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Sturridge your class. ...
18th Feb 2013 8:27
18th Feb 2013 8:32
"Hats off to you Stevie G.. What a role model you are.. We are Proud to have a captain like you.."
18th Feb 2013 8:35
"Next term, both of you to battle for Golden Boot!! YNWA"
18th Feb 2013 8:50
"Passion is key has been lacking. YNWA"
18th Feb 2013 9:03
"sturridge was the difference. We truly miss him during the WBA game and zenits. now we have 2 skillful and technical forward up front. "
18th Feb 2013 9:04
"Boy it is a good thing Sturridge didn't listen to half these tools that post on here. What a revelation he has been this season. He is being very humble, the fact is he gives us so much more dynamic threat up front that it always the team to play more fluent attacking footy and as a result makes LFC a better side."
18th Feb 2013 9:14
"Well spoken young man. "
18th Feb 2013 9:34
"But we do not have the same movement with Static Shelvey in the team........."
18th Feb 2013 9:37
"Certainly the best I have seen Liverpool play under Brendan. Keep up the good work lads. Results are starting to come, at least now we can see the work in progress model and I liked what I saw against Swansea. YNWA" "
18th Feb 2013 9:42
"Top quality signing for 12M - worth every penny. Almost undoes the carroll signing! Keep it up Danny YNWA"
18th Feb 2013 9:44
"Need to buy another striker of the same class, not sure borini can get to that level. 4 strikers including borini would be same as top teams."
18th Feb 2013 9:49
"You've settled in great Sturridge! Shame you can't play Thursday. Surprised Suarez didn't take the 2nd peno! Great performance, same against Wigan and Spurs now and we are back in the hunt."
18th Feb 2013 10:01
"studgy runs things up front with luis holds up ball up has quick feetscores goals "
18th Feb 2013 10:09
"Not sure that DS is the difference, to me it was the players on the pitch last week that were the difference. When Stevie G and LS have quiet games we tend to lose, whoever else is out there."
18th Feb 2013 11:03
"could have had a hattrick if they let him take pens"
18th Feb 2013 11:11
"If BR doesnâ"
18th Feb 2013 11:17
"good that you will help Saurez as much as you can but personal accolades shouldn't come before the success of the team.we need to finish this season as high as possible.we need goals from everyone to do that and if Saurez gets the top goal scorer at the ned of the campaign then that would great."
18th Feb 2013 11:17
"This message is for you doe-bah - Shut the F**k up and go and support manure!!! There's only 1 Brendon Rodgers!!! YNWA... "
18th Feb 2013 11:18
"Daniel your class man. YNWA"
18th Feb 2013 11:22
"we have come to the final straight now lads.whatever position you finish now i'll be happy with.just give your all in these final 11 games.we need to build some momentum going into next season.there won't be any excuse from BR and the players for not finishing inside the Champions League quartet come end of next season.we need quality reenforcements as Sturridge and Coutinho in the summer"
18th Feb 2013 11:23
"Okay thanks Danny but first help us get spot 4 this is our first conserne, after we will take the golden boot and the Europa League Cup. But please one at a time. And please no more setbacks. I just hate this game 2 steps forwards and 3 steps back."
18th Feb 2013 11:24
"To many Mancs here get a life. You can only play what is put in front of you YNWA Liverpool "
18th Feb 2013 11:53
"Fuuny lot us football supporters, more so on these pages, gloating, insulting, stubborness, sticking with one camp or another when in fact we all support the same team. LFC pulled off a magnificent win yday, no doubts. Brillinat link-up play, 1/2 touch passing, the whole team seemed in harmony. "
18th Feb 2013 11:53
"But this performance against a poor, poor Swansea reserve side has come on the back of 5 winless games, a cup exit to Oldham and the worst season in living memory. "
18th Feb 2013 11:55
"The amount of players coming in/out does suggest a period of transision. So we make allowances -fair enough! At times we see rich promise, most of the time huge disappointment. BR hasn't bought players for their experience and knowledge. He has bought young, gifted and technical players but not neccasarily head strong. Confidence type players."
18th Feb 2013 11:56
"That was a dream game for Cothinio to play in yesterday. No doubting his talent, but the game was one way traffic and didn't present a challenge, how would he fare getting elbows from Stoke players etc?"
