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No Liverpool need YOU more than ever captain fantastic, the fans will do their part im sure just go out grind them down play your hearts out and the fans will sing their hearts out. Add some more magic to your everlasting impressive legacy here at LFC Stevie YNWA!
20th Feb 2013 12:13
20th Feb 2013 12:19
"You have done the club proud..and its now time that everyone at Anfield on Thursday night & all over the world will cheer the team to qualify for the next round..YWNA"
20th Feb 2013 12:22
"Some people saying we should write off the europa and focus on finishing as high as possible in the league, but every other league in europe take this competition seriously, and we have the chance to become the outright winners- some say it is a mickey mouse cup like the capital one but that is direspectful to the players of past who busted a gut to fill up our trophy cabinet."
20th Feb 2013 12:25
"My experience of Europa nights is that they are relatively subdued compared to the Champions League nights of a couple of years ago.Understandable given the Europa is a second class competition and LFC is a first class club. That said we are mid table now so the Europa has become our Europe proper. FSG for ya. Second class owners."
20th Feb 2013 12:28
"You have done LFC its fans time to pay back..i urge every KOP at Anfield on Thursday, make it very hostile for Zenit..."
20th Feb 2013 12:32
"We'll be there but you got to give us something to sing about at the same time. Make sure the lads at the back inc Pepe dont play silly 3 yard suicide passes out of defence. Build from the back when we have space but clear the lines when we dont. Then a couple from Luis and one from yourself will do nicely."
20th Feb 2013 12:40
"YNWA!!! That is the sum of all fears!"
20th Feb 2013 12:41
"Come on you Kopites. Lets create such an atmosphere that Zenit will be shaking on all fours. YNWA."
20th Feb 2013 12:42
"What is all this nonscense supposedly from the players that we need you all and why is it necessary to keep promoting it, you will get the fans there no problem, all we ask as fans is give us soemthing to cheer about, big performace needed tomorrow night "
20th Feb 2013 12:43
20th Feb 2013 12:49
"Come on you reds, play with passion as much as you can, then anfield will bouncing again. Then it should be possible to win with 3 goals or more. YNWA"
20th Feb 2013 12:51
"I'm sure the Kopites will play their part Anfield and so will the thousand's like me watching from home!...Our prayers are always with LFC, sir! Even if you don't ask us to, we'll play our part. Now, it's up to you and your colleagues to play their's, and i know you guys will make us proud!...Walk On With Hope In Your Heart And You'll Never Walk Alone!!!...Best wishes from India!"
20th Feb 2013 12:52
"Make us proud and we'll carry you to the next round!"
20th Feb 2013 12:54
"so you want us to cram anfiled do you!!! we have been doing that for years to help the team out when in need and for what. a slap in the face. tell you what captain lets see what you can give back to the fans. go and see the chairman and say hay lets give oue fans something back. let's make it half price for our fans on thursday if the club love ther fans our you have the bottle... "
20th Feb 2013 12:54
"It could easily be Carra's last european night at Anfield so let's make sure it's a remarkable one, a noisy one!!!!"
20th Feb 2013 13:03
"If you get the noise you asked for from the fans, please don't fail to give back 4 goals plus a clean sheet to the fans. This is all we ask for from you 1st eleven...YNWA!"
20th Feb 2013 13:04
"Thing is Stevie, we could have avoided this altogether had we concentrated for 90 minutes rather than for 70 minutes at Zenit!But spilt milk and all that stuff; liverpool dont do things easy and simple, i can feel another Olympiakos night coming on...Liverpool to win 3:0 "
20th Feb 2013 13:08
"Not 'great' performance as used by BR (e.g WestBrom, Zenit) but as used by fans (e.g Swansea)"
20th Feb 2013 13:08
"Come On You Reds Do Us All Proud. I'm Very Sorry that I can't be there as I Live in the Canary Islands but I'll be there in Spirit and My Thoughts will be there with you all. DO US PROUD PLEASEEEEEEEEEE..... Sing your Hearts out Fans........YNWA REDS"
20th Feb 2013 13:10
"What is a matter with the 'supporters' on this website? never been to a game? Dont worry Stevie...we will have anfield matter what. Win Lose or Draw, You'll Never Walk Alone'!"
