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Gutted Pricey!
23rd Feb 2013 23:21
23rd Feb 2013 23:52
"Come back stronger mate YNWA "
24th Feb 2013 8:02
"Great looking shorts!"
24th Feb 2013 8:36
"he held back wanting to get more rounds out of the fight...usually comes out hard and wins quick. When LFC come out hard and be relentless, smother the opposition to score the 1st goal we usually win. Maybe this was an example of you should always play to your strengths. Play hard or go home with lots to ponder. We need to show no mercy in every game from the off. "
24th Feb 2013 15:31
"Unlucky big man but all Boxers get that next chance, you just grab it with both hands. British Boxing needs a Heavy-Weight like you lad."
24th Feb 2013 16:00
"Really a pity for David! but I am sure you will succeed to bounce back from this KO in the next fight! Disappointed for you Pricey! YNWA JFT96"
24th Feb 2013 19:59
"Obviously another British sportsman over rated by hype."
24th Feb 2013 22:26
"Really feel for Pricey but he will come back even stronger! "
25th Feb 2013 0:08
"Stunned! Goes to show that heavyweight boxing can be about the one big money shot. During Price's amataur days there was questions regarding his chin. As a pro he has been immense but now questions maybe asked in terms of him contending the World Crown. Daerly hope it was a blip. Not only a red but a true gentleman "
25th Feb 2013 2:05
"Unlucky. He's the best heavyweight in the UK (would take out 'tyson' nathan fury inside 4) thought this was a tough fight for him, but he can come back."