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But what about the stadium and FSG's intentions for our club? Not a spade in the ground 2.5 years in? I have been informed that even planning permission is a long way off? If FSG do not have the money- sadly we need somebody that does.
Rushjob _
4th Mar 2013 9:53
4th Mar 2013 9:59
"so how much is available for summer transfers ?"
4th Mar 2013 10:34
"Rushjob9-I think they said they're looking to redevelop Anfield and add more seats first. When? No idea but my guess would be at the end of next season, depending on what,if any, type of european football we have. Not sure what planning permission you mean if there isn't a definiate plan of what we'll do- new anfield/stanley park/elsewhere."
4th Mar 2013 10:47
"Debt is building up again (£22m) without stadium development!! what are FSG doing?"
SGM 73.
4th Mar 2013 11:22
"Kenny's cup runs increased our revenue last year, but what about this year, where we've crashed and burned in all cup competitions? Increased debt, loans from the 'owners' and next season with possibly no europa doesn't bode well. We're still a top 10 European club in terms of income, but for how much longer? "
4th Mar 2013 11:30
"This means not much funds due to no champions league football, no cup runs like last year, people thought we had no money last summer - this summer will be harder, and with chelsea going for neymar, city improving alot, arsenal spending 70m, tottenham doing well, we need to make the top 6 otherwise we will literally have no money, and no interest in coming to LFC. "
4th Mar 2013 12:05
""It's a great testament to the people behind that"..what great testament? The sack?"
4th Mar 2013 12:12
" mention of the 60 million bonus we get next season...and no mention of how the new stadium capacity will be financed. The sponsors will not be paying what they are now with the football we are playing. So how does the future look bright?"
4th Mar 2013 12:18
"This is when you need to be business savvy. Two years ago we were close to administration and now our debt has been halved and we playing good football. Plus we have new sponsors, new way of buying tickets, the future looks good guys trust me."
4th Mar 2013 12:19
"Dont thinkt he figures are a representation of 2013, they arent. Its showing what has happened until May 2012. We knew 2009-2012 was tough. You will see completely different figures this time next season. Plus we will be the Champions League ;)"
4th Mar 2013 12:28
"It's been a poor season with a few highlights. Hope next year is better. Sounds like our finances are ok thanks to sponsors, ticket sales and the finals, but what will happen once this season's figures come in? Sell a few players? Or will FSG stop loaning us money and start spending their own?"
4th Mar 2013 12:46
"mushroomscouser67 4th Mar 2013 12:12 you never have a good word to say about your club why do you even comment go and support manure who are in over 400 million of debt i think we are just a little bit better off than they are at the monment"
Save us Kenny
4th Mar 2013 12:58
"Well bung some more debt on the pile and buy Neymar, Falcao, De Vrij, LB, Ince, GK and Alonso. They have invested $300m in two Redsox players, Crawford and Gonzalez. We get Borini and Allen. Get your transfer wallet out you tightarse "
4th Mar 2013 13:01
"Increase in debt will be another excuse for FSG in delaying further infrastructure development at Anfield. The bigger picture will be no big signings or even the sale of Luis Suarez. No UCL football and we will become another mid-table club. Forever Red!"
4th Mar 2013 13:09
"The sad reality of FSG ownership compared to the big money clubs in the Top 6 (even rumors of change in AFC ownership). FSG = one step forward, two back. Do they really know how to run a BIG English football club? Forever Red!"
4th Mar 2013 13:17
"I can't believe we're in this much debt... I don't understand why we bought carrol and downing ect when we're short on money? knowing full well we'd have to sell players in the next year to balance the books? I think we'll be selling suarez if a decent offer comes our way. hate to see the financial situation next year with no cup runs or europe... "
4th Mar 2013 13:20
"But if we're in trouble I would prefer to sell our top players and still be here, People need to stop going on about money, I'd prefer Liverpool to be run sensibly rather then have middle east owners who lack passion. Buy young players develop and KEEP THEM, if we keep our best players then we'll only go up. If we sell we're in trouble."
