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Must sign a defensive coach. Should have snatched Sami Hyypia before last season as our defensive coach. It will be worst decision to ignore Carra also....
17th Feb 2013 9:28
17th Feb 2013 9:33
"you have the right atude, get back to your top form and shut-outs will come"
17th Feb 2013 9:34
"Ya I do prefer the pairing of you and Agger. Top four? Dream on..."
17th Feb 2013 9:46
"Players need to play constantly, so leaving Skrtel out wont help us in the long run, esp Carra is retiring. Yes, you have had some bad games but so did Hansen and Hyypia. Now get back in there and show us what you got! Skrt and Agger to start."
17th Feb 2013 9:48
"its not your fault its the daft system rodgers employes"
R£d Leader
17th Feb 2013 10:03
"stop them from scoring?! that would be a start"
17th Feb 2013 10:10
"You must close down players more quickly rather than backing off, which is what you did at Zenit. If a player beats you with skill then you accept that, but backing off and allowing shots and crosses is causing us real problems."
17th Feb 2013 10:39
"there is nothing wrong with the players just their lacck of discipline and concentration. They need to learn to work better together as a unit, and limit the gung ho expeditions. We still dont appesr to have a proper hard defensive midfielder who can protect the back 4. We also dont seem to know how to mark from corners etc. BRING BACK ANDY!!"
17th Feb 2013 10:44
"I blame BR before he came in our defence was solid now they are all over the place our back 4 must stay the same week in week out GJ and JE are told to go forward thus leaving 2 at the back then we lose the ball and the counter attack catches us again and again.MS you are tops."
Gerrard o ya beauty
17th Feb 2013 10:44
"He's a very aggressive defender Martin and he was fantastic last season, he hardly put a foot wrong, but this season he has cost us a lot of points with his poor defending. But it's not just Martin nearly all our players are error prone, someone each game always makes a mistake witch has lead to us losing the game, we need to sort out these silly school boy errors. Liverpool will win today YNWA"
17th Feb 2013 10:45
"I think Coates is there to put pressure on you and Agger. BR why cant you play him in some games?"
17th Feb 2013 10:50
"Seb would not be match fit he is a excellent prospect but needs to play week in week out last time he came in didn't look fit and got slaughtered he needs to be loaned for one month then come back and play."
17th Feb 2013 10:55
"How class would it be if we signed Emmanuel Emenike :) LOL"
17th Feb 2013 11:00
"We are missing Steve Clarke from our backroom staff. Our defensive record was top 4 level last season, but our attack let us down. Offer to be a West Brom manager was maybe too good to turn down and with Brendan coming in with his new team it was always likely we would lose him. Hopefully we will sort things out at the back and stop losing games even if we fail to score."
17th Feb 2013 11:23
"manuel lanzini, inigo martinez and jose angel valdes"
17th Feb 2013 11:27
"Skrtel & Agger are the best C/B pairing .Starting today keep them as first choice . Also Give Gulacsi a chance in goal"
Rushjob _
17th Feb 2013 11:27
"Kidofkop88- brilliant comments, except Carra as No 2 for me."
17th Feb 2013 11:56
"its ok to want back into the team,but you simply have to cut out the mistakes,as they are costing us big time.."
17th Feb 2013 11:57
"we need to push up a bit more sterling was almost playing fullback position and there was a big gap between defence and the forwards giving zenit to much space to attack"
17th Feb 2013 12:18
"Skrtel and agger were fantastic under steve clarke. Who to blame now? Brendan and his useless sidekicks....pascoe.....mike marsh....LIVERPOOL IS SINKING.....PLEASE FANS DONT LET OUR BELOVED CLUB SINK. MY HEART IS BLEEDING."
17th Feb 2013 12:18
"Agree with carra as no 2 and we need a director of football- Ian Rush. Also, FA should take a leaf out of the Bundesliga and impose a maximum of 49% foreign ownership of clubs and then us, the fans, can take the other 51% and elect a president."
