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Well done young lads! After a harsh defeat as that against the spurs last week, we needed an immediate bounce back to stay on track of the leaders in the Elite Group, and so it was! Congratulations to Jordon Ibe and Joao Carlos for the goals scored and the team for the brilliant performance!...
17th Feb 2013 19:55
17th Feb 2013 19:55
"... A pity for Marc Pelosi injury, I wish him well and to get well soon! Keep going so young lads! YNWA U21s reds"
17th Feb 2013 20:45
"great to see suso playingand well done young reds."
17th Feb 2013 20:54
"There's a lot of promising talent in this group and the future looks bright. I wouldn't mind seeing some of them on the bench for the Zenit game especially now Borini is out."
17th Feb 2013 23:00
"Suso should be playing in the senior side next Thursday!!! Congrats boys for a fine win over the baggies! YNWA!"
17th Feb 2013 23:30
"That's the spirit, Suso. Just get on with it. You're Liverpool. "
18th Feb 2013 1:23
"Have not seen the tackle on Pelosi, but if it deserved a straight red it must have been bad , the FA should ban this thug on no pay, for as long as Pelosi is unable to play. "
18th Feb 2013 8:58
"Shame to see Suso in the reserves again. I thought he did really well in the first team. Maybe a bit early to see him as a regular starter but I would have expected him to get a few more runouts than he did. "
18th Feb 2013 8:58
"That said, Sterling has had to take a step back too and if it brings us up to fourth it's been for the good of the club. Good bunch of youngsters there, hope to see four or five of them in the first team setup next year."