20th Feb 2013 13:14
"you'll get the support if you win 4-0, get half price tickets or promise to play well for 90 minutes. Its like...i'll make the noise but whats in it for me? Jokers"
20th Feb 2013 13:18
"Come on you red fans just get behind the team we love.Yes it has been very difficult this last few years but we are progressing slowly. Maybe we don't have the wealth like other clubs, but we have something special in our club that others don't have."
20th Feb 2013 13:20
"Remind Europe what kind of support we have and let the players do their job. Good luck for tomorrow and make it a night to remember. We're all behind you.YNWA. "
20th Feb 2013 13:22
"mushroomscouser67 I hope you are not going to the match as negativity like yours in not needed tomorrow night. Win,Lose or Draw real supporters will always make the noise and back the players no matter which competition we are in. Come on you mighty Reds and in particular Stevie. Do us proud.YNWA "
20th Feb 2013 13:25
"This is, of course, a message for those who can be there and I hope that those who are there realy put the fear of God in the Russians AND that the team make it pay by winning through! YWNA!! "
20th Feb 2013 13:26
"dont know why some of you are critical of Steveie asking for our support - he has nothing to explain - he has given his all over the years. I do question some so called fans who go to the game, arrive late, go before half time, return late for the 2nd half and then leave early - why bother! Ill be there as per tomorrow and will give me all as I have for 40 years! Cmon you reds!"
20th Feb 2013 13:28
"quigobirkenhead Stevie has been giving his all for the past twelve years. I don't call that a slap in the face. Stevie has no control over who owns the club and what players they purchase. He does his job on the pitch. All he is asking is for another European anfield night and then maybe we can turn the result around. "
20th Feb 2013 13:28
"we need to get at them right from the off - get in their faces, give them no time on the ball and do the job both ends of the pitch. No excuses tomorrow - if you cant raise your game as a supporter tomorrow then you may as well turn blue nose! YNWA"
20th Feb 2013 13:37
"quigobirkenhe - the game is a sell out so Steve can do nothing about prices. Plus why do some take every opportunity to get at the owners, the mgr, the ticket prices, etc when the story is clearly not related to any of those things. No doubt your next post will mention Suarez leaving in the summer, Carras retirement or Rafa at Chelsea - ie not relevant at this point in time! YNWA"
LFC Nuuk Greenland
20th Feb 2013 13:40
"Wish I could be theere to support the lads. Go kick some balls. YNWA"
20th Feb 2013 13:57
"The early first goal will make the difference. Cmon Reds! YNWA"
20th Feb 2013 14:00
"It is all in BR hand to select the right team and right strategy."
20th Feb 2013 14:06
"always support the team, to the last but not sure this will happen. Zenit are not Olympiacos and we are a different level with Sturridge in the team. This said we dint have a team of world beaters that night so anything can happen. We are still Liverpool! C'mon lads YNWA "
20th Feb 2013 14:12
"We don't have the squad up to half the quad of Man utd but we have 5 times the spirit of Barcelona. #YNWA"
20th Feb 2013 14:31
"THOMMIE Totally agree. We are LFC and have the best supporters in the world bar one or two idiots who regularly want to put the team down. Our signature song say it all. YNWA no matter what. "
20th Feb 2013 14:46
"You can win if you want.So go on my mans.But please tell BR that we must play with 2strikers and do not let Suarez alone."
20th Feb 2013 14:58
"There's only one manager living who can bring us the champions league feeling.............Rafa Benitez! Good luck to BR and the team but let's stop getting our hopes up. 2-0 in a two legged tie is tough to overturn. Miracles can happen though! This is Anfield after all! YNWA!"
20th Feb 2013 15:18
"Once upon a time a great atmosphere used to b the standard , since I reckon 2000 it's been more and more selective. I went to Wigan before Christmas and was ashamed of the atmosphere . Thankfully it was my cousins ticket, I travel to away games and the atmosphere is louder from 2-4000 of us than 45000 at anfield."