17th Feb 2013 12:25
"Surely they must have plans to sign Carra up on the backroom staff."
17th Feb 2013 12:39
"You should always be going an extra mile in training at this club! Has carra ever had to say this? No because he knows and everyone knows that he is pushing himself to the limit everyday, as should you Skrtel! "
17th Feb 2013 12:45
"Caragher is our legend but currently Skirtl is better. Its Brendan who don't know what he is doing. Since Caragher started to play we conceded two goals per game."
17th Feb 2013 12:47
"God approach. Top four, that's a statement.."
17th Feb 2013 13:09
"Do you really"
Billy B girl
17th Feb 2013 13:11
"I hope BR days are now numbered - Please get rid of the worst manager in LFC history."
Papa Syed
17th Feb 2013 13:24
"The Mail said that BR is having a huge summer clearance on you, Pepe, Enrique, Downing, Hendo, Coates n Big Andy. Difficult to believe but looks like the lady has sung her song! What's next to support at LFC?"
17th Feb 2013 13:26
"COMON you Reds."
Papa Syed
17th Feb 2013 13:26
" LADY I meant to say!"
17th Feb 2013 13:43
"I said we should have snatched clubs hands off last season with huge offers for Agger and Skrtel. They are more show than substance. The art of tackling and heading clear seems dead at Anfield. Stopping Johnson and Enrique going forward - until they start doing their proper job would help."
17th Feb 2013 13:48
"Its not only Skrtl fault, but also Brendans with his pass first, even if you are in trouble of your own net. Just kick the ball away as hard as you can even if it leaves Anfield and lands in Goodison Park. But this Pass and Pass has now changed to Pass and Miss"
17th Feb 2013 13:55
"Rumour goes that its Carra and Agger at CB? Hendo starts and sterling and Allen on bench, which is good news! BR stated from the start, no Director of football etc. Go figure big head BR."
Billy B girl
17th Feb 2013 13:58
""Having read comments this morning on 'real men' Reina, Skrtel, Enrique going and the probability of Suarez, Agger moving on with clubs coming in with offers! If this happens then I am finished and as for Ashley Williams (Joke). Just watching Chelsea in FA Cup .... cont""
17th Feb 2013 13:58
"safety first that was always skrtel way but now its passing it back and forth untill we lose it, good point about clarke."
Billy B girl
17th Feb 2013 13:58
""contin.. and remembering great times with Rafa. Laudrup is being lined up with Man City so BR could go back to Swansea and take Allen, Borini and his flops with him! FSG need to think what is best for the club now and lose think egotistical bully boy!""
17th Feb 2013 14:00
"Has anybody noticed the scam again concerning SUnited. They played last Tuesday against Real and dont play Monday at home against Reading. While we played on Thursay and have to play today again. Even Raffas Chelsea who played Wednesday play a day earlier than Alice Ferguson`s sissy gang. What a load of Mafia in the FA helping the Ss out again"
poolman 96
17th Feb 2013 14:02
"i really dont understand our defending this season. last season we finished 3rd in a table of less goals conceded. getting rid of steve clarke was stupid."
17th Feb 2013 14:17
"Skrtel and Agger are the best CB's we have.."
17th Feb 2013 14:24
"Frustrating to see skrtel on the bench. Our defence is totally tered with breaking the agger-skrtel duo. He wants to bring Ashley Williams for Skrtel. He wants to wipeout rafa's and kenny's signings."
17th Feb 2013 14:57
"Billy B girl- tabloid rumours pal. "
Champions Of Europe
17th Feb 2013 15:55
"As MS has stated "It has not been easy being out of the side because for the past two years I have been playing in almost every single game"; this can lead to complacency & expecting to start every game without earning it. More compet!tion in the CB role will improve the defence. Good to see some players seeing BR will not tolerate complacency."
SGM 73
17th Feb 2013 17:25
"Play better and stop being a soft lad.."