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Craig is a legend - definitely my favourite Australian/South African Liverpool player of all time.
6th Mar 2013 9:24
6th Mar 2013 9:34
"Great read... As a kid first learning anout football and LFC, Craig was one of the players who stood out for me (may of been the hair like Barry Vennison a couple of years later) But I did take notice of Craig and reading years later of his efforts and determination makes me admire the guy even more. Top man"
6th Mar 2013 10:35
"Craig's determination to succeed should inspire Stewart Downing especially. For me, Downing needs to give his team mates a nod or a wink to indicate where he's going to try and put the ball in from corners, rather than them being so hit and miss. Maybe he could work on this, a bit like Craig did."
6th Mar 2013 10:53
"I'll claim CJ as an Aussie every day of the week. Shame Harry did not have CJ's determination and passion otherwise he could have been a LFC legend. I read CJ's book, Walk Alone, many moons ago and it has a photo on pg14 "Jumping for Joy - FA Cup Final, 1986". No wonder they called him Skippy as he almost leapt out of Wembly. Keep an eye on Rogic, lovely balance and movement, the boy can play."
6th Mar 2013 12:09
"I for one remember Craig's time with fondness, not least because we were close to unbeatable back then. Craig was a real character and his humility is endearing. Retiring at 27 with 5 les and a European Cup. LEGEND"
6th Mar 2013 12:52
"Agree with you Danner1! Absolutely the best aussie who has worn the LFC shirt along the history! Probably he was not born as a gem, but afterward he became a all-round player, a Legend on his own way YNWA Craig Johnston"
6th Mar 2013 12:53
"Craig was much more talented than he makes out. Bob Paisley wouldn't have brought him to Liverpool if he was no good, incredible energy, great player.He has also written the best football song ever! YNWA Craig Johnston "
6th Mar 2013 13:29
"I remember every second of the 86 final and the goal that Craig scored.Great atude to be training after everyone has gone. As Craig states putting on a Liverpool shirt was a major victory in itself. Current players must read this and copy.Luis has been doing the same with free kick practises.YNWA "
6th Mar 2013 14:03
"A true legend. I found his interview captivating and the best in the series . Despite suffering the pain of an awful tragedy in his personal life, heâ"
6th Mar 2013 14:06
"A true legend. I found his interview captivating and the best in the series . Despite suffering the pain of an awful tragedy in his personal life, heâ"
6th Mar 2013 15:45
"One of my boyhood heroes, he had a fascinating life, to think he actually retired from playing to look after an ill family member is an inspirational story, the modern day money obsessed players should take note. A genuine man."
6th Mar 2013 16:18
"True lfc legend, prob the most humble and genuine footballer ever! How must some of todays pros feel when they hear is story! Could certainly learn from him!"
6th Mar 2013 18:01
"An example of the atude a footballer should have! YNWA"
6th Mar 2013 18:20
"great article now we all understand why we buy expensive dead wood! one day one of them will be a legend logical :)"
6th Mar 2013 18:30
"Met this man in a function in Rome back in 1990 and he was one of the most down to earth lads you could ever meet, forgot I was actually talking to a Liverpol F.C. hero, He would remember we were discussing Norman Whiteside and Craig's remarks in his recent book, he was right, Whiteside was indeed a dirty player, typical manu!! "
6th Mar 2013 18:41
"Craig was very similar to Owen Hargreaves ex Bayern Munich, they could run all day long, were superb holding midfielders but could score goals sometimes, bit like Lucas. Craig is just being humble, he was aan incredibly effective and very important cog in the machine, like Lucas at present, his value becomes evven more important when he's not there he's badly missed YNWA Craig!!"
6th Mar 2013 18:44
"I like the last paragraph the best!"
6th Mar 2013 18:56
"hard working and not short on skills. No way the worst footballer ever! YNWA Skippy lad! "
6th Mar 2013 20:22
"A role model in humility, hard work, determination, commitment and passion for not only fooballers but for us all. LEGEND! YNWA "
6th Mar 2013 20:55
"Greatest Marsupial ever to play for Liverpool :)"
6th Mar 2013 21:56
"Goes to show how hard work pays dividends. Mustn't let criticism affect you negatively but spur you on to prove haters wrong. A few are doing that this season and turning in better performances."
6th Mar 2013 22:38
"Didn't know about him sneaking in to train-amazing story! Success bred by effort a la Keegan. And a y perm a la Keegan"
6th Mar 2013 22:52
"The true greats don`t need to shout about it. It seems like they just get on with it!"
6th Mar 2013 23:44
"Outstanding article, shawct!"
7th Mar 2013 0:32
"still one of our best."
7th Mar 2013 0:49
"Absolute legend! Him and Barnes, the 2 reasons I fell in love with Liverpool FC and football as a 7 year old kid in the mid-late 80's. That hair and something about digger carving defences apart and smashing goals in! Season 87/88 is a standout. YNWA"
7th Mar 2013 1:49
"when we picked teams at school our class was always "liverpool"! and i would assume the role of CRAIG JOHNSTON!!! "
7th Mar 2013 1:54
"well at times id be ian rush or john barnes as well haha"
7th Mar 2013 7:15
"Craig was the main reason I started following the reds ynwa johnno"
7th Mar 2013 9:34
"That "60 minutes with" has to be one of the most emotive, moving and honest interviews Ive ever seen. Never have i seen a man so self deprecating when he has achieved so much in the game he loves. If every player who crossed the chalk line felt like he does and with that drive. Football truly would be "the beautiful game""
11th Mar 2013 21:44
"Incredibly moving. The best "60 Minutes ..." ever! Thank you Craig. I loved watching you play, you were much much more than enthusiastic. YNWA!"
13th Mar 2013 10:31
"Re: FA Cup Clip - Sorry Ian, you didn't score the winning goal in the 86 Cup Final, it was Craig. His name isn't even mentioned in that clip. Bit sad, really. YNWA!"