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Am in, i will sing with my heart and support my team.. i think this will be one of the greatest night i will ever witness! can't wait :)
20th Feb 2013 8:43
Gerrard o ya beauty
20th Feb 2013 8:45
"Start the game at 100mph and the fans will be right behind you. Come on you reds!! YNWA"
20th Feb 2013 8:46
"Same as fo Skrtel, we've been doing whatever we can since the club began. It's YOU who have to get out on the pitch and fight for every inch and not put out half hearted efforts like many times before this season. So how about YOU do your jobs for a full season in a row for a change and WE will worry about what WE do."
20th Feb 2013 8:50
"fix the le"
20th Feb 2013 8:55
"forget about the fans. we have always supported you guys in what ever outcome. is you players should prove to us u r worthy of wearing the red shirt"
20th Feb 2013 9:02
"I dont feel relaxed when there's too much confident talks from the players. Shut the mouth and use your body & brain on the pitch...YNWA!"
20th Feb 2013 9:32
"Ive seen that we have lost some volume at anfield lately. We need to be loud from the start till we suck the first goal in. We were so bad as the 12th man v west brom. The longer we don't score we need to get louder to spur our boys on and confuse the visiting team. not do the opposite for the opposite effect! "
20th Feb 2013 9:41
"reina needs to stay been unlucky with injuries etc. kop are u ready bring back champions leaugue nights with volume high and good tempo football where is the lfc legend supporter badge man? "
20th Feb 2013 9:56
"If anyone from Manchester City has been converted to The Liverpool cause, and is attending Anfield for the first time, please understand throwing coins and trying to punch our own goalie is NOT how we support our team."
20th Feb 2013 9:59
"The 12th man at Anfield needs to start finding its 'fearsome' voice again. Our away support is always fantastic and never fails to inspire but nowadays the home crowd waits too often for the team to lift them - let's sort it brothers and sisters!"
20th Feb 2013 10:13
"Just play well and command ur box Reina..YNWA"
20th Feb 2013 10:24
"Pepe Reina first i would like to say keep your mouth shut - second how about makin sure your gloves are NOT GREASY leting them balls Go in ! Enough Said !! "
20th Feb 2013 10:27
"I've said it before and saying again, we were once the best ,loudest most, visual fans in Europe if not the world but not anymore and thats down to us, half the Kop dont even sing You'll Never Walk Alone anymore,let's up our game, that's what supporters do, and where's all the colour gone, wear red, we are the RED'S, CONT.."
20th Feb 2013 10:30
"lets make anfield roar and get right behind our team they need our help lets be the 12th man and roar our team to victory ynwa"
20th Feb 2013 10:32
"CONT.. just look at the celtic fans on youtube singing you'll never walk alone, now that's support, no matter who they play, no matter the result, they come back next week and do the same,they put us to shame, WEAR RED PLEASE, WE ARE THE REDS OF LIVERPOOL,..... rant over, YNWA fellow RED'S"
20th Feb 2013 10:42
"The important thing is players should be sensitive to fans sentiments. The fans will not cease supporting the club. Never will. YNWA!! "
20th Feb 2013 11:22
"No woner Anfield is like a graveyard nowaydays. Maybe if we would win some games in a row the fans would have something to cheer about. And comparing us with the Celtic fans stinks too Celtic have won some Championships in the past 20 years as of us . So lets be fair if they play with their heart out also we the Anfield fans will rip our lungs out tomororow. "
20th Feb 2013 11:25
"I wish I could be there I know I would sing like my life depended on it, but I live in Denmark and im kind of broke theese last few months and a trip ain't cheap, I believe we can do this just go out and play our own game and dont worry about it YNWA"
20th Feb 2013 11:30
"Sure the players have start to perform but I think its obvious, that Anfield has lost its magic. We definitely need some magic on Thursday from the kop !!! "
20th Feb 2013 11:42
"rotchie1032...ABS0BL00DYEXACTLY! We were the pioneers of the so-called 12th man and now we've left for the others to take it to the next level - C'MON LET'S SOW 'EM!"
20th Feb 2013 11:48
"pitcairn1620th Feb 2013 11:22....Like I said, no matter what result we used to be the loudest the best etc, and not just when we were winning games,even stoke have drowned us out this season, and their season is all about going around upsetting other teams season's. let's be HONEST here."
20th Feb 2013 11:53
"CONT.. the comparison with celtic is because they have had some very bad results also but the supporters would be back bursting their lungs and showing their colours, and singing OUR anthem better than we have been doing. some people seem embarrassed to show who they support at the game these days."
20th Feb 2013 11:55
"We will loose this match..."
20th Feb 2013 12:31
"The working classes who used to create the Anfield Roar of old are being and have been priced out of going the match by the corporate money men and shadow bankers running football and running our club. How embarrassing that these new gentrified fans need several articles a day on from players and ex-players telling them they need to be more vocal in their support."
Kopite RTK
20th Feb 2013 12:36
"Atmosphere is awful at Anfield nowadays, stick to the away games where the hardcore reds still keep it alive. Leave the home games for the day trippers and out of towners"
20th Feb 2013 12:36
"Instead of FSG and JWH seemingly avoiding millions in tax in the Miami and Delaware tax havens why don't they divert those millions and the £300 million they spent on 3 Red Sox players into Anfield redevelopment and lower ticket prices(even the Economist is reporting richest corps and people avoiding £20 trillion in tax). Instead FSG are cutting costs to sell up in 3 years time. "
20th Feb 2013 12:39
"You have got to accept responibility for the back four Pepe. Don't let them mess about with the ball and no 3 yard suicide passes. We had a great defence untill we started this tiki taka at the back. I believe we can score 3 but we mustn't give away a stupid goal by overplaying at the back."
20th Feb 2013 12:40
"Vinik and FSG board members leaving - don't see big enough profits in LFC - rest of FSG will sell up for a profit on their cut price (their words) LFC CORPORAT takeover in 2 or 3 years time after more millions squeezed from revenues. FSG promote FFP here but are fined for breaking FFP equivalent rules in abseball. THEY PRICED WORKING CLASS FANS"
20th Feb 2013 12:43
"fsg PRICED longserving and loyal WORKING CLASS FANS OUT OF THE REDEVELOPED FENWAY PARK ASWELL. They're not interested in profits and on-field success. If onfield success happens it is a bonus. They only bought LFC to monetise global revenue streams outlined to them by Inner Circle investment bank who also sold LFC to Hicks and Gillette"
20th Feb 2013 14:17
"Reina, remember when you made us lose the tie again chelsea in 2009 UCL? Please don't let it happen again. "
20th Feb 2013 16:58
20th Feb 2013 22:48
"the scouser- He's asking for support and you've failed already. Lets get behind them and anyone going to the game, give it 100% and we can hit them hard from the start get the early goal and pressure them into mistakes. "