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He is a key player, a match winner no matter what others say. What a fantastic January window we had! A solid CB needed for the summer and I hope BR is keeping an eye on Ince who will become a free agent over the summer. Scott Sinclair would also be a fantastic signing!
25th Feb 2013 10:43
25th Feb 2013 11:01
"Another legend being created. YNWA PC"
25th Feb 2013 11:09
"We will see. Skillful but light weight and does seem to be a confidence type player as what was the case at Inter and Espanol. For sure I could rave about his performance against Swansea but that was an ideal game to make his full debut- Reserve side with one eye on Wembley. Not doubting his abilty but prefer to judge him after seeing him against tougher and more skilfull teams. "
25th Feb 2013 11:32
"It wasnt just the performance against swansea i liked it was the areas of the pitch he got into. The system Rodgers is trying to play the 2 wider players like Him & downing need to tuck inside when wing backs are attacking to create space for them to get down the sides of defences. Also to get beyond Suarez like he did for his goal to give Suarez more options other than just DS ahead of him"
25th Feb 2013 11:37
"Why not you join him here Cesar..??"
25th Feb 2013 11:37
"this boy can play YNWA!"
25th Feb 2013 11:42
"Phillipe Coutinho is going to be a massive player at Liverpool! This immensely talented player who is good with both legs will become a KOP favourite! At 20 we should be thinking of keeping him for a very long time! YNWA!"
25th Feb 2013 11:47
"Only time will tell but i know one thing for sure he fits into our system perfectly. Although downing has played better this season, to me he just doesnt add enough of a goal threat and wants to always stick out wide. Ive said i think it would take at least 4 windows for BR to be able to get the type of players needed to play his way. Its important that FSG really back him in the next one "
25th Feb 2013 12:59
"Diergol, this is also my wish."
25th Feb 2013 14:36
"Lets hope so! Has got off to a wonderful start V Swansea....plenty of confidence!!cant wait ti see him in action from now on!!"
25th Feb 2013 15:15
"wish him all the best in Liverpool... YNWA."
25th Feb 2013 15:33
"U already know that mr. Cesar so am sure u aren't gonna be surprised if he fires past u come may even though u are an excellent shot stopper. "
25th Feb 2013 15:44
"fantastic january window. Summer targets should be : centreback,centremid (experience in Alonso can play both holding role and bit further up?),winger (Ince on free) classy striker"
25th Feb 2013 15:47
"if crafty scouting 10-15 mil for centreback, same for striker, and Alonso at his age should be able to come on the cheap. then in the next window we can concentrate on goalkeeper,another winger (Ben Arfa),leftback. I can see us brushing both Tottenham and Arsenal aside in a season or 2"
25th Feb 2013 16:14
"With new additions like Christian Eriksen as Attacking MF and Tom Ince on the right Winger, things would be perfect!"
25th Feb 2013 17:42
"I want Julio Cesar for Liverpool Goalkeeper! "
25th Feb 2013 17:56
"I am sure A solid CB and CDM will be our priorities, maybe another winger/striker (ie ince) but lets wait and see, it will be a very exciting summer though!"
25th Feb 2013 18:32
"he has appeared,like,twice."
25th Feb 2013 18:42
"This guy is good and can only get better.....would have loved to see him play against st petersberg Think its a silly rule being cup tied......I mean whats that all about??????"
25th Feb 2013 18:44
"All you doubters!!!Are you again ready for more humble pie!!!!!This guy is good so stop doubting him give him a chance please!!!!!"
25th Feb 2013 18:56
"My god he played 60 v Swansea weakened team don't build him up too much because if he has a few bad games the fickle will destroy him, he's a talented kid 20yrs old."
25th Feb 2013 19:00
"Christian eriksen is a must in the summer and Fellini ."
25th Feb 2013 19:10
"Agree a weakened team but you can only beat whats put in front of you.....Right or wrong???"
25th Feb 2013 19:13
"Talking bout fellani Wonder were moyes will go to......Hes a good manager for who ever gets him."
25th Feb 2013 19:27
"Been linked with city and chelski but I don't see either happening.fellani wants to go to chelski."
25th Feb 2013 19:36
"Im sorry, but Scott Sinclair would be an atrocious signing! He is a second rate player at best!"
25th Feb 2013 19:42
"He linked up well and has made a very promising start. What more can we ask of him? Cesar has played alongside some very good players, so he should know one when sees one."
26th Feb 2013 5:04
"I would like BR try putting 2 wingers on e left/right depending on the weaker opponent LB/RB! Rather we worry about our opponent, why not let them feel very worry about us! "
26th Feb 2013 7:56
"We will know how good he is after Wigan. I just hope the team turn up 'cos Wigan can damage us. They are big and powerful and in Lukaku they have a striker better than Sturridge, Ba, or the great Torres. Aggar and co. will need to be at their best, and not underestimate a team fighting for survival. "
26th Feb 2013 16:35
"Dogster9 - Pipe down little boy, Scott Sinclai is better than half of our squad! xxrussx - Lukaku plays for WBA and NOT Wigan comprende? "