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20th Feb 2013 14:59
20th Feb 2013 15:03
"Brendan, don't sideline Skrtel. He was our best player last season, fans can't be wrong about that. You don't have a good defensive coach, blame it on your coaching system.Steve Clarke brought the best out of Agger-skrtel."
20th Feb 2013 15:06
"YNWA Skrtel!"
20th Feb 2013 15:08
"If Agger-Skrtel are not at their best this season, blame the defensive coach. Stop blaming the player. The duo were excellent during Steve Clarke's time."
20th Feb 2013 15:13
"If you read the Article properly Neither BR or anyone else was having a go at Martin Skrtel as He is INJURED and might NOT be fit enough to play. It's NOT because He isn't good enough. YNWA REDS"
20th Feb 2013 15:34
"It's not like Zenit have anyone who is a threat in front of goal is it? And even if they do get lucky and pop one in, we will easily put 4 past them. In FSG and BR we trust!!!"
20th Feb 2013 15:38
"We 're too much risking Carra... Better too go with coates even if he's making errors. How will he learn ? "
20th Feb 2013 16:11
"ganpati bappa morya!! "
LFC Nuuk Greenland
20th Feb 2013 16:32
"Get well soon lads. I hope you'll have swift recoveries. In the entire LFC squad we trust."
20th Feb 2013 16:44
"kidofkop88 if we played coates we would lose, he couldn't even hack it against a league 1 team, his got no confidence rite now so throwing him in for our biggest game of the season is stupid, we need carra experience for a big european game like this not a nervous player at the back bcoz if we concede its over!, plz think before you comment in future!"
20th Feb 2013 17:21
"Borini!!! Pahahahahahahahaha, Pack a bag mate and Jog on to the the Championship!! If they would have ya!! total waste of money yet again!! "
20th Feb 2013 17:50
"Is that the same Coates that played against the champions earlier in the season and was brilliant ."
20th Feb 2013 17:51
"Donsweeniony....why don't you pack your bag and go support a Championship side! This article was about Skrtel and not for you to come on and have a cheap jibe at Borini."
20th Feb 2013 19:47
""There are people who have lost every trace of human kindness" Billy Joel wrote these words in a song called "Soul". I think he wrote it about some of the balloons writing on here. Get well soon Borini and Skyrtl. YNWA"
20th Feb 2013 19:55
"Donsweeniony, if you'd have written the pap you write about a player Bill Shankly had signed, he'd have found out where you lived, paid you a visit and hung one on your chin. Shut up unless you've got something constructive to say."
20th Feb 2013 23:08
"Funny I can't read anything there suggesting Rodgers is blaming anyone-ist's almost as if some people just dislike our Manager to the point they infer things that aren't said! Even saying Skrtel's being 'side-lined' by Rodgers!! He's not 100%, read the article again! No Skrtel then it's Carra and Agger."
20th Feb 2013 23:13
"Borini's been injured and not had too much game time. We can't get any money for him so he might as well stay and get fit, play some reserve games and see how he comes back. Crouch took time to start scoring by the way. "
21st Feb 2013 1:15
"So thats Rodgers excuse for continuing with Carragher,this will backfire , It makes no sense whatsoever."