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26th Feb 2013 11:53
26th Feb 2013 12:01
"When you see them side by side, it's obvious; long live King Luis."
26th Feb 2013 12:12
"Think it will be close call between suarez and rvp. When picking a player of the year things like how much has the player contributed to their team,in the position they play how good is their overall stats for that position,how entertaining has the player been to watch over the whole season,has or does the player do things that makes them stand out from the others. "
26th Feb 2013 12:20
"suarez has stood out in all departments. Goals,assists,amount of chances he creates,does things people watching and other players cant help but applaud even if they dont want to admit it there isnt any clubs fans wouldnt like him playing for them.rvp should be scoring the amount he has being a main striker his assists,passing,created chances dont come close to suarez so to me it has to be suarez"
26th Feb 2013 12:22
26th Feb 2013 12:36
"Suerez!!!!No fact its a no brainer!!!!!!!!"
26th Feb 2013 12:48
"we have to recognise that King Luis is slightly superior to the other two, my hearth beats for him indeed. Skills, footballing repertoire, character and commitment to the club are by far on his behalf! Long live El Pistolero! YNWA LS"
26th Feb 2013 13:47
"Luiz is worse in assists, worse in winning aerial duels, worse in conversation rate. But very strong in chances created and nice to see him doing well in crosses. As we can see BALE as a winger/midfielder cant cross:)"
26th Feb 2013 13:49
"Bale - great player but what a whinger! Doesn't like the rough stuff, it's part of the game sunshine get on with it! One thing I CAN'T STAND about footie is the constant whinging from players to the referee - 'Book him, Send him off' AND THIS GUY IS ONE OF THE WORST! Not only a diving cheat but a whinging TW*T!!!"
26th Feb 2013 13:51
"To be honest I think it should be between Bale and Suarez. RVP is at united with all those players around him so of course he was bound to be up there. Whereas Suarez and Bale are doing it on their own pretty much. Naturally I would say Suarez but have to admit Bale is the most in-form player in the Premier League at the moment.."
26th Feb 2013 13:51
"Suarez could be labelled as a cheat as well to be fair but he's made of stronger stuff - A Street Fighter vs A Street Dancer."
26th Feb 2013 14:15
"Though Suarez is the better all round player out of the three mentioned, the other two seem to score goals to win games whereas we seem to draw or lose even when Suarez scores. So that will sway the decision."
26th Feb 2013 14:15
"For me it's not just about personal stats, it's about what their performances helped their club achieve. RVP has won Manure the league. Wing Nut will get Spurs Champions League. Suarez will only win us a little credibility in the table. So he may be the most skillful/talented player of the 3, but Luis is not player of the season in my opinion. "
26th Feb 2013 14:21
"By far our Luis is much better! YNWA!"
26th Feb 2013 15:40
"What we see on the pitch proves it, the stats confirm it; Luis Suarez is a way better player..."
26th Feb 2013 15:43
"I must admit that Bale is the in-form player of the moment, but at least our Luis doesn't have a sissy goal celebration."
26th Feb 2013 15:47
"suarez is defo our player of the season. bale's also really great saved spurs a couple of times these past few games. suarez did that for us many times this season. i think it will be between the two of them."
26th Feb 2013 15:48
"Suarez will never get player of the season - RVP will take that. At the end of the day LFC fans dont pick the player and no way are the PFA going to go for Suarez when they all hate him for his diving and non footballing issues, RVP wont have any of that in the way - its not what I want but that's the way the cookie crumbles - I hope RVP gets ruled out for rest of the season"
26th Feb 2013 15:51
"technically speaking it should be between Suarez and RVP they have been consistently great all season, Bale is good but they are overhyping him, he isn't consistent he's either amazing on his day or no where to be found - I rekon Michu should be part of the shotlist too - a great first season"
26th Feb 2013 16:06
"El Pisto, is just awesome. He has qualities that RVP and Bale do not. "
26th Feb 2013 16:37
"we could need someone like bale! amazing freekicks and an eye for goal! Not to mention his pace..."
26th Feb 2013 16:40
"Bale and RVP win valuable points for their respective teams that their team mates resolutely defend/deliver to the final whistle of the match. Given our present league position, this stats ridicules profligacy of our reds in optimizing Suarez's contributions to the team. "
26th Feb 2013 17:09
"Analyse,the players playing with them and it has to be Luis.RVP class but dosent work so hard and great players around him, and Bale top class after Christmas again work rate ok then Luis a lone ranger until Stur showed up terrorizing 4 defenders with or without the ball..Luis please.YNWA"
26th Feb 2013 19:11
"Most players hate Suarez and that may not let him win it but 4 me, he's been and is still the best player in this league this season."
26th Feb 2013 19:23
"Suarez won't win it, for a start the FA won't want him to win it after the racism scandal. Second they simply don't like him. Brilliant player for us, the best forward since Kenny. But he'll come third behind Bale and RVP. it's a pity this club isn't in a position to get Gareth he's a brilliant player and getting better all the time. "
Afrika Kop
26th Feb 2013 19:56
"I think the Opta forgot the percentage of nutmegs in the opposition half. it would read like : Suarez 98% : Bale 1%"
26th Feb 2013 20:12
"Different kind of players, not easy to compare. For me LS is the best candidate, complete player with superior skills."
26th Feb 2013 20:44
"It would be a travesty if Bale won. He's only really made himself a compeor recently. Suarez and RVP have been at it all season. HAS to be Suarez though!"
Ed Looney
26th Feb 2013 22:26
"Just going by "widgit numbers", Stevie Gerrard blows away all 3 guys mentioned. Go, Capt'n!"
27th Feb 2013 5:52
"very even between the 3, RVP has had better players creating goals and space for him. If Luis keeps up his form, and maybe even improve... he should score and create more in the rest of the games now he has quality attackers in and around him"
27th Feb 2013 6:59
"They say Suarez Rvp and bale what about Michu?? Burr deep down Gareth Bale should win it people a great talent, Suarez to come runner up and Rvp 3rd.. I would say suarez but at moment and present Gareth Bale is playing better than ronaldo and messi and if he was at real madrid or barca he would what they are doing.."
27th Feb 2013 19:38
"The bookies have Bale odds on & RVP 6/4 for PFA player of year. Suarez is 3rd at 25/1. The FA have no influence on the pro player's choice for our paranoid fans claiming conspiracy. Don't be 1 eyed though guys. LFC fans should know their footie: Bale is on fire & RVP has single handedly won Utd the league. "