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If not some sloppy defending, we would have been sitting in atleast top 3 today. Must not blame defenders alone. Goals even started from Stevie G's error. We must be collective and move forward. YNWA...
18th Feb 2013 13:14
18th Feb 2013 13:21
"Attacking and Defending are team efforts so with time and better understanding we will improve and tighten up at the back. Last season we couldn't score to save our lives, but we were a little tighter at the back. Now we are finding the net more. Go Reds YNWA"
18th Feb 2013 14:20
"And this from a team which is converting only about 10% of our chances. It all goes to show how much improvement there is in our attacking play. If we can become a bit more clinical while cutting out defensive errors, the sky's the limit for this team moving forward."
Didley from Bristol
18th Feb 2013 14:31
"What a different performance from Monday night ! Coutinho showed some great touches, has good turn of pace and blended well Sturridge and Suarez. He will be a good buy and shows the sort of runs that Downing needs to do. Solid at the back although to be fair our midfield were stronger & Swansea didn't really get to produce much. Lets hope we get an early goal thurs...YNWA - good luck"
Super man
18th Feb 2013 15:25
"We need to qualify for europa league next round"
18th Feb 2013 16:54
"18 goal scorers pretty impressive for a one man team and a team that would not have any wins if you take away Suarez's goals. Maybe people will stop listening to the media calling us a one man team now."
18th Feb 2013 16:56
"If we had put away all our chances in russia last week this thursday would be a cert.....I think if we get behind the team and make plenty of noise we will pull this of suerz at home and shotting boots on!!!no question!!!! "
18th Feb 2013 22:27
"Keep the faith, more players in the summer and we will be good enough to compete at the top! A player for each position is needed! goalkeeper,central defender, defensive mid, winger, striker."
19th Feb 2013 1:40
"Don't forget a goal from Lucas! :-)"
19th Feb 2013 2:41
"While some people are envy the number of strikers Manc (used to) have in Tevez, Aguro, Dzeko, Mario, We actually score more goals than them!"