20th Feb 2013 15:18
" Ask yourself this if lfc win tonight due to a great atmosphere imagine what could be done if we generate that atmosphere every league game? "
20th Feb 2013 15:28
"Let me tell you stubborn fools something who would make a negative of this comment. Steven Gerrard of all players has dragged this game by the scruff of it's neck and changed e on the night. We are Liverpool, and time to stop whinging and man up! WE WILL WIN!"
20th Feb 2013 15:31
"It's time to have some belief - This is ALL our players are lacking. You negative supporters should be ashamed of yourself for ruining this club's pride, and sort your act out. This club plays with heart so support or **** off."
20th Feb 2013 15:33
"That includes you Buddha, and the rest who would sit as judgement on a game they've never experienced at this level. You know I pity you for your unashamed bull that you feed to this website. They know what they're doing and that's why they're here and you're there."
20th Feb 2013 15:36
"The only thing Brendan Rodgers got wrong when he came here was saying 'the fans are wise' on one of these posts. We sit and pretend to know based on what we've seen on television once or twice. Sheer ignorance and I have faith in you BR. YNWA."
20th Feb 2013 15:40
"One final thing, and I'll get lost - I know I'll hear the old whinging statement 'aww i have my right to an opinion'... Well I'll tell you something - you don't where it does nothing but provide an obstacle for players to get past. Be constructive. That is all."
20th Feb 2013 15:42
"RAFA RAFAEL RAFA RAFAEL RAFA RAFAEL RAFAEL BENITEZ. Respect the man and bring him back one day. He was forced out and we should get him back. Europe feared us Everyone wake up and admit it including SG and JC. Europa League isn't our trophy. Two legs champions league night is what we should be getting. "
20th Feb 2013 15:46
"Anneallred, brillient well said...all of it.YMWA "
20th Feb 2013 15:46
"I know how to win tomorrow night .... Give Benitez a call BR and take notes down. C'mon anyone who can get Igor Biscan to have the match of his life against Juventus away from home can help Joe Allen become Europa Leagues greatest player of all time (like Xavi in the champions league) BR make the call. Rafa is waiting... Probably in Liverpool!!! "
20th Feb 2013 15:53
"I can't support the players on the pitch as I live in USA, but I will be singing, chanting, and screaming at my TV from my home to support my team!!! You can do it, and Gerrard will lead you there!!! YNWA"
20th Feb 2013 15:55
" there a reason you're here taunting the football club you support? Deary me, it's one thing to be ignorant but to try and portray a 'smart-ass' approach while humiliating yourself... Well, that's just a modern day supporter all over huh? Good one!"
20th Feb 2013 16:07
"Scousemorals unfortunately what I am saying is kind of true! Of course I want LFC to win. I even have faith in Andy Caroll. I do think its funny how these come backs are all we are thinking about now and 5/10 were under Rafa Benitez. No one has a decent word to say about him and for LFC he's a legend. Thank fully he is still around. "
20th Feb 2013 16:09
"This manager has spent 50 million on players this year. For a club like this it's a joke. We have been patient for long enough. No one called for patience in sacking rafa for one poor season. Btw check out Aquilanis stats for fiorentina he's doing amazing. I hope this manager BR knows too!!"
20th Feb 2013 16:15
"I have faith in LFC and not in BR. Win the Europa league and get into the top 4 and we'll be happy. Anfield needs a capacity of a least 100k like the nou camp. It would probably help us overturn these results with a monster of a stadium. I hope we win if they score 1 it's over. YNWA"
20th Feb 2013 16:17
"If willpower is enough then Liverpool shall score 3! Close your eyes and wish very hard!"
20th Feb 2013 16:34
"Let's get a result tomoz lads, as for the kopites there at the game, bring the noise"
20th Feb 2013 16:56
"Liverpool have always thrived in difficult situations! We'll qualify tomorrow and that will give the team the confidence to go one level up and start converting more shots into goals! YNWA!!! Sometimes, I get carried away and criticise but one thing's for sure, I'll die a RED!!! Come on Liverpool!!!"