4th Mar 2013 13:39
"It all sounds fairly stable to me"
4th Mar 2013 13:56
"We'll be a lot better next season, we've had a lot of games we should of won this season and if we won them we would be in the top 4 now, were learning and I think the team is getting the system cos goals are coming in thick and fast, am worried about how much fsg are gonna give Rodgers in the summer, please give him what he needs fsg, take us forward"
4th Mar 2013 13:58
"We'll be a lot better next season, we've had a lot of games we should of won this season and if we won them we would be in the top 4 now, were learning and I think the team is getting the system cos goals are coming in thick and fast, am worried about how much fsg are gonna give Rodgers in the summer, please give him what he needs fsg, take us forward"
4th Mar 2013 13:58
"We'll be a lot better next season, we've had a lot of games we should of won this season and if we won them we would be in the top 4 now, were learning and I think the team is getting the system cos goals are coming in thick and fast, am worried about how much fsg are gonna give Rodgers in the summer, please give him what he needs fsg, take us forward"
Billy B girl
4th Mar 2013 14:08
"Disappointing this - no money for stadium extension then and looks like Pepe, Luis and Skrtel will be off to boost the bank! At least this answers the question of WHY BR is still in charge! No money in the bank.... dark dark days ahead FSG should sell now and secure Rafa back before Luis & Co goes!"
Billy B girl
4th Mar 2013 14:10
"FSG just spent 300 mil on two players for Red Sox ?? Would like to know how much H & G got and how much our sponsorships are worth !!! Ayre should go asap!"
4th Mar 2013 14:10
"Disappointing and confusing, more debt but no new stadium or increased ground capacity although apparently millions spent on it with nothing to show for it! LFC needs European football and increased stadium capacity. "
4th Mar 2013 14:14
"I dont know about everyone else but from where i am standing it sounds and looks like we are doing very good, maybe not as fast as we would have liked but given the situation we were two years ago i believe we are on the up, things can only get better, Well done, Keep it up..."
4th Mar 2013 14:23
"Wow....judging from comments from the usual negative ninnies clearly no understanding of a)finance and b)dates. These are last years numbers and the financial picture isn't bad at all. A 22 miilion pound debt rise from the previous year which includes player transfers and KD and his staff severance. None of the new deals included (Warrior, Garuda etc.) Guess some people just like to moan."
4th Mar 2013 14:33
"Save us Kenny. Didn't the club just spend £20 million on Coutinho & Sturrage in January? Lets give then a chance and see who they bring in in the summer."
4th Mar 2013 14:39
"lfc board... you talk like politicians. tell what we want to know !!!!!"
4th Mar 2013 14:41
" Billy B girl who says Luis, Pepe & Skerts are going in the summer? No one. Get behind the team and stop talking . Also why would we want Rafa and his negative tactics back? That would be a backwards move for the club. Remember where we were under Hicks and Guilett to where we are now. Think before you comment in future."
4th Mar 2013 14:49
"Henry&Co. are the only owners in the world of football who are loaning money to their own club instead of giving. By the way the revenue of 2012 is lowest one in the last five years! (I couldn't find LFC revenue before 2007). And last year we were 8th richest club, now we are 9th, let's see where we will be next season."
4th Mar 2013 14:54
"What a negative bunch. We were days away from administration two years ago and you want it all turned around tomorrow. It has taken us quite a while to fall from the top of the league and there are a lot of reasons for it. It won't be fixed overnight but we are moving in the right direction. You bunch of arm chair owners have short memories. Unrealistic comments and expectations!"
4th Mar 2013 15:12
"Time to wake up and smell the coffee!! There is a world recession outside football, do you not think that those who are financially savvy are ignoring this? LFC needs careful financial structure to survive this storm. It is our duty as fans to support the club and understand that funds are tight. cont."
4th Mar 2013 15:13
"Investment needs to be well managed, buying more expensive players is not the answer, they come with hefty wage bills. Some of the people on here need to understand that having cheques in your cheque book does not mean that you have money."
