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He should follow Jamie as next CB... He's solid enough makes less mistakes and can handle bully players.. Next season we should have skrtel, agger, coates, Wisdom, Sama should be CB's. Glen, Kelly, Flanangan can play as RB.
24th Feb 2013 8:57
24th Feb 2013 9:20
"I like AW, lots to learn positionally but he's very young, so that's no surprise. I think Stephen Sama & Martin Kelly will be our CBs long term. Both taller than Andre, who can cover but, I think will suit RB long term. And with Brad Smith at LB we'll have a top back 4."
24th Feb 2013 9:42
"Carra!!!! U r heart carries loads of love for LFC..."
24th Feb 2013 9:47
"Wisdom should play as a Defensive Midfielder. He can be as good a Mascherano. We have enough cover for a RWB."
24th Feb 2013 10:14
"I'd love to see this kid get a chance at CB alongside Agger. For me, Andre's attributes are ideal to play CB for us so it seems silly the thought of us going out in the summer spending millions and not at the very least giving Andre a few games there before the end of the season."
24th Feb 2013 11:06
"Tackles Won 89%... Speaks for itself! Think he should move into CB eventually with Martin Kelly or Sama on the right."
24th Feb 2013 12:25
"we need to groom a defensive midfielder as cover for lucas,Allen Shelvey Henderson not the type, suggest Coady or Wisdom"
24th Feb 2013 12:35
"Andre is too short for a CB. Either RWB or DMF. "
24th Feb 2013 12:57
"Sincerely, I hope and believe Andre Wisdom is our future centre back with Martin Kelly, most of all for the fact that we will miss a couple of the actual centre backs in the ranks, Carra, Coates?, Skrtel?, I don't know, and despite it will come a couple of new defenders in the next summer transfer window! Take a look to Sama as well in perspective of the next season, he worth a gamble!"
Billy B girl
24th Feb 2013 13:21
"You are fantastic Andre - loads of potential and quietly goes about his business on the pitch and off - the LFC way!"
24th Feb 2013 13:53
"a bit short for a cb but good cover for kelly at rb GJ should be pushed into right midfield next season as he plays so well there from rb now."
24th Feb 2013 15:51
"Andre Wisdom is 6ft1in so is not a short person. Agger is 6ft3in. Carles Puyol of Barcelona is 5ft10in and wins most headers around the penalty box. It is about how good you are; not how tall."
24th Feb 2013 16:04
"great atude andre (honestly i will play anywhere) thats what we need people ready to fight for the badge and give there all ynwa"
24th Feb 2013 16:26
"For anyone who still overrates our cup exertions last season will only have to look at the mighty Bradford and Swansea battling it out for this seasons Carling cup this afternoon, lol. I genuinely feel this cup should be contested by the reserve teams of the Premiership and for those outside the league. "
24th Feb 2013 16:33
"wouldn't arsenil love to be there with swansea, in fact they were there the year before us and failed.haha"
Gordon Ottershaw
24th Feb 2013 18:25
"Hmm AW is same height as JC. Well auberges one centimetre less to be exact as team profile indicates however on the pitch look to be bang on same height. "
24th Feb 2013 18:52
"Buddha130673 Tell that to Steven and Jamie and all the lads who were overjoyed about winning the cup last season. Or do you have so little respect for Steven, Jamie and the lads when they consider winning any cup final an important achievement? Only last week Steve Mac said, "It's winning cup finals that professional footballers want. That's what we play the game for. To win on those big days" "
24th Feb 2013 19:01
"1st chance on laptop since thurs night and what a night. Almost perfect for my sons 1st game. Was praying suarez would get one son loved it. we got in about 6.30 and it was freezing. good drive up and then on M6 you start to see fellow reds driving up. We parked and walked nearby and 1st street we came to leading to stadium was called Vienna St. "
24th Feb 2013 19:05
"Cont. My son is called owen. my daughters vienna and paris. Owen was buzzing taking photos etc but after buying hat scarf and putting flowers at memorial we went in. His face said it all. Seeing stevie G wanted the crowd as 12th man I thought it took ages to be full"
24th Feb 2013 19:09
"Cont. 7.30pm stadium half empty but ended up rocking. PK8 near the away fans. throat still sore and next to 4 scouse lads giving it loads. My son got Brad jones signature but missed martin Skrtel's as no pen. I know he will remember for the rest of his life. 3-1 and so close. out of europa but still a brilliant night. YNWA & J4T96"
24th Feb 2013 19:10
"hey Plyno1red, sounds like your boy Owen had a special time, good for you man!"
24th Feb 2013 19:18
"thanx. I am just waiting for my mate who gets offered tickets quite often. He was lucky enough to get to the swansea game. 5-0. I wouldn't have swapped as zenit fans were up for it and bouncing but as our goals started to go in. Suarez is pure class. I love liverpool and now my son does for himself. now back to lge games and win as many as poss. YNWA"
24th Feb 2013 19:21
"meant to say as our goals started going in zenit fans got nervous. If only but owen saw them win 3-1. i'd be happy if he only ever sees them win when next game arrives.YNWA"
24th Feb 2013 19:23
"I do think, a team that is in European competition should not be involved in The Capital One Cup, the big teams typically don't take it too seriously (as can hamper progress in league and European comps)(and only play youth) and normally when a big team does go for its a sign they are a bit desperate to get in Europe as they are not good enough in the league."