20th Feb 2013 17:01
"Lets just win tomorrow. But what I cant understand why we always buy players who were injured (Aquaman, Carrol) or ineligible for the Cup tie like Sturridge and Countinho. Do we get this player cheaper or what. We should buy players who can play from the first minute we buy them and not half a year later."
20th Feb 2013 17:03
"Anfield at times has been a library, we fans need to cheer the team on and not just leave the chanting to the KOP those closest to the away fans need to make the most noise!! COME ON YNWA!!!"
20th Feb 2013 17:28
"I'll be 300 miles away with everything crossed..YNWA!"
20th Feb 2013 17:29
"I LOVE Anfield, it ain't the biggest but its still one of the best! We're gonna destroy Zenit's goal tomorrow night!!"
whacko jacko
20th Feb 2013 17:42
"Yes captain lets make it a gr8 night for the FANS , THE CLUB AND FOR MY BIRTHDAY !! No matter what the competition make it another proud night in europe for LIVERPOOL FOOTBALL CLUB ! YNWA JFT96"
20th Feb 2013 18:06
"We got 11 games left in prem + zenith tomorrow please make it more. Shame about MS but you got to believe."
20th Feb 2013 18:19
"C'mon the REDS!"
20th Feb 2013 18:23
"To be fair all you on here every week giving negative comments are completely wasting your time cos for 1 we dont care or need to hear it and 2 you sound like idiots. The truth is you aint got a clue which is why your a noyhing in this world whilst BR is manager of this massive club an super STEVIE is captaine of this massive club, who has carried us for years an years now alone. "
20th Feb 2013 18:25
"So please stop wasting your time unless you have something constructive or positive to say. Everyone else Y.N.W.A"
20th Feb 2013 18:27
"I love the uefa cup the conferdence of winning it in 2001 helped us win the champions lge in 2005 win this in 2013 then in 4 years time who knows? "
20th Feb 2013 18:28
"Stevie,Legend- put pressure on them from the very beggining on THEIR half with some noise from Kop...We have not anything to lose,true.Mid of the park'll be crucial,cause they gonna play on counterattacks,like Anzhi.Be fast,smart and brave.We'll get through.COME ON,REDS!YNWA>"
20th Feb 2013 18:56
"Got to feel bad for stevie, he has given his all to this club and when he ask the fans to stand up they turn on him like it is no big deal. Really? How pathetic are you? Jump off a bridge and do the world and club a favor."
20th Feb 2013 19:19
"I have noticed watching on tv lately that anfield is frighteningly quiet. What happend to our famous support? Especially in the league or when we go behind its awful. I watch the crowd and only the kop sings. How could all the fans in the ground not sing together? How could you go to anfield as a lfc supporter and not sing every song. It upsets me as I live down south and would die to go anfield"
20th Feb 2013 19:26
"And people who say 'give us something to cheer about' are idiots and miss the point of support they need to look up the definition of the word! We could have won many games this year with a push from our fans at anfield yet you'd think sum1 died. I'll be singing and shouting from my living room. ATTACK,ATTACK...ATTACK,ATTACK,ATTACK!!!!!!!"
20th Feb 2013 20:02
"What is needed is a good performance,creating chances , being super-clinical, but most importantly the defence.If defence is stable and doesn't, SILLY SILLY goals we surely can pass to the next stage , hopefully."
