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Great story and some great pic's too. Really nice to see millionaires taking the time to inspire the next generation of lfc players and what a day for the kids, getting to play against their heroes. I love being part of this wonderful club
27th Feb 2013 12:47
27th Feb 2013 12:49
"We need to ultimately leave Melwood and incorporate the first team into the Kirkby site. Having all of the Club's teams on one site will only benefit us in the long term."
27th Feb 2013 13:37
"When the skip says forget the internet and gadjets and work hard on your strengths and weaknesses, you have to take this on board. You must have the hunger to get to the top. Listen, Learn and Work as many hours each day to get to the top."
27th Feb 2013 13:45
"Ain't that lovely. They should do it more often."
27th Feb 2013 13:56
"we can become a great side, we can grow as individuals and as a team and part of that growth pass through the confrontation with the Academy kids and boys, learn from them and teach to them make part of this growth process to build a huge team spirit and realise something important for the club YNWA Reds"
27th Feb 2013 14:12
"Absolutely brilliant that's the way to do it. Well done Brendan Rodgers and the team."
27th Feb 2013 14:30
"Absolute class!!!"
27th Feb 2013 16:28
"First class from Rodgers! A simple and excellent idea and one to inspire the youngsters. Not only that, it helps to keep the first teamers grounded and makes them realise how important it is to be a positive role models - WELL DONE RODGERS AND THE TEAM!"
27th Feb 2013 16:29
"Will the negativists comment on here? Don't think so!"
27th Feb 2013 17:43
"King of clubs, they'll find something to moan about no doubt. They don't do it often enough or should be training instead blah blah blah I bet that muppet 'mushroomscouser' will find a way to blame fsg or br for something"
27th Feb 2013 18:04
"nme2thest8 17:43 : Hahaha, that's class :) And yes, great idea, Brendan, your mentality and perception of the game and the way you handle your job is brilliant. You're truly the one who deserves to be at the helm of LFC. We all see it and wish you best of luck"
27th Feb 2013 18:07
"Carra for head of the academy. MacParland is past it and was never up to it in the first place!"
27th Feb 2013 18:19
"Great way to teach the kids, Great job done."
27th Feb 2013 19:04
"Some people are not real supporters "long gone" pity on you "
27th Feb 2013 19:25
"great article, great idea, GREAT CLUB . "
27th Feb 2013 20:10
"Hope some of these kids will develop into good players. Think it's great that the clubs biggest players are getting involved with the youth academies right down to the U10s. Gives them belief that they can make it if they work hard enough."
27th Feb 2013 21:46
"Not just a publicity exercise - this kinda thing is very important. Well done all! YNWA"
27th Feb 2013 22:01
"Absolute quality! Well done Brendan. Well done lads. Well done LFC!"
28th Feb 2013 7:31
"Just seen the Rafa and Chelski fall out stuff. Very amusing. It was a massive error for Rafa to go there and what did expect from fans who shout "murderers" during a minutes silence? Also just read Skrtel's interview where he throws his toys out of the pram foe being on the bench... Bye Martin, close the door on the way out...."
28th Feb 2013 7:49
"this article brings a huge smile 2 me face ..agree with redhh83 maccahattrick and sani...ynwa"
28th Feb 2013 7:51
"and gsarret..ynwa"
28th Feb 2013 7:55
"I can just Suarez going down and pleading for a pen after a 9 year old fouled him! ha ha.. He's so compeive he probably got stuck in! Jokes aside, what an amazing experience for those kids.. The kids will talk about that day for the rest of their lives. Well done LFC, the community & outreach stuff we do is incredible so I have to applaud the club for that.."
28th Feb 2013 8:03
"That's the way to go. I'm so proud of Rogers, he knows what to do for now and future. "
28th Feb 2013 8:28
"Heartwarming stuff! Great to see the big expecting eyes of these youngsters. I myself am a career job coach so I love it when people develop their special talents and skills. Good work this!"
Rushjob _
28th Feb 2013 10:18
"Absolutely brilliant management this. Cancelled the jollie to Dubai after Oldham cos you 'have to earn such things' and got them down working with the kids. Love it."
28th Feb 2013 11:55
"The faces of these kids are priceless, this will live with them for a lifetime . Well done to everyone involved"