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amazing analysis, great job my buddy Diego Perez, we all love Liverpool even living in Brazil
Thiago Snake
19th Feb 2013 12:47
kool ass
19th Feb 2013 12:48
"first comment "
19th Feb 2013 12:51
"Some good analysis but article le lead me to believe writer had watched Coutinho from his time in Brazil. Writer doesn't seem to have watched Coutinho at all before he joined LFC. "
19th Feb 2013 12:59
"Bota na conta do Papa [Tomaz] :)) YNWA"
19th Feb 2013 13:00
"Bota na Conta do Papa"
19th Feb 2013 13:02
""Bota na conta do papa""
19th Feb 2013 13:03
"Bota na conta do papa."
19th Feb 2013 13:03
"Bota na conta do papa."
19th Feb 2013 13:12
"Bota na Conta do Papa! (Pra você, Diego Perez!"
19th Feb 2013 13:13
"Bota na Conta do Papa! (Pra você, Diego Perez!"
19th Feb 2013 13:19
"Hi, like I said in the piece, I got a few matches to watch him, maybe not enough, but at the same time better than nothing. Against Swansea he provided much of what was described over here, anyway. Regards, Perez "
19th Feb 2013 13:29
"Well done"
19th Feb 2013 13:48
"Nice analysis. Thanks for the info. COutinho looks a good addition now and in the future."
19th Feb 2013 13:55
"Good solid analysis m8, I expect to see a few more of these from now on ;)"
19th Feb 2013 14:15
"What a great report, enjoyed reading it and looking at the facts, id personally like to see this sort of stuff a bit more on this site, when there is not much news to report, this will keep me interested! well done Diego! Up the Reds!!!!!"
19th Feb 2013 14:52
"Very interesting piece. "
19th Feb 2013 15:09
"Showtinho!!! keep it up we have faith Y.N.W.A."
LFC Nuuk Greenland
19th Feb 2013 15:33
"Great article and a great young player. YNWA"
19th Feb 2013 16:05
"showtinho love it our new brazilian has some skills ynwa"
19th Feb 2013 16:41
"Though shy at first, Coutinho played a brilliant match. I cannot wait to see how he develops under Brendan Rodgers! YNWA"
19th Feb 2013 16:53
"DP, thanks for the excellent info on Mr. C!"
19th Feb 2013 16:53
"this lad certainly looks the business and can only improve with us and can become a legend YNWA"
19th Feb 2013 16:55
"Nice one Perez. "
19th Feb 2013 17:49
"As Lucas said, this lad is a real Brazilian. If he can get used to the physical side of the Premier League he could make a real impact at LFC. He made a good start on Sunday but I think it will be next season before we see the best of him. Hopefully any money we get for Andy Carroll wil be spent strengthening the defence. ynwa"
19th Feb 2013 18:24
"Great to see that you guys are enjoying this piece so much. Thanks for all the good words. YNWA."
19th Feb 2013 18:55
"I see Coutinho as you write as a playmaker or Classic 10, he has smart deep passes, nice touch to the ball and a good feel for where to open a defense, apart from that i see him as the right player to service Suarez and Sturridge and together they hopefully develop a leathal attacking force... :)"
19th Feb 2013 19:59
"Diego, very well analysed and put together.I hope that this is the beginning of something really big for LFC and that there will be plenty Showtime from Showtinho. Oh, please explain "Bota na conta do Papa". YNWA. "
19th Feb 2013 20:57
"Explaining "Bota na conta do Papa". It's from the movie Elite Squad. We use it (on Reds4us) as a goal reference."
19th Feb 2013 20:58
"In a nutshell, our readers came here using this reference to say that we scored big time. :) YNWA"
20th Feb 2013 0:41
"Congrats to Liverpool Brazil, great Coutinho's profile! Hope he has a terrific season ~ YNWA"
20th Feb 2013 1:57
"Great analysis my friend. Finally someone talks with facts.I would like to see more analysis such as this from all critics. YNWA- Malaysian"
20th Feb 2013 2:21
"foda-se o papa, fazê-lo para o Liverpool. YNWA"
20th Feb 2013 2:50
"What a great article! I thoroughly enjoyed that!"
20th Feb 2013 9:08
"Lucas the lion! Showtinho!! Love it!!! And ive already heard other managers/pundits saying we are playing the best football in the league. Cant wait to see more games. i badly want to watch them training! "