20th Feb 2013 20:08
"We will back u redmen all the way like we always do but u let need to show up like u did last sunday we can turn them over if u play as well as we know u can YNWA"
20th Feb 2013 20:39
"unfortunately sum of us fans lit stevie us live down south so we cant get up to see u kick arse. but promise u this our hearts and minds, especailly mine will be with u!! so come on and do it for us and the team of liverpool fc YNWA forever"
20th Feb 2013 20:59
"Whats with some of these negative comments towards Stevie?? He has a right to ask the fans for help coz lets be honest some of the games at Anfield have had little atmosphere and it certainly needs a lift i reckon. Stevie is right coz we are gonna need a miracle tomorrow. With Anfield rocking we stand a good chance but with a few moans and groans we got no chance"
20th Feb 2013 21:00
"10-4. YNWA"
20th Feb 2013 21:13
"Well said Palla! Come on Liverpool!! Lets all rock together and get Anfield buzzing!! YNWA"
20th Feb 2013 21:21
"just hoping for us to be in next round after game however it happens. my son is looking forward to his 1st visit to anfield. i believe in LFC. always have and always will. come on stevie and rest of team and get those goals. YNWA & J4T96"
20th Feb 2013 21:21
"Kopowneroneday, are you on dude?? Rafa is part of our history, get on board and ride the Rodgers Rollercoaster, it's exciting and we are heading up under him. Come on you Reds!!!!"
20th Feb 2013 21:22
"ditto earl of anfield, supporters do u best and rock the anfield stands. the kopites will do it for sure. Shame sorry cant be there down south and will be working but will be watching the mighty reds in force YNWA xx"
20th Feb 2013 21:28
"WE ALL DREAM OF A CROWD OF CARRAGHER'S, A CROWD OF CARRAGHER'S AND A TEAM OF CARRAGHERS! Remember past moments which made legends like Fairclough, Thompson, Dalglish, Grobbelaar, Fowler, Hypia Gerrard, Garcia, Dudek, Carragher & managers like Shankley, Paisley, Houllier & Benitez - Now its Suarez & Rodgers time to join those greats & conquer europe YNWA - THIS IS ANFIELD"
20th Feb 2013 21:28
"plyNo1red hope ye have a night to remember."
20th Feb 2013 21:30
"I'm all for everyone having their opinion what brasses me off are those who chose to off the mgr, indiv p,aywrs, the owners and everyone else. They ignore the subject of the article and go on a rant. Tomorrow we must get behind the team and create an atmosphere to put the fear of god I to zenith. That is worth an extra player if ever there was one!"
20th Feb 2013 21:36
"people going on about prices etc. £32 for my ticket and £5 for my son's. you cant put a price on that experience. my sons 1st game. once in a lifetime. he will remember forever. YNWA"
20th Feb 2013 21:42
"Plyno1red. Your son will witness a great game and even better result! His first game will be something to remember! Ynwa"
20th Feb 2013 22:09
"We all will be shouting and singing our heads off ,Stevie . We can and we will win . Those Russians are a crap team and were very lucky the first time we met . They won't be so lucky on Thursday !! = YOUR NEVER WALK ALONE !!"
20th Feb 2013 22:15
"Yes Liverpool I,ll be there for you.Been there for you last 28 years will be there for you till my last breath. Do what you lads are good at Stevie,Suarez and rest of the lads it,s a matter of life and death for us supporters. please please make us proud.YNWA!"
20th Feb 2013 22:20
20th Feb 2013 22:20
"had so much going on lately not been on laptop but thanx redopm and anneallred. have been b4 but my 11yr old Owen (my choice of name in 2001) has saved £45 to spend plus flowers etc. i know he will remember this game for rest of life. and getting through would make it perfect. lets do this.YNWA"
20th Feb 2013 22:53
20th Feb 2013 23:01
"mushroomscouser- supportive and anti-FSG (and off-topic) as always! Alth. Madrid are wobbling so we win this (then probably Basel)we could go some way in this competition. Let's hear some noise because the players will give it their all from the start!"
20th Feb 2013 23:26
"annealred and scousermorals, dont waste your breath on these losers. They are either manure trolls or fake fans who would much rather lfc lose so they can prove a point than lfc win and they be proved wrong.Theres a reason all these fakers are working the 7-11 or carwash somewhere and why brendan and stevie live in mansions.ignore them.YNWA"
20th Feb 2013 23:30
"the number of our uefa cups is only matched by juve and inter. Another reason we are such legends in this competition and another reason we must win.That way even if manure win the CL again this year we also will have european silverware to add our huge trophy room.LFC have a great tradition in this competition and its still an important cup to win"
21st Feb 2013 0:31
"Ste Gerrard Gerrard! He'll pass the ball forthy yards. He's Big and he's f**king hard! Ste GERRARD GERRARD!! Heh.. :) Come on you reds!! YNWA!! Need to make some songs for the New lads aswell!! And sing Our hearts out!!"
