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Those were the days, can't believe how many goals Sami got in Europe ( important goals ) Sami Sami Sami Sami hyypia !! YNWA
Gerrard o ya beauty
20th Feb 2013 8:43
20th Feb 2013 8:51
"Luis Garcia was barcelona's rejects...came to anfield and became a Kop idol with his skills and fancy goals."
20th Feb 2013 8:54
"what happened to "Ohhhhhhh you beatyyyyyyyyyy!!"??"
20th Feb 2013 8:58
"I miss Sammi..."
20th Feb 2013 9:17
"The game against real madrid was amazing we took one of the biggest giants in world football apart that night. The game against Olympiakos was a game that had that moment of euphoria when Gerrard smashed home that goal "TAKE A BOW SON" only heard Andy Gray say those words the next day, i was to busy jumping about in my room going crazy lol "
20th Feb 2013 9:36
"Fairclough's goal still sends the heart pounding as it did then all those years ago. "
20th Feb 2013 9:56
"You can do this lads and add your names to the history books. YNWA"
20th Feb 2013 10:36
20th Feb 2013 10:58
"96kingston; That's Sky's commentary. The club can only use their in house station's commentary in these clips"
20th Feb 2013 11:44
"ooooo Sami Sami"
20th Feb 2013 12:01
"It wont be long before we are back in Chl I believe next season we will have a team that understands each other and Rodgers style even better and with a reinforcement or two in the summer we def have the team to do it. It still depends hugely on Gerrard still playing at top level cus right now he's the motor and heart of the team I hope he can keep going for years"
20th Feb 2013 12:01
"Lets repeat a similar performance on Thursday..its life & Death matter.."
20th Feb 2013 12:46
"Please please please get back into top 4. Please don't starve us of any more European nights!"
20th Feb 2013 12:55
"Tomorrow can be one of our finest nights in europe if we play to our strengths. Pick the most experienced team and let them do what they know how to do. Like Shanks and Paisley used to say "We bought you cuz we know what you can do, now just go out and do it.""
20th Feb 2013 12:58
"No Tiki Taka or new philosophies at the back. We had a great defence last year without all this nonsense of everyone needing to get a touch and 25 passes to get out of defence. No 3 yard suicide passes or overplaying it. Let the defence do what they know best."
20th Feb 2013 13:00
"As for the midfield, if we have our most experinced players on from the start then Stevie will take control of the game knowing he doesnt have to babysit anyone. And we all know what can happen when Stevie is on fire on a European night."
20th Feb 2013 13:01
"As for up front. There's no doubt Luis had a stinker in the away game but no one will have to tell him as he's that type of player. He will be well up for it to make amends. So get our most experienced players on and let them do what they do best. "
20th Feb 2013 13:07
"So BR. Save the new philosiphies, tactics and picture boards for another day. Send the lads out for a goood old European night and be more Red than the Russians. Pride, Passion, Guts and the love of Liverpool football club will see us through. YNWA"
20th Feb 2013 13:42
"Davie Fairclough against St Etienne - a fight back to remember - bring it on tomorrow night! YNWA"
20th Feb 2013 16:25
"zenit will be added.. ganpati bappa morya!!"
20th Feb 2013 17:52
"Oh my God - that video really gets the goose bumps going!"
21st Feb 2013 15:19
"Hopefully we will get to see many more special European nights at Anfield."
21st Feb 2013 15:21
"abhighadi, yeah, hopefully the almighty is on our side! :)"