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If history teaches us anything, it is that Italian players and American owners don't fit in this club. Why sign a player who never wanted to come?...
23rd Feb 2013 10:33
23rd Feb 2013 10:44
"I see Jonjo is keeping up with his training watching movies..probably why he is so useless on the pitch. !"
23rd Feb 2013 11:15
"mushroomscouser - I guess your name is this due to the shape of your head ; ) "
23rd Feb 2013 11:19
"I got the feeling Borini is gonna come good, let's be patient and remember Lucas Leiva!"
23rd Feb 2013 12:13
"Nickofella 23rd Feb 2013 11:15..the kind of intelligent comment that these comments are famous for.. how old are you? 6? 7?"
23rd Feb 2013 12:17
"Great, a corrupted disgusting bank on our shirts and now free advertising for junk food. "
23rd Feb 2013 13:38
"I'm sorry mate, just a joke. Can't help noticing that all your comments tend to have a similar theme. "
23rd Feb 2013 14:26
"Bukiss, well said! Our players should get time before we kick them away. Can't understand why people talk about the new players when Lucas is a really good example why we should be patient."
23rd Feb 2013 14:27
"talking I meant"
23rd Feb 2013 14:28
"Okay I couldn't use that word."
23rd Feb 2013 15:17
"Rubbish signing of the year."
23rd Feb 2013 15:19
"Nickofella 23rd Feb 2013 13:38...its because I work with mancs and live next door to a family of bitters who are laughing their a*rses off. On a daily basis. Now they are laughing at getting knocked out of the Europa and we actually celebrated the loss. FSG have turned the club into a joke. And few on these comments pages seems to care or mind."
23rd Feb 2013 16:31
"I could be wrong, but I seem to remember FSG saving us from Administration, thereby not having points deducted, and therefore probably saved us from relegation, again....I could be wrong"
23rd Feb 2013 16:47
"We`ve looked good since January when we`ve had a full strength team out. Rodgers has said he`ll be strengthening again in the summer, so I reckon we`ll have the last laugh. I`ll be looking forward to the rest of the season too, so long as the best line-up stays fit."
23rd Feb 2013 18:01
"Bring back torres, he will be cheap and buy lukaku, he will not be to expensive but he is a real threat!!!"
23rd Feb 2013 19:21
"Mushroomscouser67,You are the wrong person by nature.It is not the Italians ,it is rather the English players who are technically poor and most of them don't fit in big clubs.players from other leagues are the jawell for the premier league while the British players as a whole can not fit in Europes big leagues."
23rd Feb 2013 21:05
"Let`s face it we got two "miracle" goals from free kicks,one from open play.We do not have the skill in the side to kill games off.Bad passes,poor corners,ball given away.SG looks totally p....d off .Yet another manager,yet another new system.20 years and we are mid table and cannot even get into the Europa final.Wrong owners,wrong manager once again.I support LFC,not what is happening."
23rd Feb 2013 22:48
"osebasa - This may be a shock to you but it's an English club.Sorry to have to break it to you like that but maybe you should be watching some other team."
24th Feb 2013 2:20
"American owner and italian players no fair for LFC. It's history.."
24th Feb 2013 12:38
"Redhendo,you r still in a small didn't get my point.LP should be competing with Europe's best teams.If LP should win things and rub shoulders with the bigger teams the league and Europe we must use less number of the non-talented British players.Those teams which understand that are enjoying success . "
24th Feb 2013 12:46
"redhendo ,what ever you write or wish no team in the top four is willing to play garbages like Henderson and Downing.They are very poorly skilled.These two along with Wisdom ,Sterling ,Shelvey are all small time players suitable only for the lower teams in the league."
24th Feb 2013 18:16
"That's it Fabio Borini keep eating the junk food and you too could have a body like Leivas can't see you catching his goal record, Lucas has scored six already and it looks like you will be injured for the rest of your short Liverpool career."
let me play liverpool
22nd Mar 2013 12:13
"just got paired with zenit in the last 16 in the euro league in fifa 13. I WONDER WHATS GONNA HAPPEN"