21st Feb 2013 0:50
"I am sick and tired of MUPPET'S coming on here ing about FSG and their so called lack of investment in the club. 275 million to clear the clubs debts and 160 million on players, yes that's correct 160 million. Are they responsible that some of the players bought are not good enough???? "
21st Feb 2013 0:51
"The falcao's and cavani's of this world are not going to come to LFC and that's not down to FSG that's down to bad buys which has left us unable to get CL football. So muppets shut up!!!"
21st Feb 2013 1:32
"we"ll always give our massive support to Liverpool, it's up to the team now...wheter they can play with heart, full determination and love for the club..."
21st Feb 2013 2:20
"I will not be surprise if SG scores a hatrick and get us through to the next round. why not??? "
Papa Syed
21st Feb 2013 2:35
"Don't worry Stevie G...we will be in full force from Princes Road L8! YNWA!"
21st Feb 2013 2:50
"Yes, the fans can play a big part, but the manager & players need to play their part too, if we concede an early goal, even the most fervent of kopites will feel the cause is lost. Let's raise the roof and hope the men on the field can do the job."
21st Feb 2013 3:31
"Sami was awesome!"
21st Feb 2013 3:34
"Well said sidcav and your right we have to make our own stars.All the best teams have groomed their own.The fake fans here are simply deluded and living in some kind of alternate reality smoking 'shrooms' all day long"
21st Feb 2013 3:36
"harbo, Its if we concede an early goal that the fans must sing and dhout even louder, and not stop like a bunch off weeny women who get slapped and start crying.FANS ALSO HAVE TO ACT LIKE MEN, same as the players."
21st Feb 2013 3:44
"Just show some fighting spirit, lads. And we will support you no matter if you lose or win"
21st Feb 2013 5:21
"Come on you red men make us dream make us revive a final in europa league. not just fans in anfield are behind you but each and every fan all over the world...YNWA...Mauritius"
21st Feb 2013 5:55
"I'm not too surprised that all the players and staff are coming out and saying the crowd should support. Anfield has been a morgue for the past 2 years. And it's disgusting. I've never been, but I'd sing and shout til my lungs go bust if I were standing on the terraces, regardless of performance. That's how it used to be."
21st Feb 2013 7:32
"Got a feeling BR might play 3-5-2 tonight with enrique and johnson as wingbacks and lucas, gerrard and henderson in midfield, wisdom, agger and carra at the back. Suso and saurez up front....."
21st Feb 2013 7:45
"Hope 2B there by 5-5.30 then my son can see place, take photos, lay flowers etc. its not just a game of football. its showing respect and alot of so-called fans on here seem to have lost the meaning of that. support the whole package. Owners, managers,players, fellow supporters and sadly those who are no longer with us. come on you reds.i love LFC no matter what happens. YNWA & J4T96"
21st Feb 2013 9:01
"Lets all get there as early as possible and let's get anfield rocking COME ON LIVERPOOL we can do this another great European night at anfield Y.N.W.A"
Gray Williams
21st Feb 2013 9:04
"Just reading Stevie's interview brings back the Olympiacos memories. We fight to the end all 12 men and never walk alone and we'll do it again. Cape Town supporters is backing the Reds. Luis for player of the year YNWA "
21st Feb 2013 10:56
"Wish I could be there. I am from Myanmar. But I will be singing YNWA."
21st Feb 2013 11:04
"Please do not subsute the 12th man they need your support as much They will sing their hearts out for you YNWA"
22nd Feb 2013 16:17
"I was thoroughly impressed at the effort put in last night. I really feel for Jamie and hate that it was in fact his error that ultimately caused Liverpool's departure from the competition. It was a great performance and despite the one lapse, deserved a better outcome"