that team to success."
28th Feb 2013 12:07
"Luis wont get PFA player of the year for following reasons - outside of liverpool he is seen as a pariah. - RVP is going to be on the premier league winning team, ergo he put them there regardless of the rest of the teams contribution. Liverpool as a team are going to finish too far down the table, name the last PFA player of the year on a team in similar situation."
28th Feb 2013 12:07
"Luis wont get PFA player of the year for following reasons - outside of liverpool he is seen as a pariah. - RVP is going to be on the premier league winning team, ergo he put them there regardless of the rest of the teams contribution. Liverpool as a team are going to finish too far down the table, name the last PFA player of the year on a team in similar situation."
28th Feb 2013 12:12
"1. It should be a three-horse race between..Michu, Bale and Suarez. I could score 20-odd goals playing for manure..they have better players than most and its been more of an achievement what the three players mentioned have done at their respected clubs than Persie. Thus I don't consider RVP."
28th Feb 2013 12:15
"2. Suarez WILL NEVER win the PFA or Football writers..even if he scored 50 PL goals..we all know the FA, PFA and the media have an agenda against its pretty pointless debating or even advocating that Luis should get it."
28th Feb 2013 12:18
"3. Michu deserves it. 15 PL goals for a team like Swansea is an amazing achievement. If not, then Bale..because he is rapidly becoming a force in football. IMO joint 5th player in the world with Suarez, RVP and Falcao. There not quite at Xavi and Iniesta level. Not to mention the obvious top two."
28th Feb 2013 12:19
"4. Finally. RVP will win it. Fergie will see to that."
28th Feb 2013 12:22
"Yes he should be player of the year in what will most likely be his last season with LFC. I recon he will leave to go to Munich in the summer. He will be payed more and will have champions league football and a chance to be a winner. He may say he loves Liverpool but footballers play to win trophys ,he will not at LFC,so why stay."
28th Feb 2013 12:46
"Without Luis Suarez Liverpool would probably be in the relegation zone.Tightwads Henry and Werner sacking Kenny and getting cheapskates Rodgers and Ayre to waste money on inexperienced punts like Borini and Allen could have had us relegated if it wasn't for Luis, Definitely should be player of the year. "
28th Feb 2013 12:58
"we need the league and more players like luis and sturridge, we were in this position a few years ago when we had alonso, finish off the team with some good signings and we can challenge."
28th Feb 2013 13:05
"without a doubt player of the season luis suarez ynwa"
28th Feb 2013 13:29
"Alas as much as i think luis should be player of the year(yes i am slightly biased lol)he is up against the media's fav bale and utd's boy van persie so he stands no chance.I like bale but to say he is as good as messi is a bit strong imo but there ya go he will win it. King luis should be the one voted though"
28th Feb 2013 14:21
28th Feb 2013 14:40
"will Lets hope so BUT like a few others have already stated, bias is rife v lfc..What im more concerned with though, is the agonising look on Luis,s face after defeat cost us our Euro spot..watched him walk off totally dejected...LETS HOPE Bayern dont come knocking in the summer as the talk is they Want target for Pep, G!!...;-("
28th Feb 2013 14:43
"Whatever happens, Luis Suarez is the player of the year."
28th Feb 2013 15:10
"Gerrard o ya beauty- agree with you in regards to Giigs in 2009. Award given for sentimet. He had no where near the same assits or goals than his rivals. At that point Player of the Year lost it's credability for me. Don't care who wins TBH"
28th Feb 2013 17:23
"He definitely deserves it."
28th Feb 2013 17:52
"although not granting the award, he deserves it"
1st Mar 2013 8:14
"For me it's irrelevant whether he wins it or not. We keep saying nobody's bigger than the club and this applies to Luis obviously but if he goes in the summer our aspirations to get back to what we were are finished. Next transfer window will clearly tell us what FSGs intentions are."
1st Mar 2013 20:21
"Suarez should of course get it, only a stupid idiot would give it to someone else. If people don't agree then they need to read some of my previous comments. Then they will see I am never wrong and I should be listened to, if people want to learn."