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He's won it so many times the kids call him POM POM
28th Feb 2013 12:31
28th Feb 2013 12:35
"LOL Oh dear...Think this award needs a new name..hmmm?"
28th Feb 2013 12:45
"Suarez..lets the player of the year"
28th Feb 2013 12:47
"Thank you L.S for loving the LFC Family. We wish you more honors and awards. Let the whole world appreciate that you are a naturally God gifted and talented footballer, so they should stop their hatred and live with it. "
28th Feb 2013 12:51
"A Very Well Deserved Award to Luis Suarez without a doubt. Please come out and say that the rumours about you joining Bayern Munich at the end of the season are FALSE as NONE of us want to see you Leave LFC any time. YNWA REDS "
28th Feb 2013 12:56
"well done suarez, have to say though we need to bring in more players like him, as a liverpool fan the one thing I want to see is liverpool to win the premier league before gerrard retires, we will have to spend in the summer and I expect to spend big so put your money in the fund before the same happens to stevie that happened to carragher please"
28th Feb 2013 13:04
"Go Go Go Suarez. U r the man of the moment keep shinning you deserve the EPL golden boot this season pls don't disappoint us."
28th Feb 2013 13:09
"He must be getting a bit blasé about this. Keep it up Luis, and you'll be the single best player in LFCs history. "
28th Feb 2013 13:13
"Deserved everyone of the awards he has won with us! Hope he stays on forever! Please make sure that he does! YNWA! Te quero much Luis!"
28th Feb 2013 13:15
"this is getting a tad predictable. Fair play to Luis, he deserves it on effort alone.Congrats LS - Hope we can keep him."
28th Feb 2013 13:16
"I hope Carragher wins one before the end of the season. "
28th Feb 2013 13:27
"Yeah! He is already a Bayern Munich - Chapmions Legaue player for next season! He deserves cha-lge football! Probably D-Agger will leave too. Cabn we really blame them?"
28th Feb 2013 13:40
"thank you for your service Suarez, as next season you won't be here. Anyway hope you do your best for the rest of the season. "
28th Feb 2013 13:43
"Well deserved award Luis! Absolutely the most influent player during the last month! Keep going so lad, we want you score at least other 10 goals from now up till the end of the season to see you bag home the Golden Boot and try to concur for the POTS award! We love you Luis, don't betray us, give it all! YNWA El Pistolero"
28th Feb 2013 13:48
"Player of the year!!!"
28th Feb 2013 13:57
"Hope the story in the Metro is just that "a story". Well deserved yet again Luis."
28th Feb 2013 14:33
"I can not believe Liverpool fans speak that Luis will leave LFC. Luis has said that the family is happy in Liverpool and he loves the club and the fans know that in germany life would be very different. Stop talking to Luis goes away, it will stay at Liverpool you guys will see."
28th Feb 2013 14:37
"Whatever happens for the rest of this season, wherever he is this time next year, Luis Suarez will always be a Kop favourite! YNWA Luis! :)"
28th Feb 2013 14:43
"well done Saurez, well deserved."
28th Feb 2013 14:46
"Way to Go LUIS!!!!!YNWA!!!"
28th Feb 2013 14:51
"if he goes the club is going backwards ! the news i heard is FSG is forcing the sale !! 40m "
28th Feb 2013 14:51
"if he goes the club is going backwards ! the news i heard is FSG is forcing the sale !! 40m "
28th Feb 2013 15:24
"Luis Suarez is most likely to leave... Sad but true. "
28th Feb 2013 16:17
"well done luis just pure class ,him and d/s next year wow"
28th Feb 2013 17:17
"First interview I've heard him speak in English! We must keep him at the club at all costs! YNWA!"
28th Feb 2013 19:51
"No surprise but well deserved. He is a grafter and deserves the plaudits. When I watch him play at anfield it is worth the ticket fee alone. Long may it continue! YNWA "
Rushjob _
28th Feb 2013 20:05
"Anneallred- ill 2nd that comment."
28th Feb 2013 21:00
"well deserved are the star.YNWA"
1st Mar 2013 8:13
"Zarbp001 .... you are obviously not an LFC fan! We don't need your kind on this site! Go back to which ever hole you came from! Or better still support some other team!"
1st Mar 2013 9:20
"Now go and win the PFA award luis."