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Awsome, ...... and now there is 3 !!!
18th Feb 2013 9:00
18th Feb 2013 9:06
"Yes and at such an early stage in their partnership.FSG must now back BR,so that we can target the required players early rather than all that last minute stuff.Good performance,admittedly against a weakened Swansea,but good nonetheless.Does go to show again how much LS needs support up front."
18th Feb 2013 9:09
"Can't see us turning it around on Thursday,but we have had harder tasks in the past. Hope BR takes a 'nothing to lose' approach.LS must have support up front,whoever he chooses to use."
18th Feb 2013 9:12
"Now we have the likes of Coutinho in the forward ranks..downing is playing consistently well and henderson as well. now we can look at our bench players who can also win matches. "
18th Feb 2013 9:21
"Brendan Rodgers is the man for LIverpool. It'll just take time. He is doing an exceptional job considering the funds he's been given. He has turned the deadwood to valuable assets once again. "
18th Feb 2013 9:40
"This re-building phase will prove fruitful in the end. We as supporters must back the team and BR through the difficult times. At times, losing a battle may help win the war. Learning from this season will only stand us in good stead if we heed the lessons. YNWA"
18th Feb 2013 9:46
"we miss sturridge on thurs, br will be back to normal messing up the team, all he has to do is play a player in his place as a forward no where else as we need goals push gerard up and bring in henderson we will look a better team"
18th Feb 2013 9:47
"sturridge and suarez are becoming a good strike partnership, well impressed with sturridge already, def worth the money :)"
18th Feb 2013 9:49
"LS isn't a "pure cf" he's too awesome for that. He plays his best footie between the midfield and cf (amf, ss or wing-forward? You decide) that's why I feel he needs someone ahead of him on thursday. The support will create more chances to hammer zenith."
18th Feb 2013 10:48
"We definitely miss Sturridge when he doesn't play. Another striker is the priority in the summer as Borini is not physically there yet. Hope we don't start with Shelvey up front on Thursday it just doesn't work, we'd be better off playing Gerrard in that role. "
18th Feb 2013 10:58
"I'd love to see Jamie notch one before the end of the season. It's been great seeing him come forward for set pieces."
18th Feb 2013 11:02
"looks brill. just hope we can keep hold of suarez at the end of the season, when some big names in the champions league come calling. STAY LOUIS WE NEED YOU. YNWA."
18th Feb 2013 11:08
"i did'nt realize ho good sturridge was, chelsea have made another HUGE mistake there ha ha, i mean if you had a choice right now sturridge or torres who would you go with? ANSWER STURRRRIDDDGGEE, YER BABY."
18th Feb 2013 11:09
"BR job was saved by his friends at Swansea by feeling a lesser team. BR should thank his god. this is his only season with LFC""
18th Feb 2013 11:14
"Unfortunately since the demise of Kuyt and Carrol we have no decent front men to assist Luis. Perhaps Enriques could play there. He always wanted to be a striker. He is quick and his movement off the ball is good. "
18th Feb 2013 11:18
"Coutinho is going to be mustard!! He'll prove to an absolutely amazing player and a complete bargain. Inter Milan will be gutted to looses him big time. I can see why Rafa called him 'the future' of Inter Milan. THE FUTURE'S BRIGHT. THE FUTURE RED! SCOUSE RED! YNWA"
18th Feb 2013 11:35
"To t28 another idiot who thinks he's a football manager, there are so many like you on these sites. BR is a very, very good manager, and as for changing the team around again all managers do it it is just going to take time to get players who are as good as each other. LFC were brilliant yesterday but it will be 2/3 years yet until we perform like this in all games. Come on BR and LFC."
18th Feb 2013 11:38
"To Luis. We love you here, please stay as in another season or 2 we will be in the Champions league. YOU CAN'T ENOUGH . "
18th Feb 2013 12:12
"liverpool should sign players who have winning mentality go for jovetic, hamsik in summer caroll , reina, downing these should go "
18th Feb 2013 12:16
"if we could sign 3 to 4 players with the same characteristic like suarexz, sturridge and gerrard surely wil do a great season in 2013 / 2014. we must win all the matches left be it in europa league and league liverpool players can do it but sometimes they are lazy,common guys wake up its high time WIN EUROPA LEAGUE"
18th Feb 2013 13:41
"FANTASTIC performance yesterday!its Just what the doctor ordered for confidence re new boy Couthino and brillient once again for Sturridge,another goal to his tally, taking pressure of Luis..whole team looked great,yes V a weaker Swansea fielded side but great all the same.Mthematically as BR has said,4th is still realistic.just Keep winning please!!"
18th Feb 2013 15:49
"What a forward line!! And we still had Shelvey, Sterling, Suso and Ngoo away from the action!"