Save us Kenny
4th Mar 2013 15:28
"What is the summer transfer budget? And are you working to get players in early this time? Tell us what we want to know please FSG"
4th Mar 2013 16:23
"People criticising FSG... what, would they rather have the two dithering idiots Hicks and Gillet back in charge? The clubs financial position has improved since those two left, and with cuts in expenditure last year, I'm sure the accounts between 2012-13 will be much healthier."
4th Mar 2013 16:32
"All seems very wierd, the club is maxed out? no money? No stadium yet or add on and lets hope its not Suarez used to balance the book. Any extra money from PL money surely will be debt clearing money so i assume we will buy one cheap defender to replace Carra and thats it."
4th Mar 2013 16:42
"i feel sorry for br its looks like the rugs just been pulled again .more shopping for bargins in farm foods cos we cant afford tesco.fsg need to start playing fair and being honest with fans there stuardship thus far has been very deceptive theyll lose everyone if there not carefull"
4th Mar 2013 16:44
"Note that these are the financial accounts for last year, not this year, which means it wouldn't have as big an impact as it would for planning for next season. "
4th Mar 2013 16:49
"another 100 million has to be added to transfers this season .. it is important to get the team to champions league as soon as possible "
Carra's Zimmer
4th Mar 2013 18:42
Carra's Zimmer
4th Mar 2013 18:44
"We will never reveal how big our transfer budget is, as this will give agents and other clubs insight into how much they can fleece us for. Sort of like it was when the King and DC went shopping"
Carra's Zimmer
4th Mar 2013 18:47
"Costs for stadium expansion probably do include planning permission, land surveys, with architecture and engineering input. If we expand the Main Stand, it will need to go up and out, which may well mean taking out a row of houses. So some compulsory purchases required there I suspect."
4th Mar 2013 19:50
"Can people please re-read the article- its the finances from 2001-12, when we didn't play in Europe and were getting new players in. These figures aren't the current situation they are up to 10 months in the past. Still some people don't need much of an excuse to attack FSG! "
4th Mar 2013 19:51
"Rushjob, it was my understanding that agreement had been reached to expand Anfield? Have I missed something?"
4th Mar 2013 19:59
"It gets boring when we have uneducated people having a pop at FSG over the stadium. They have not rushed in arriving at the right decision (unlike previous owners) to stay at Anfield. anyone past their 20's will recall it took MANY years just for the extra tier on the Kemlyn to go in due to the local council and some local residents digging in (Lord knows why, its a craphole)."
4th Mar 2013 20:01
"Hmmmm, hope next year brings better than that."
4th Mar 2013 20:39
"Look.. Hicks and Gillette had a case in court that could have cost us a lot of money, they have been bought off I think "settled" we have had increase in revenue and we have had a decrease in salaries we bought off players and sold on the cheap to get them off payrole."
4th Mar 2013 20:42
"There is a big expense this year in getting the finances in order, our books were LEEDS if you get that one. I am sure that next season we will have the financial motor running and we will see the consumption. There will be Signings but like the recent ones they will be clever."
4th Mar 2013 20:47
"There will not be any astronomical changes with these owners, they seem to be the the type that have experience in running things maybe they have little understanding of football but they do like to have the books in balance when they go for it they you will notice."
4th Mar 2013 21:18
"Some of you guys are so miserable it's untrue, depressing me and everyone else, give it a rest if you dont understand the situation."
4th Mar 2013 21:40
"We certainly are in a better financial position than 2 years ago. However, the worrying thing for me is reading on another site, Ayre talking about our transfer policy. To quote him - "we will do it prudently and in a sustainable way that is affordable." That sounds to me like more players leaving in the summer then coming in with no marquee signings just hope Suarez is not sold."
4th Mar 2013 21:52
"Need to get this sorted its a priority and should not be Put on hold any longer than need be...."