18th Feb 2013 11:58
"SG and LS are the only 2 consistnt attacking players we have. Whilst I am not saying get rid of BR (even after the worst season ever) I am not going to proclaim a footballing genius, make allowances for him as he has been presented with a dream opportunity and certainly didn't inherit a mess. "
18th Feb 2013 11:59
"BR was presented an oppurtunity to manage a squad that every manager outside the top 5 would gladly swap theirs with. Players like DS and Couthinio I will praise but not go over the top after a couple of good games or 1 good game with the latter against a very poor side thinking of next weeks league cup final. Just take 1 game at a time"
18th Feb 2013 12:13
"go reds, top 4 is our objective!!!!!!!!!!!1"
Rushjob _
18th Feb 2013 12:25
"My MOTM yesterday. A breath of fresh air since DS joined us. Really really impressed (but not surprised). A quality footballer."
18th Feb 2013 12:32
"Yesterdays team was possibly the best team we could of played against Swansea. I see some so called experts already picking the team for the rest of the season and beyond with no hints of biased or agendas;)"
18th Feb 2013 12:33
"Sterling n Suso get the odd run out -rememeber they are still young and how many 18 yr old play every week? MF-Forwards- Lucas, SG, Suarez play pretty much all the time Sturridge as well. The the likes of Allen, Stewie, Hendo, Couthinio, fighting for 2 other positions. RS and Suso impact players of the bench. Sadly I don't see much in Jonjo nor Borrini."
18th Feb 2013 12:38
"Hate to big up manure. But Fergie has different teams designed to play different opposition. I feel BR will do the same (if he is a good manager that is). Look at Manures team against Real- Jones, Rafael etc What manc supporters would of chose them? "
18th Feb 2013 12:39
"They have a squad and utilsie it accordanly which I feel is the best way. So with exception of a few obvious players you cannot say what is the best team as every opposition is different. "
18th Feb 2013 12:40
"Great Danny thats the spirit, assists counts just as much as a goal in the true fans view, Its been a joy since you came here keep it up! YNWA"
18th Feb 2013 12:49
"Rushjob9- Have to say that I have been impressed with Daniel. Yes, only a few games but I feel he has a big future. Coutinho I reserve judgement. He played awesome for Inter then went crap. Same at Espanyol on loan. Not being negative towards the guy but a game suited to a confidence type player. See how things go with him"
18th Feb 2013 13:17
"A Class player we have here....YNWA Daniel"
18th Feb 2013 13:49
"AND Some were saying he was Selfish??Great speak from an Already well liked new player in my book and definatley a Big goal scorer we can look forward to getting us well needed points with Luis hopefully getting that Golden boot!!Was it 8games he didnt play in last season?? think so..whole team were brillent with one another yesterday!! Really refreshing!! "
18th Feb 2013 13:54
"Whether or not it was against a weakened side it was nice to get a win, and to see Stevie, Luis and Dan all score. Not going to get too optimistic,but hope we do the business Thursday."
18th Feb 2013 14:08
"The rate you're going you probably can win it yourself lol. Nahh to think people claimed this fella is a selfish player..if so..he's turned into a team player. Kudos Daniel."
18th Feb 2013 14:36
"What a lovely article, showing Daniel Sturridge to be a real nice humble guy and also showing us the team spirit and camaraderie within the squad. It was great that Steven offered penalty to Jamie in the first place but fantastic that we ended up with 5 different goal scorers!"
stu pot 74
18th Feb 2013 15:18
"Got it wrong about you Danny lad thought you were not worth the money paid but you proving to be a bargain keep it up fella ynwa"
18th Feb 2013 15:31
18th Feb 2013 15:39
"Why did you and SG take the penalties then ?yours was for the fifth goal and it was more important to Luis."
18th Feb 2013 15:40
"Why did you and SG take the penalties then ?yours was for the fifth goal and it was more important to Luis."
18th Feb 2013 15:42
"Why did you and SG take the penalties then ?yours was for the fifth goal and it was more important to Luis."
18th Feb 2013 15:46
"Nice gesture from Stevie Gerrard."
