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Is anyone aware of any agreement for Andy ? I don't saw him anytime controlling the ball better in the ground. Hence, I'm sure he can't play in BR's side...
25th Feb 2013 11:37
25th Feb 2013 11:52
"Robinson and Ngoo are the only 2 that i feel would have a future at LFC. AC would be great but if he wouldn't make it into the first 11 then there is no point in having a £35m player on the bench week in/week out. Also someone with Andy's build needs to play every week, rest does his body no good."
25th Feb 2013 12:15
"Andy, please do whatever you can to ensure the gap to Tottenham stays at 9 points."
25th Feb 2013 12:36
"Come on Andy! Give Spurs a pummeling for us!"
25th Feb 2013 14:08
"Well done to all the lads on loan, both those have won and those have lost as well!"
25th Feb 2013 15:37
"Hope they all come back better players. YNWA BOYS!!!!!!"
25th Feb 2013 16:06
"Hope you stay there, your not good enough for Liverpool and you have no potential to even become good. Its Watford next at home on Friday. Hope Watford win as they are local to where I live and want them to get promoted. "
Kaushik Bose
25th Feb 2013 17:39
"no matter the results - YNWA!"
25th Feb 2013 19:11
"Let them stay where they are."
25th Feb 2013 19:37
"Are we going to bring 'Big Andy' back at the end of the season? We need someone up-front to change games like OLdham etc."