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Get him at CB next Daniel!!
23rd Feb 2013 9:46
23rd Feb 2013 10:01
"Give this lad a chance at centre half, its worth a try, could b the new carra.ynwa"
23rd Feb 2013 10:12
"the next carra in the making "
23rd Feb 2013 10:38
"totally agree with the comments our next carra in the making buck should play him with dagger"
23rd Feb 2013 10:40
"It is just as well competition doesn't worry you Martin, because we are not in any. We even celebrate getting kicked out of them now."
23rd Feb 2013 10:41
"No problem to have you back Martin you are for me one of the best in your position in the club. YNWA"
23rd Feb 2013 10:51
"class player, looking forward to seeing you in the squad again, odd season, losing players like kelly and lucas at the start of the season then not getting the right players in last summer.. looking forward to a good run in and a proper transfer window! YNWA"
23rd Feb 2013 10:52
"MK you are a class act, played c/back for England and done well, great energy and attacking ability hope you back fit soon."
23rd Feb 2013 10:54
"well your are in the most important competition, which makes a club great and that is "competition for places" which will help push wisdom and Sama up to another level, Good luck on your return!"
23rd Feb 2013 10:56
"Dont try to be jamie carraghar... But be MARTIN KELLY..."
23rd Feb 2013 11:03
"hope you back soon MK a great attacking rightback maybe a future centreback,sama is a player i'd like to see make it also,YNWA."
23rd Feb 2013 11:08
"Similar to JC,, try him at CB..he has the pace that our other CB's are lacking in and he's a very good defender"
23rd Feb 2013 11:24
"Be back soon son!"
23rd Feb 2013 11:42
"Isn't it terrible not having a game untill next weekend, just hope city win tomorrow."
23rd Feb 2013 11:47
"Seb co needs games also I think he could be one for the future but a game once a month is no good,I'm sure Williams is on his way also, personally I think he too old."
23rd Feb 2013 11:51
"lots of rumours about williams he's 29 this year i think, have swansea any other good players? haha. "
23rd Feb 2013 11:53
23rd Feb 2013 11:54
"yes please BR."
23rd Feb 2013 12:12
"He is another player to be trusted along with Wisdom and Sama as CB or FB so there will be competition so why should LFC bother going to the market?"
23rd Feb 2013 12:33
"I'm a big fan of Kelly and agree he could be carra's replacement in future, but also feel he could be good cover for lucas in dm??? He's big and strong but pacey and intelligent, good in the air and knows how to tackle. Any thoughts anyone? "
23rd Feb 2013 12:40
"maybe, a bit like jones for manure?????."
23rd Feb 2013 13:26
"Need him back A.S.A.P The next JC?????"
23rd Feb 2013 13:45
"Williams would be an ideal replacement for carra, a very very good defender, watch him guys tomorrow, he is a good player and could do a very good job for us!"
23rd Feb 2013 13:47
"someone suggested MK as cover for lucas, he is not that type of player and never a midfielder, but agger could be very good there!"
23rd Feb 2013 13:57
"Was me that suggested him as a dm, what makes you say he's not that type of player? He reads the game well for someone so young, hence why he started out as a cb, he was moved to rb because of his pace, ability on the ball and cause we needed a rb at the time, a good tackler with a footballing brain, obviously would need time to adjust ti the position but I think he could do it and do it well"
23rd Feb 2013 13:58
"Should nurture him & Wisdom as RB & CB. Both players need to be versatile enough to cover both places. Glen johnson & Mclaughlin can play as RB. Our summer purchases should be : backup LB + backup CDM + striker (by selling carroll)"
23rd Feb 2013 14:14
"to NME2, its juts my opinion, I just dont see him playing there, but you never know, I think Agger would be a better option, fair comment though!"
23rd Feb 2013 14:33
"Well I agree with you about agger, I said it myself when lucas got injured but got shot down for it cause he and skirts were doing really well,, he seems too good on the ball to be a cb lol, gotta love his rampaging runs that ALWAYS end up as a free kick. Was just a thought about kelly cause we have gj, aw and flanno at rb but only one decent dm, could save us a few quid promoting from within"
23rd Feb 2013 16:43
"Don't you worry Kels you have proven yourself time & time again! you deserve to wear the jersey!! Unlike some!!!just sort ya injury's out!! YNWA"
23rd Feb 2013 18:01
"This is the commitment we want at this great club. Martin Kelly at centre back will probably work out better for him than on the flanks."
23rd Feb 2013 18:02
"I meant the position at centre back will probably work out better for Martin than on the flanks; where he has been very injury prone."
23rd Feb 2013 18:37
"Martin has said in the past his favoured position is CB but still enjoyed playing RB as team demands. Just like Carra in his early days, he played in all positions across the back four. A very promising future at LFC is assured as well as for England. Carra will always be there for him regardless and he will do well for sure. Good luck Martin."
23rd Feb 2013 19:09
"In the wake of Carra's impending retirement, I'd really love to see Kelly, Wilson and Wisdom get more opportunities at CB."
23rd Feb 2013 19:14
"As for DM, I'd rather Coady be given a try at DM. We need a capable backup for Lucas, otherwise the defence will be constantly exposed. Spearing gets alot of stick for not being good enough on the ball but he's the only other natural DM-type player I know of at the club. "
23rd Feb 2013 20:29
"I have said this before on here and will say it again ,Andy Carroll is probably the best center half on our books ,think he and MK would dominate for years ||||| "
23rd Feb 2013 22:00
"Get fit and get back on that pitch."
24th Feb 2013 1:12
"With Kelly returning and Stephen Sama a year older - not to mention Wisdom and Coates - do we really need another centre-back? I think we should be thinking of getting in another lefts-sided fullback with at least as much quality defending and going forward as Jose Enrique. "
24th Feb 2013 1:26
"MK should be the new CB to replace Carra. Let Mclaughin and Wisdom to play as RB to Johnson. Get Ashley Williams & Modibo Diakite as new CBs. Christian Eriksen as new Playmaker. Tom Ince to play as RW. Lastly buy Leandro Damiao to partner Suarez. Expose Ngoo as Centre Striker. He has the potential.With these players, we can surely TOP 4 materials. Cheers!"
24th Feb 2013 1:31
"Currently, we are too exposed in the middle of the midfield. Our DMF are just too small to muscle with the big guys. Maybe, we can play Coady and buy Mohamed Diame to backup Lucas.Our current team, we lack heights. No threat in set pieces and corners. I think Kelly, Agger, Diakite and Ngoo will provide that extras in this area.Cheers!"
kool ass
24th Feb 2013 1:52
"Well this company tells people about the news and such to help people get in touch with the rest of the world but this is no ordinary website it keeps you up to the minute in developing news PS hope you take a interest. "
24th Feb 2013 4:11
"Our future CB. Tall & big built. Need to buy just 1 new CB. Adil Rami or Ashley Williams."
24th Feb 2013 7:59
"I agree Kelly sud be played at 'CB' and think Williams/Agger wud be a terrific partnership, though i don't really like the guy cos' of his statement against our Suarez. He is the one who is arrogant IMO."