18th Feb 2013 16:44
"keep doing what your doing together we need to keep luis at the end of the season or we will be very dissapointed"
18th Feb 2013 17:18
"i cant believe the bullsh*t the media said about this guy being selfish. with his words and actions he's prooving each and every one of them wrong."
Gerrard o ya beauty
18th Feb 2013 17:22
"Top class player sturridge, I think we are a far better attacking threat with him in the side. Would of been funny to see carra take a penalty. Notice how Howard Webb didn't give any of the penaltys until the assistant told him its a penalty, if it was at old Trafford he couldn't blow his whistle fast enough. Countiho could be a top player, most top players score on there debut :) YNWA"
18th Feb 2013 17:53
"And the Man U players will help RVP by letting him take all their penalties. "
18th Feb 2013 17:56
"If you guys want Luis to win the Golden boot then give him the chance to take the penalities.Why did DS take yesterday's pen when the team was already 4-0 ahead?"
Gerrard o ya beauty
18th Feb 2013 18:03
"I think it's crazy what taking a penalty can do to a world class player, some players just can't handle the pressure, Suarez won't go near them after missing a couple, then you have players like sturridge who asks to take 1 although 4-0 up. When it was at 0-0 against west brom the other night stevie must of been under massive pressure to score, it really affects even the best players."
18th Feb 2013 18:23
"Well said Sturridge, but first of all Luis Suarez should take the pens he had originated, and secondly you must assist him well. "
18th Feb 2013 18:47
"well said"
18th Feb 2013 18:50
"cregaynwa97 well said mate the blokes a tw*t"
18th Feb 2013 18:55
"I think that shows unity within the team that Gerrard gave the penalty to Sturridge. It was very important just to keep his confidence going too. The more players that get on the score sheet the better it is for the team."
18th Feb 2013 19:12
"I still feel such penalties should be given to Suarez in the EPL. I know for sure RVP would be allowed to take such at this stage...better luck Luis...YNWA!"
18th Feb 2013 19:47
"Good lad, so happy we he is here."
18th Feb 2013 19:48
"your just fantastic daniel ynwa"
18th Feb 2013 20:58
"u12 mil and borini 13 its baffling, so hope next penalty for saurez well done DS u are a wonderful player worth 20 mil easy"
18th Feb 2013 21:01
"Yeah? I believe it when I see it...Don't get me wrong , He´s been good sense coming to LFC , but its Suarez that is serving thing is what you say to the media, another is what happening on the field. either way the team is all that matters "
18th Feb 2013 22:29
"to diego... its movement that creates the opportunity for the pass.... and that is something we have not had this season, yes the pass still has to be made.... something we have lacked all season... the right movement..."
18th Feb 2013 22:32
"it was amazing how many people called Daniel a Chelsea and City Reject and never good enough for LFC.... those voices seem to be a lot quieter now... Good for Daniel, I did say with BR putting his arm around your shoulder you would be a class player..."
19th Feb 2013 0:07
"Then why didn't you give the penalty to Swarez? He would then be level for golden boot!! "
19th Feb 2013 0:59
"keep it up Stu....YNWA"
Vosta Lee
19th Feb 2013 2:27
"Suarez had no interest in taking the penalty. Mountains out of anthills. There was a time Demba Ba needed one goal to get a hattrick, Chelsea got a penalty. Frank Lampard grabbed the ball like there was no tomorrow so he could score. Our players are playing for each other. Keep it up!"
19th Feb 2013 2:50
"Nice words, Daniel. And people said he was selfish when he came here! Thought he played well against Swansea, in attack and coming back and nicking the ball off defenders who were trying to bring it out. Keep it up, young man!"
19th Feb 2013 4:04
"Mr Sturridge sir, you could at least have let Suarez have that penalty and he would be level with Van Persie hi hi hi hi hi ..."
19th Feb 2013 5:02
"Danny please shoot to score when you are in the position to score, do not pass just to help Luis win the top scorer competition. The total points won by LFC will be crucial at the end of the season."
19th Feb 2013 7:41
"Great player :)"
23rd Feb 2013 5:23
"LOL.. What a load of hogwash. Maybe he can be a little less selfish instead of shooting from impossible angles as always and pass and let Suarez take the pen..Thats humility.."