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We need to sign matured players who will come and lift the team like Eric Cantona did to the manures, we can't stick with kids to do mens job, that breeds inconsistency, Sterling, you need to work harder, its obvious that you've lost form since you signed your new contract.
15th Feb 2013 15:32
15th Feb 2013 15:33
"wise decision. Lets have a goal soon!"
15th Feb 2013 15:33
"Can you get the rest of the team to do the same RAHEEM and start doing what they are paid for. YNWA"
15th Feb 2013 15:36
"Well done, kid. It's a waste of time anyway."
15th Feb 2013 15:40
"Great decision Raheem, keep your head down and if you read this start taking on people again have no fear. Your a great talent YNWA!"
15th Feb 2013 15:43
"Sterling, you cannot force a horse or cow to drink water when they dont. Stop pushing blame to others and go back to basics...... earn a place. You are still young, not just now that you have to control your "big" head, in time to come your "small" head may give you problems like Terry and Cole!"
15th Feb 2013 15:48
"Good lad! Knuckle down on the training pitches & get back to tip top form. It is his aim to get in the front 3 alongside Sturridge and Suarez and Coutinho's arrival makes that even harder!"
15th Feb 2013 15:48
"Why do people in the last couple of days always compare our players with some of the mancs or blues and that these are the kind of players we need at the moment!?are the former mancs or blues and just try to get on the back of our players and manager!? just stop that b***sh** and get behind the team and show them that WE ARE THE BEST SUPPORTERS IN THE WORLD!"
15th Feb 2013 15:50
"Good to here. Knuckle down Raheem, this club won't take slackers no matter what the potential."
15th Feb 2013 15:58
"Sounds sensible to me. Pass it on (but not via twitter :)"
15th Feb 2013 16:01
"Showing some maturity. Good"
Champions Of Europe
15th Feb 2013 16:06
"It's clear the recent police charges against Sterling have affected him & his football. Very sensible & mature action to take re: Twitter (hate that beast). Fully agree with you Raheem, work harder, grow-up & I just hope none of the charges against you are true."
15th Feb 2013 16:06
" SingKop - ''you cannot force a horse or cow to drink water when they dont''...whats does that even mean? The saying is ' You can lead a horse to water, but you can't make it drink'. What that has to do with Sterling is beyond me, and the size of his head? What are you talking about mate?"
15th Feb 2013 16:15
"singkop- Yeah man! peace bro. I think you need to get back to your daisy chains."
15th Feb 2013 16:16
"singkop- Are you anything to do with powderfingers?"
15th Feb 2013 16:17
"Well done Raheem, now grow some!"
15th Feb 2013 16:20
"Anyway that's thrown me off track. I don't think Twitter does anyone any favours,as they are open to abuse from keyboard warriors,that could end up affecting confidence.Head down a4se up. Oh and beware of the water!"
15th Feb 2013 16:25
"Don't blame you there, mate. the things people say from behind the safety of their keyboard can be appalling. Work hard to recapture that form you had earlier. "
15th Feb 2013 16:27
"Good lad, theres a few players who need to follow suit and focus on improving rather than tweeting all the time and becoming caught up in rants with cretin fans. "
15th Feb 2013 16:31
"Theres a few on here (lfc comment pages) that could do with leaving :)))))))))). Once a red always a red."
15th Feb 2013 16:33
"To much money to soon me thinks !"
15th Feb 2013 16:34
"Champions of Europe 1606. I agree with you. A combination of the criminal proceedings hanging over his head and the vile comments on so-called "social" media sites have probably been a lot to do with his loss in form. I have said more than once on this site that abusive comments can destroy our young players. Think before you write you posters."
15th Feb 2013 16:42
"twitter will not help your carrer, you have talent, concentrate on every aspect in training, you may need a spell on the bench to become seriously hungry"
15th Feb 2013 16:57
"Good, I always think that as a professional footballer, should concentrate on his football, seek improvements, rather than waste time on Facebook / Twitter. I have seen that some LFC players are quite active on Twitter, hope they will not be addicted and distracted."
Denza Red
15th Feb 2013 17:42
"If I cared, would I be gutted?"
15th Feb 2013 18:02
"Yep lets go after the old guys the men that will work. Prat"
15th Feb 2013 18:25
"time too take the finger out and start earning that new contract you just signed."
15th Feb 2013 18:43
"Good start raheem. Focus on the job. Try to copy gerrard and carragher lifestyles."
15th Feb 2013 19:14
"This is news is it? "
15th Feb 2013 19:40
"GT-LFC Powderfingers is now known as Hulksmash! (Don't ask me why but I have it on very good authority)"
15th Feb 2013 19:43
"Hendo doesnt use twitter and look at him (Apart from this weeks performance lol)Good lad but I bet he will be back on there by the end of the season - Probably under the pseudonym therealbuddha!"
15th Feb 2013 19:58
"Good LFC should ban ever player of twiter and facebook and tell then do what they get realy well paid 2 do and that is play 4 the worlds best club YNWA"
15th Feb 2013 20:11
"P.S. Only joking Powderfinger. Where are you man? You're not still watching the aurora borealis are you? Come back GT-LFC and redahendo miss you."
15th Feb 2013 20:29
"Raheem,Your desire and work are appreciated! Keep your head up. YNWA STUDEN-I agree! "
15th Feb 2013 20:40
"The best news out of Mellwood since months"
15th Feb 2013 20:54
"Social networking is a complete waste of time. In the old days we would ring people up, visit them and even go out and socialise. The internet is the devils work."
15th Feb 2013 21:08
Mr Ostrich
15th Feb 2013 21:24
"Be quiet Matt1966 and use your head! Sacking Rodgers isn't the answer. He needs the rest of this and next season at least to improve. Accept the fact we took a risk and we must accept the consequences of our actions. If you don't like it, take it up with FSG who hired him."
Billy B girl
15th Feb 2013 21:38
"Sacking BR is the only answer! Well done Raheem now knuckle down and become one of our great red men!"
Vosta Lee
15th Feb 2013 22:07
"Smart man."
15th Feb 2013 22:07
"this wont last long."
15th Feb 2013 23:35
"Good stuff!"
16th Feb 2013 0:45
"Making our players feel don trodden, comparing them with supposedly better Mancs players-both red and blue, calling for BR's sacking! I'm quite sure we are being infiltrated by non fans from other teams who do their dirty espionage work! Real fans get behind the team! YNWA!"
16th Feb 2013 1:16
"The confidence I had in Rodgers has started to melt away...I am now concerned as to what direction the club is taking...again"
16th Feb 2013 7:31
"Good job lad."
16th Feb 2013 7:45
"GEt rid of Borini and welcome back Andy Caroll"
16th Feb 2013 21:32
"Sterling don't get too down on yourself you've been excellent for large parts of the season work on all the areas you mentioned. I think if you can work in the gym some more on strengthening you core and legs your shooting will improve. The key in terms of decision making in key areas is not to panic stay composed and you will start to pick players out"