24th Feb 2013 19:27
"Hey Ply, those memories will last with your son for life, shame we did'nt get that 4th goal for him, but the team, the fans and you did your son proud by exposing him to the best club (and fans) in the world!!! YNWA"
24th Feb 2013 19:40
"lonewar i agree. I have quite major issues going on in life at present but dont let anything spoil LFC for me. and now hopefully my son. I want to take 1 of my daughters next time. the other likes staying at home with mum. Ha. best leave them to it. My daughter vienna would love it just as much. you cant do anything else but love LFC when you experience it. YNWA "
24th Feb 2013 20:02
"Open your eyes and ears, did you read SG new interview where he says not getting fourth, which was their target, is disastrous. It was good to hear Shearer and co on MOTD say that Arsenal can kiss their ability to buy big if they don't qualify for CL, regardless of how much they have in the bank, as no top player would go there without it, hmmmm "
24th Feb 2013 20:06
"I certainly believe we might be lucky to hold unto Suarez for one more season but if we don't qualify for CL then we can kiss him goodbye and no one would blame him as he deserves to play on the centre stage. No player worth their salt will continue to avoid playing on the biggest stages, why would they. Next season is boom or bust so lets see how intelligent our fans really are. "
24th Feb 2013 20:09
"If Suarez leaves, then we will have only an ageing SG to rely on. Its going to be the toughest season in recent memory and a real danger of us becoming an Everton for a long time to come. If we don't qualify for CL then we would have to pray for a big spender to take over and buy us the le ala Man City. "
24th Feb 2013 20:30
"Dont think Suerez will leave us he knows he is loved by us scousers and he loves it an ANFIELD.i will say he will be here for a long time to come.This guy is PURE GOLD!!!!"
24th Feb 2013 20:35
"Hey Buddha, Next season will be the biggest for us in a long time! and I also think it will determine whether Saurez stays with us, Top 4 and not cups should have been our priority for the last 3 years! I am sure Saurez will stay for next season!"
24th Feb 2013 20:37
"To ply, LFC is a release from anything that goes on you day to day life, and thats why I think fans should appreciate each others opinions more and not be in one group or another, and all try to pull together! "
24th Feb 2013 20:45
"Lonewar what makes you think to 4 hasn't been our priority for last 3 seasons? I would very much doubt that Hodgson, KK didn't target the league as priority. I don't see why you can't have a good cup run at the same time."
24th Feb 2013 20:46
"What makes me laugh is all the bull that luis gets from the manure supporters gooners etc etc But as i z last week after the st petersburg game to a manc there is not one PL club that would not sign him in a heart beat!!!!Soooooo glad he plays for us;-)"
24th Feb 2013 20:54
"Watched this St petersburg game at work in the security mans office with severel others darting out every now and then dodging the boss man. The atmosphere was electric especially when john jo put the ball into the side net and we all though he had scored!!!We lapped it up."
24th Feb 2013 21:00
"Hodgson did'nt get long enough to do anything, and I think KD wanted to bring some glory days back and to be fair he did, he fielded stronger teams for the cups than the league, so for me that what his focus! Our sole priority should be top 4, if we get a good cup run along the way then great."
24th Feb 2013 21:21
"If Suarez leaves, if Suarez leaves, talk about doom and gloom, top4 is important but so are trophies if we can't make top 4 a trophy should be a must."
24th Feb 2013 21:29
"i agree budbudhaha a wembley trip should be a must for every season, especially since the league is a work in progress. I think thats what KK was thinking last season, a cup run instills confidence and feel good factor and puts some silver ware in the cabinets. Arsenal have only a list of top 4 finishes and euro cup exits to display."
24th Feb 2013 21:35
"Arsenal haven't seen a trophy for 8 seasons and don't I love letting them know it."
24th Feb 2013 21:50
"to redquirral, I completely get what Dalglish was trying to do, build momentum, get a feel good feeling around the club! it was his handling of the Suarez racism affair tha cost him, I just feel now its top 4 or nothing right now! we need to CL football!"
25th Feb 2013 1:00
"With the amount of defenders that LFC do have I just wonder why papers keep writing about players being linked with LFC surely if strenght is needed it has to be in other areas."
25th Feb 2013 2:07
"89% tackles won and passes-quality!"
25th Feb 2013 8:13
"He is a great lad, hopefully our CB for years to come"
25th Feb 2013 9:26
"I've said it be4 dat dis lad has all 2 be a good CB. 2013-2014, CB(S) Agger, Srktel, Coates. FB(S) Glen, Enrique, Flanagan, Jack. Kelly & Wisdom as cover 4 the Centre backs & Full backs."