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20th Feb 2013 13:34
20th Feb 2013 13:37
"We want Suso in the first 11!!!!!"
20th Feb 2013 13:40
"Watching that video made me miss LFC Champions League football tho"
20th Feb 2013 13:42
"Except one pic, I don't think any where else football is played. Hope the players are happy especially Luis..."
20th Feb 2013 14:01
"Pity sturridge cant play. Downing and sterling i think will start left and right with gerrard mostly supporting behind suarez. need big performances from sterling and downing if we are to get through tomorrow, they haven't chipped in with near enough goals but i think we need them to on thursday for us to go through. Just be a bit more greedy take shots at goal and get your rewards"
20th Feb 2013 14:05
"Come on you reds - make us dream!!!! YNWA"
20th Feb 2013 14:18
"Why the calls for suso to start, before who? He has had a few games and not really done anything. Not sure he is quite ready...not YET..he will be one of the best in years to come."
20th Feb 2013 14:22
"suso to start defo. i agree with shelloz09 . i miss the champs leauge days . the atmosphere at anfield aint been the same since "
20th Feb 2013 14:26
" JR MS JC DA GJ SG LL JE SD JH LS. 3 at the back, high pressure, Glen and José really pushing the likes of Hulk back and making them defend...middle six are our best pressers to. not a bad option i dont think "
20th Feb 2013 14:38
"Love the 1st Pic!!!! Luis is always smiling, looks like a joy to be around! No Allen in starting 11 BR...hear me? Henderson everyday! "
20th Feb 2013 14:46
"Would start Suso quicker than Sterling, a bit more accomplished in my eyes and more direct. Rodgers needs to teach Sterling how to get around defenders, he has the pace."
20th Feb 2013 14:58
"For gods sake, please spare Agger-Skrtel. They were best defenders, during Steve Clarke's time. Don't blame these players. We don't have a good defensive coach, blame it on the coach."
20th Feb 2013 15:04
"Nice pics! The mood looked very good, the effort put looked very intense, hope that all this will be converted in a brilliant performance which allows us to overturn the first leg result and go through the next round! Keep you ready lads! YNWA Reds"
20th Feb 2013 15:12
"Suso has this confidence about him. Look at the first United game, he came n and nearly scored with a scorcher, he needs to be given a chance to prove himself, he has a wizard of a left foot. Besides, I didnt purchase my number 30 home kit for no reason lol"
20th Feb 2013 16:14
"ganpati bappa morya!!.. we will win this one 4-0..:)"
20th Feb 2013 18:07
"I love the one with Lucas & Suarez sitting on the balls."
20th Feb 2013 19:25
"Nice pics, Luis and his scarf, always smiling! Nice group of latins. Luis and Lucas having a chat sitting on the balls, funny! "
20th Feb 2013 22:01
"Does someone know the name of the music in this video please ?"
20th Feb 2013 22:16
"Oh I see the Suso fan club is well represented. How anyone can say Suso has achieved more for this team in comparison to Sterling must have been watching FIFA 2013. Folks you can pick your fantasy team all you want, only BR will decide who plays. As for me! I'll be singing my heart out at the KOP tomorrow, even of BR picks the tea lady "
20th Feb 2013 22:41
"No messin around tomorrow - start strong and keep going to the very end. It's there if you really want it boys - so go for it! YNWA"
20th Feb 2013 23:25
"Wow, Luis with his scarf is funny! I mean he is really El Pistolero! He looks like a bandito from wild west :) Nice pics, should be tearing apart them tomorrow"
21st Feb 2013 0:39
"Haha Jonjo playing Goalkeeper ?"
21st Feb 2013 1:23
"Don't start with Downing and Sterling, other than their speed these are the players that needs form to substain their career... they're unproductive no impact at all! Rather put Hendo and Suso, it'll make opponent left/right backs sit back! And most importantly, they're much more precise for their crosses! "
21st Feb 2013 5:01
"Love the video but Stevie's goal against Olympiakos just isn't quite complete without "OHHHHHH YA BEEAAUUUTTTYYYYYY, WHAT A HIT SON, WHAT A HIT""