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Perfect timing for this post, lol
16th Feb 2013 14:26
16th Feb 2013 14:33
"we will win this one for sure!!...2-0..:)"
16th Feb 2013 14:46
"I think the problem right now is that the players are trying too hard to score whereas other teams are relaxed and are scoring as and when they want to. If we relaxed a bit like previously in the season I believe that the goals will start coming again. Have Belief in yourselves Guys. YNWA REDS"
16th Feb 2013 15:05
"I think this time we will win and Suarez will score more than one #YNWA"
16th Feb 2013 15:17
"People are saying that we have never beaten the Swans in the Premier League. Well it's time to break that hoodoo! Liverpool to win with both Suarez and Sturridge to score...perhaps one from Phillipe Coutinho too! YNWA!"
16th Feb 2013 15:33
"Rogers should look at bringing back andy Carrol in the summer. Our rubbish season just proves thta not all Rogers tactics are working. If you put liverpool up against a physical team,Rogers Tic Attack strategy doesnt work. Andy would be the perfect big man to put up against physical opposition. Though Rogers will never go away from his principles,he will never win trophies with Liverpool"
16th Feb 2013 15:59
"I'd really rest Suarez and play Suso behind Sturridge tomorrow. Suso is perfectly capable of giving a killer pass, and that's all Sturridge needs to score! I don't think BR will do that though. He will be scared of a backlash if something goes not to plan. (PLAN? ha!)"
16th Feb 2013 16:02
"Sometimes I feel that could carroll can be the answer of our woes? carroll is way too slow to be a striker of a top team but he is unplayable in air and wins virtually ever header. He is handy in defending set pieces (a big problem as of now)."
16th Feb 2013 16:04
"In 4-2-3-1, Having Carroll as a target man improves are attack via set pieces, and defense behind him suarez, sturridge, downing can play. With good service he will be far more effective. "
16th Feb 2013 16:09
"Rodgers Good: 1) Balancing the books 2) playing atacking game Rodgers Bad:1) He started with tiki-taka, today we are playing quite a few direct balls and we are better. 2) He came after woeful signing done, his signing aren't better. 3) His estimation of the squad is poor. AV, oldham, were his mistakes. 4) mentality against top teams. Plays like a mid table team."
Champions Of Europe
16th Feb 2013 16:11
"Luis has exceeded my expectations this season, so I don't feel he has anything to bounce back from; he simply needs a quality striker like Daniel playing alongside him every game."
16th Feb 2013 16:14
"Just play for the shirt lads and the results will come, Never give up. YNWA"
16th Feb 2013 16:16
"It will be a shame, and, also show the ambition of the owners of this great club if they allow Suarez to leave. An ambitious club should be signing players on his, Gerrard's and Agger's level. Rodger's signings are very questionable."
16th Feb 2013 16:26
"That is ur number 3 speaking. Suareeeeeeeeeeeeeezzzzzzzzz"
16th Feb 2013 16:26
"That is ur number 3 speaking. Suareeeeeeeeeeeeeezzzzzzzzz"
16th Feb 2013 16:49
"personally luis u must create some skills be a more fast on ur run,,"
16th Feb 2013 18:23
"suarez is tops i just hope he can kick vpersie of the top score list. to the back line leave the scoring to the strikers. you just defend the goal post."
16th Feb 2013 18:24
"If we can't beat a team playing in a cup final following week he will have to go, Thursday we got beaten by a team still in their pre season. joke not funny anymore "
16th Feb 2013 18:36
"Maybe you should stick to guess who Jose, heard that the night before the Zenit match Suarez and Henderson was up all night playing connect 4, nice to no the teams focus is on winning for the supporters, muppets"
the regent
16th Feb 2013 19:07
"talk less play more n start i know why jordi alba is selected infront of him in spanish team he doesn't know how to cocentrate on his game he should do that n then talk about others bcoz these kind of talking can only put pressure on suarez"
SGM 73
16th Feb 2013 19:33
"Of course Suarez will bounce back... It's others that I worry about. Allen & Borini haven't performed, Sahin was awful; Assaidi it is rumoured was a scout's pick not wanted by BR.. Whereas Enrique, Suarez, Hendo and Downing have all settled well now.. Mugs keep going on about KD's buys. Only Adam was a bad buy & AC was just over priced due to the timing of the deal."
kool ass
16th Feb 2013 19:35
"Do I see Liverpool beating Swansea ? I dont think so but im staying hopeful If we are to win Suarez and Sturridge and Gerrard need to be on there game they haven't been lately on sturridge."
16th Feb 2013 19:45
16th Feb 2013 20:20
"Heard he will be rested tomorrow on subs bench, being rested for the Zenit game on Thursday."
16th Feb 2013 21:05
"Don't agree that Carroll is the answer doesn't score enough goals for me plus he's not mobile enough need someone with pace but of the same stature"
16th Feb 2013 21:18
"Swap Carroll for Ben Arfa and I'd like to see us buy Damiao in the summer along with one from Isco/Eriksen/Jovetic, In defence I'd grab Williams he has been excellent this season then for left back I'd grab Filipe Luis. "
16th Feb 2013 21:35
"What nonsense! Bounce back from what - not scoring for a couple of games. YNWA! "
16th Feb 2013 21:37
"No problem with Suarez, he has done more than expected. But what about other players? what about BR tactics? what about you Jose?"
16th Feb 2013 23:08
"Top man Luis Suarez, you are our best player. Class permanent."
16th Feb 2013 23:33
"Swansea are a short-passing team, a bit like us, right? When they push up, can`t we just hit them with long balls on the break, just like what happens to us, time and time again? Alternatively, why not park the bus, then come alive on the 75th minute?"
16th Feb 2013 23:46
"Sturridge will give Swansea something to worry about as well, so I can see Suarez getting clearer cut opportunities (fingers crossed). I`d also like to see Johnson and Enrique using the ball more, making earlier crosses and passes, rather than getting too far out of position. This might help to cut out any defensive lapses of concentration."
17th Feb 2013 0:01
"If we`re going to catch them out, we need some quick one-twos, forwards into their penalty area, instead of just passing it side to side. Any crosses need to go into areas that are going to hurt them. Those areas for me are between the spot and the six yard line (unless it's dragged back). Those with any height need to improve their heading of late. Not too much to ask is it?"
17th Feb 2013 1:40
"i trust in you suarez.."
17th Feb 2013 4:21
"Luis will definitely bounce back, zenit was one of those bad nights for him. We believe in you, SUAREZ. WE LOVE YOU. YNWA"
17th Feb 2013 6:03
"Stop calling for luck. If those chances had come when we were down, would Luis be that wasteful? The team lacks winning mentality, that's all! YNWA!"