4th Mar 2013 22:50
"Seriously does nobody here know anything about business, if you didn't expect this return in that particular period, you really don't have a clue "
4th Mar 2013 22:56
"Also, for the people talking about signings, on numerous occasions, Brendan has said he knew that the one coming up would have more money available, end of season pay outs, now controlled wage bill. Could be a hundred different reasons why, but he has stated that there will be money in the summer,how true? who knows? But that doesn't mean they will yet again pay stupid money"
5th Mar 2013 0:49
"This is terrible from Ayre. I don't understand why he is still at the club. the fans are not stupid. The debt is not like a 'facility that allows us' to buy players etc. That's nonsense. It's a debt. Not a surplus. More spin from Ayre. But the figures are awful. This indicates poor decisions on transfers and contracts and payo, and Ayre has overseen a large part of that."
5th Mar 2013 1:50
"Think about it how much debt did FSG clear straight away when buying us 100s of mills they said from the very start they want to stabilise our club and so we can still function without champs league, which is no guarantee for any club in the EPL to be in it every year. These figures were from a very poor year with no european football and also the after math of fees paid for carroll,downing etc."
5th Mar 2013 1:59
"The next time this report comes out we will of had outgoings but less in terms of wages,the cost of the expansion plan of Anfield will be a lot lower,most of our bigger players contracts that have been extended was included in this one and investing in our youngsters coming through,our kit deal is now 25m a year compared to 13m for this report."
5th Mar 2013 2:06
"We have made made more money by playing in Europe this year. These figures are due to investment made so we can basically cope without champs league if we have to it would be crazy to simply depend on being in that every year as there is no guarantee for this look at arsenal most consistent qualifiers into it for years they dont look like being in it next year. "
5th Mar 2013 2:13
"In business if you buy a company in a bad way like we were in a very bad way you have to first stabilise it,buy reducing its debts. Anything that is causing these debts to mount have to be managed better or cut. Hence a lot of the high earners that were here and doing very little for it have been moved on. Even tho you see us still in debt in this report desnt mean we are not moving forward."
5th Mar 2013 2:21
"We are being run by very shrewd business men the reason they have spent $300m for the red sox is because the red sox are stable earning money and FSG has been doing what they are now doing for our club a lot longer than they have with us. That $300m do you think thats came out of FSG's pockets good one no its because the red sox can generate that kind of money, We cant just now."
5th Mar 2013 5:00
"Talking about playing Europe, we are not far off from Arsenal in terms of goal difference. But only Everton now stands in our way by their better defensive record. If we could produce the results we want, believe we can, in remaining league matches, then I don't see any reason why we can't clinch the 4th spot."
5th Mar 2013 7:22
"Negative, dull, stupid comments, you are sooo depressing it's unreal."
Truth Hurts 13
5th Mar 2013 13:21
"Spot on Scotty. FSG bailed us once and they r sure know what they r doing. I dont see them ruining the club in near future. Rome was not build in a day. Hve faith n patience, bros. We will come good. Surely that would be one Arab would come to our help should things take a cruel twist, wont they? "
5th Mar 2013 17:36
"we would not be in this mess if FSG had spent when they should have. Instead they tried to do it on the the cheap. they spent too late, the season was already lost. FSG need to get thinking seriously about their management of Liverpool FC"
5th Mar 2013 20:39
"Darker days could be coming. American owners = trouble, the premier league is the perfect example of that."
6th Mar 2013 13:14
"CANT REMEMBER the whole artical now but yesterday in the Mail Ayre commented on our debts to be around £87 mill?suggested we splashed the cash on Sturridge + Coutinho and wanted people to be realistic re Summer signings.I was looking forward to hearing a couple of top names popping up,like Saints was saying the other night on live phone in.will we get one or even two now?wasnt good reading!"
6th Mar 2013 13:32
"Ps..found it...Ayre said.."Recent rules adopted by PL expects people to break even and limit spending on players and wages..LFC spent £20 mill on DS and Coutinho in JAN and has warned the Club will be More Careful in summer..."