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He is our man SG!! - Need him to lead the team to victory on Thursday night.
18th Feb 2013 9:37
18th Feb 2013 10:07
"Basically, SG is doing what Allen was bought for. Supplying from deep, killer passes and dictating the play. My only reservations was that we had no one further forward to cause havoc and both Hendo and Jonjio were not the answer. But in Coutinho we have now found the answer. SG is so good that he can play anywhere and still be the best player, cont.. "
18th Feb 2013 10:11
"We are completely a different team when we have Sturridge, Coutinho, SG and Suarez in tandem. I am now dubbing them "The Golden Foursome". We just need either Suso or Sterling to step up and then we have an attacking force to reckon with. Jojno will just have to wait until SG retires, tough, but, ho hum. "
18th Feb 2013 10:17
"go on stevie-g lead us to next round YNWA ps hope suso gets game time as our no10"
18th Feb 2013 11:06
"SG finds it much easier to find players when there is movement up front. Coutinue and Sturridge are always on the move, pulling dfenders out of position. Also they are comfortable on the ball and though ot big are robust enough to ride tackles. They make Allen look like a schoolkid."
18th Feb 2013 11:27
"He is Captain fantastic"
18th Feb 2013 11:49
"No doubt about it, this boy Coutinho is a bit special..hes still only 20! Real shame he cant play europa cup"
18th Feb 2013 12:53
"You are the best Stevie.I love you.Good luck in all Liverpool games.YNWA"
18th Feb 2013 13:20
"Buddha, Biased as always. So you didn't see those three killer passes Hendo fed then ? He can get forward also but it is great that we also have PC who really impressed. One swallow however does not make a summer - (Your fave phrase!)"
18th Feb 2013 13:44
"redahendo- Agree mate. Not getting too carried away with Coutinho (easy game for a confidence type player to play in, also he started well at Inter and then Espanyol on loan and was useless after. Every time BR signs a new player Buddha proclaims them as world beaters- "
18th Feb 2013 13:44
"Borinni will score more goals than all the misfits all together' was a shout! Allen the next Xavi/Iniesta! Now PC is elevated to Neymar status after one game. Yet good performances from Hendo and Downing (and there has been many this season) and the 'one swan/summer' quip comes out. "
18th Feb 2013 13:45
"He may be right eventually with regards to our new signings? But that's not one up for Buddha it is a boost for all club fans, we all want success, just some want to be able to gloat and say I told you so in the process. Don't like this superfan and 'I know better' atude from some on these pages, runis good discussions at times. No one likes a Big head"
18th Feb 2013 15:18
"Viva la' captain"
18th Feb 2013 15:51
"The new Xabi is called Stevie. Curiouser and curiouser."
18th Feb 2013 15:56
"Ani-Road, have you stopped taking the happy pills? Chill brother and lets some of us rejoice in a good display from Coutinho. Lord knows you have been trying in vain to sell us Downing and Hendo and you herald every dribble or pass they do as justification for 40m spent. Clear the beam from your sir; as the well known saying goes...."
18th Feb 2013 16:11
"We certainly need Joe Allen. It is a good thing that he has a great att*tude."
18th Feb 2013 17:11
"Buddha. This is it, I haven't an agenda. Do you hear me rejoice at Hendo or Downings performances? Give them over the top appraisal? Nope! Never. I have mereley said they deserve credit, when others like you cannot bring yourselves to praise them. "
18th Feb 2013 17:14
"You see mate I have no agenda's, favourites or owt like that. You never hear me praise a player except maybe Carra, Pepe, Stevie and Suarez as they have done so much. You see last season you felt people were Kenny lovers more than LFC fans ultimately alienating yourselves from the legions of fans. "
18th Feb 2013 17:15
"Sure you didn't hate Kenny but you resented his hero worship and expressed this on numerous occasions. You stated that people loved Kenny more than LFC? You were angry at what you percieved was blindless from fans. Why? No-one ever said that! So this season you are carrying that theme on. "
18th Feb 2013 17:19
"Eveyone who stuck up for Kenny obviously doesn't like the new regime in your eyes. Mate, you express yourself far better than me. You are far more intelligent. Doesn't bother me as this is a footy site. But I know, you know and many others know that you started to impy there is different camps."
18th Feb 2013 17:22
"You give over the top praise to BR's signings, over-look any mistakes, bad form etc, even justify it and cannot bring yourself to give any of KD's signings other than Suarez praise. Even then Luis is not classed as a Kenny signing. "
18th Feb 2013 17:24
""How would Kenny know anout him, it must be down to Commolli Kenny only knows British players" You once remarked! Then every artcile for weeks after a slow start to this season you said how the Board need to be brave and oust Kenny. You got your wish with Kenny being sacked, yet still wanted to pour scorn and a tarnish his legacy even after he left! "
18th Feb 2013 17:27
"It smacked of hatred and was un-neccasary. You then insult the majority of fans for saying he jumped ship post Hillsbourgh. You claim I am obsessed with Kenny. No, you are. You started it all last season, i merely responded like many, many others. Dif is I am more persistant. "
18th Feb 2013 17:29
"You would get the same reaction if I guess a Manu fan went on a Manure website and slated Fergie or Charlton, you get a recation... You know what your doing. Not everyone is arsd in joining one camp or another. I give praise when deserved, criticise (within reason) when required."
18th Feb 2013 17:29
" Know you will deny it. Just wish you can stop playing a game of 'I know best' 'I told you so' and 'i'm a supersupporter and save the biased. It is so obvious mate. Just that I need to write essays to explain things. Bye 4 now"
18th Feb 2013 17:35
"Oh for the record Buddha,I look back and think maybe it was time for Kenny to go. Not because of last season or his record at all. He did start to look drained and I am quite happy knowing he's relaxed on a golf cousre, reputation and legacy in place and not having to put up with the potential health probelems that can occur from modern day management. "
18th Feb 2013 17:35
"That doesn't make me a hypocrite. We can all change our opinions and we all don't have a particular agenda. Unlike some"
19th Feb 2013 1:55
"Very true. When Stevie G not playing well and giving the ball away, normally we will have a bad result."
19th Feb 2013 4:26
"Hey Doe Bah.. Take your pet it ion and do one with it. Rodgers isn't going anywhere so save your breath and learn how to support your club. People like you disgust me. LFC have created more chances than any team in Europe this season-is it the managers fault they haven't gone in? We've scored the same amount of goals as last season ALREADY. (Cont. gotta say this)"
19th Feb 2013 4:27
" More goals for and less goals against than the 4th placed side. Most home clean sheets in the league. I could go on but poor supporters like you would still try to sabotage any progress Liverpool are making and try (in vain I might add) to turn LFC into another plastic club like Chelsea. Time for you to buy a book about Shankly and learn up about Liverpool or walk on."