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I think we will do well in the last games with Sturridge and Coutinho playing. Let´s hope it´s not too late! YNWA
26th Feb 2013 10:12
26th Feb 2013 10:21
"Being more realistic 4pts from those 4 gms is more likely, lose to wigan lose to spurs draw with southampton and beat villa. Beating swansea reserves is nothing to get carried away about Aldo lad, but losing 2.0 and 3.1 at home to w.brom and villa is something to be alarmed about!"
26th Feb 2013 12:35
"I said Liverpool will finish top 6 at the start of the season but it is a massive ask for top 4 considering we only had a team that could challenge for it half way through the season. I expect a strong finish but it all comes down to team selection by BR which I will be monitoring every game. "
26th Feb 2013 12:58
"Lets get atlist 27points from the last 11 games.."
26th Feb 2013 13:49
"He who dares wins! Sadly imo it's probably too late to get a season saving position in the league. Although that depends on who wins FA Cup regarding league places for Europa League. Fair play league is realistically our best chance: we're 2nd behind gooners, ahead of Saints and Spurs... "
26th Feb 2013 14:23
"Attack Attack, Attack Attack Attack..With top 4 its like a juggling match..not too many losing points as you wud expect..spurs just hopped into 3rd...think its not going to get any better then top 6...BUT foot balls a "Funny old Game"...just do the BEST we win and hope others lose lose..."
26th Feb 2013 15:17
"Attack the last 11 games? Why didn't we attack the previous 27!!"
26th Feb 2013 15:18
"Aldo looks how i feel in that photo!!"
26th Feb 2013 15:20
"If we dont have theright atude against Wigan we will get stuffed. Their midfield is powerful-PLEASE!!- NO Joe, and up front Lukaku will be a real handful. He is just the sort of striker Aggar and co. hate. Quick and strong. Better than Sturridge, Ba, or even Torres"
26th Feb 2013 16:07
"Yes, after the efforts against Zenit, we need more of the same."
26th Feb 2013 16:45
"We can only hope - YNWA!"
26th Feb 2013 16:52
"With only league games left, BR must play his best 11 every match. A consistent run of games is needed to qualify for European football next year. No more excuses we have 8 of the 11 games we should be winning with 3 tougher games (Spurs, Chelsea & Everton)at home. With Sturridge and Coutinho available the remaining games should indicate how close we are to competing for top 4 next season. "
S&S 7&15
26th Feb 2013 17:01
"let's attack one game at a go and then add the points we collected at the end of the season, we'l get there...GO REDS!!!"
26th Feb 2013 17:05
"Redfergal.....saying that we played swansea reserves is a discrace to liverpool fc Remember this YOU CAN ONLY BEAT WHAT IS PUT IN FRONT OF YOU!!!!Now what part of this isnt getting through!!!!!!"
26th Feb 2013 17:40
"this season we have been good with the so-called smaller teams, unlike previous seasons. top four will come as a surprise but its not impossible"
26th Feb 2013 17:48
"xxrussx - troll alert! Please think before posting next time and try to at least understand who plays for who. "
26th Feb 2013 17:52
"I wish the players will go into matches with Zenit mentality, that way we'll need only the 1st 45mins' to win some games. Best wishes! YNWA."
S&S 7&15
26th Feb 2013 18:01
"let's attack one game at a go and then add the points we collected at the end of the season, we'l get there...GO REDS!!! "
26th Feb 2013 18:06
"If the players play as well as they can do, then they should come away from Wigan with the points. Concentration and consistency will be key for the remaining games. Like Aldridge said, they will be battles against these teams. We can`t afford to take anything for granted."
26th Feb 2013 18:26
"4 me, I say 12 out of 12 will be the best 4 us out of those 4 games. Lactics, villans and saints no chance & will all gue respect 2 spurs, their best result at anfield will be a draw but IT'S A MUST WE BEAT 'EM if we wanna have any chance of playing the UCL."
26th Feb 2013 19:37
"Aldo is spot on with what he is saying. you can feel his passion. I hope BR gets the message across to the players that playing for LFC is an unbelieviable honour and you should give your all every second of every game !!!!"
26th Feb 2013 20:49
"Yes EcoRed.....Attack!!! I most all tired now watching Lfc fall to lesser teams all season..aftr mTch V zenit, WE Can Beat anyone ibelive with sturridge and Luis so letz go for it!!! Nothing elze for it!!.go on the Reds!!"
27th Feb 2013 1:24
"Fully agree with Aldo. Sturridge for me is as important to LFC as Suarez Still do not agree with the inclusion of Carra. Coates should be given a chance he is a much bigger threat at set plays where we are not scoring goals. "
27th Feb 2013 1:27
"let's throw everyting we got to those fear...YNWA"
27th Feb 2013 1:28
"let's throw everyting we got to those fear...YNWA"
27th Feb 2013 2:00
"xxruxx...since when did lukaku play for both swansea and wigan? Many top teams ,even barca would find lukaku a handful and is not a fair judgement of our defense. The only diff is top teams would score 4 goals routinely against the likes of swans and wigan so that when lukaka does get a goal, it means absolutely NOTHING to the game."
27th Feb 2013 2:40
"fill in the same 11 players during the swansea game. with Sturridge and coutinho in the mix. same set up. and hopeflly no injuries. I'm confident we will climb the table."
27th Feb 2013 6:15
27th Feb 2013 6:51
"Let's see what we've got (and what we haven't got - ahead of the summer and the next season)."
27th Feb 2013 6:56
27th Feb 2013 18:29
"5fivetimes - Lukaku does not play for Wigan, he does not play for Swansea. He plays for West Brom. Do you understand? "