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How about that? Back 4 for Liverpool, 2 lads 15 year old and right back 14 year old! I even doubt some of the guys played actually at his 18s and still did beat Black Cats! Well done guys, great game, YNWA!!
23rd Feb 2013 14:49
23rd Feb 2013 15:06
"fantastic young reds could of scored a couple more 1st half,the future is bright."
23rd Feb 2013 15:11
"Well done mini-Reds! Proud of you specially for the fact that the most of the boys were inexperienced and gave it all today! Brilliant first half of the whole team but globally Danny Trickett Smith and Jerome Sinclair stood out for me! We controlled rightly the second half and hit with counter attacks! Well done lads, well done Mr Cooper! Keep it up boys! YNWA U18s Reds"
23rd Feb 2013 15:49
"Very impressive today by the kids. Potential is there for all to see. The future looks bright"
23rd Feb 2013 16:33
"Somebody was saying that there are problems in the Kirby Academy....well 4-1, the only problem I can see here is that we should have scored more goals!!! ;D Congratulations boys, well done! You have made us very proud! YNWA!"
23rd Feb 2013 17:58
"Well done lads...that should silence the nay sayers for another week..YNWA."
23rd Feb 2013 18:06
"What a fantastic game to watch!!! The front line and midfield all looked capable and very positive - some quality football from a very young side."
24th Feb 2013 1:20
"Daniel & Sinclair were very impressive yesterday. Ojo is also great running through the wings. Good prospects for the near future. I am very impressed with the other three; Joao Carlos Teixiera, Peterson & Dunn in U21. Hope they can make the step up soon."
24th Feb 2013 13:41
"15 games, 5 won, 3 drawn, 7 lost. A downward trend under Steve Cooper."