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Give ASSAIDI and BORINI a chance!! YNWA
16th Feb 2013 9:06
16th Feb 2013 11:54
"This result wont change a disaster of a season. We will win, because that is how it works in football. Rodgers will have friends in Swansea who owe him a favour I am sure."
16th Feb 2013 12:15
"Statistics keeps getting bad these days...WAIT! BR won just 36 in 84 league games? What really are we expecting from him?"
Always A Red
16th Feb 2013 12:16
"BR brought the wrong player from Swansea- weak, rubbish - Joe Allen! I think Graham wld have been gd- he scores goals. DS may score, but will we win? dey put us out of the league cup. cant wait for season 2 b over"
Always A Red
16th Feb 2013 12:18
"i know lfc's season is over, but cant wait for August so we can b put out of our misery - dis is drastic! we need total quality in the summer - no finals for us and no top 4! come back KK all is forgiven! dont know if i shld watch game 2morow"
Always A Red
16th Feb 2013 12:21
"i'm as mad as BR - i mean cant wait till May! Michu, what a find! who does our scouting - Sissoko great find (so far) for Newcastle. Again, who does our scouting? dis is soooo depressing!"
16th Feb 2013 12:32
"One thing we can guarantee we won't keep a clean sheet with Pepe in goal. Yes we do need to look at our scouts we need 2 good defenders and our 2 goalkeepers Reina and Jones are a joke. Calamity Jane's."
16th Feb 2013 12:41
" Swansea have much improved,since BR left. But If DS is fit and starts I think we will win this one.DS has already made a massive difference to the team.SG also needs to start in his correct position,it's not rocket science."
16th Feb 2013 13:20
"They are hard to play against could go both ways but we should be able to win it but I wont be holding my breath. 4-4-2 a diamond in middle Lucas as holding mid Gerrard and Henderson cent mid and Coutinho as attacking mid Sturridge and Suarez upfront.Then in second half we can put in fast wingers such as Sterling/Downing to beat them on the flanks when they are tired. Its a good plan I think"
SGM 73
16th Feb 2013 13:27
"Not a bad team, but we should be smashing the Swanseas. Worst season since Souness but the Emperor's New Clothes Crew tell us that is somehow progress from 2 finals, great pass & move footie + Europa! lol.. Now BR says he needs 'men' but loaned our number 9, vetoed Van Gaal as DoF & bought & played average, tiny, young players (Sturridge aside). "
SGM 73
16th Feb 2013 13:30
"I like BR and get what he's trying to do, but he has very poor judgement. Could have bought Sturridge for £15m in the summer, saved £3m whilst simultaneously costing us any chance of success this season or next. Said he'd be stupid to let AC go with no replacement, then got no replacement. FSG sched him up to be fair, but he's naive (being polite) to say what he does the way he does..."
16th Feb 2013 13:30
"i8brenden is one of those outsiders in disguise pretending to be Liverpool fan to make us look bad. A lot of them have been creating accounts recently and doing this. BEWARE!!"
suarez's teeth
16th Feb 2013 13:38
"At i8brenden 16th Feb 2013 12:41 Please crawl back under that stone, where you came from. "
SGM 73
16th Feb 2013 13:45
"Tallist: we don't need 'outsiders' to make us look bad. Comments from those who believe they are LFC fans are just as bad.. At least he's just bored & taking the p155 It's so obvious he's bonkers & not a red. But have a read of this website if we don't win!! Or read what people said about King Kenny last season!!!"
16th Feb 2013 14:17
"We cant keep sacking managers after managers!It just takes us backwards. this is to hoping that we buy quality in the summer and build on. "
16th Feb 2013 14:27
"Personally I don't think BR is brilliant but I don't think he is useless either. Think he has been let down by FSG's buy young policy. He has hinted at this over the last 8 months if you look at the interviews. I still think he will learn from this year and we will be better for it next year if we can keep LS, this is the hard task that he is faced with. Cannot keep sacking managers. "
16th Feb 2013 18:25
"Whatever that is going to end this season, it ain't material anymore. I am pretty sure BR will still be instilled as what he is today. I just wish that LFC can turnaround like how Dortmund turn theirs domestically and this is a TOP priority, nevermind the Europe thing. I had enough of those clowns at Manchesters. "
16th Feb 2013 18:52
"even if we won tomoz, it wont change my mind, its been a pathetic season, worser than the previous season, so Rodgers should get the sack like you crapped on King Kenny FSG, disgusting the way you treated the king"
16th Feb 2013 21:35
"This Swansea game does not really matter. When they lost to West Brom they lost the season. But it is important to BR because I think he will need to keep support. I think if we lose against the swans Brendan is out, but the team will continue.. I think getting Steve Clarke back might be clever. That way there will not be so much distraction and he is a better manager."
17th Feb 2013 2:56
"Unfortunately were probably going to get smashed."