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He should be a good player. I don't understand why BR is not utilising suso, Shelvey, coates, assaidi effectively... Oh we don't have depth in squad...
17th Feb 2013 9:27
17th Feb 2013 9:46
"Good old Rodgers. First he praises the younger players, then he publically criticises them, then he bemoans the need for 'experience'. How about going Rodgers and letting a proper manager manage the squad, sorry 'group' OK as he would say."
17th Feb 2013 9:56
"The lad is too small for this league. Same with Sterling,Allen and Borini."
17th Feb 2013 10:00
"Do everything that is needed to keep this boy at Anfield. He will be one of the best players in the world until 23-24"
17th Feb 2013 10:18
"Suso is a very good player and reads the game well. Hopefully BR will play him more and I'm glad he is keeping no. 30, I just bought a jersey with his number 30 on it! All the best Suso. YNWA!"
17th Feb 2013 10:29
" Brush2000 when the likes of you start supporting the club as hard as the owners, manager and players work as hard as they do for the club, things will start to improve. If you cannot support this club, become a munuppet!!! "
17th Feb 2013 10:30
"I think Suso is a brilliant player with the ability to unlock the tightest defences. He is not a winger and should play in an advanced midfikled role. e is comfortable on the ball and not easily bullied. I would like to see more of him if only as a sub, and less Allen"
17th Feb 2013 10:31
" mushroomscou what like Lucas, bet you ged him out too...........time will prove you wrong."
17th Feb 2013 10:37
"mushroom? What? like Modric , Silva, Fabregas, Arteta etc. It's all about ability and Suso has tons of it. He will develop into a great playmaker, remember he is just 19."
17th Feb 2013 10:37
"Rodgers is a coward."
17th Feb 2013 10:47
" JosLFC4ever you are a !!! Which premier league team do you manage? LOL"
17th Feb 2013 13:07
"Suso is a gifted player but him and Assiadi don't get a chance..I don't know about Coates anymore after his last outing.but BR need to give Assaidi and suso a few games to show what they can do starting today at home."
17th Feb 2013 13:28
"keep working Suso...YNWA!"
kool ass
17th Feb 2013 13:30
"I think Brendan Rodgers knows what his doing keep putting younger players in big 'have to win games' can backfire and burnout the player in other word overuse a player Suso is nineteen and hes played like what 21 games this year same with raheem sterling he played like 35 games this year and lately hasn't been on form."
17th Feb 2013 14:44
"Zidane not a bad idol to have though. "
SGM 73
17th Feb 2013 17:23
"Mushroomscouser you don't half talk a load of twaddle sometimes. Suso is 5'8. Maradonna was 5'5. Zola was 5'6". Mata is 5'7, David Silva 5'7. Carzorla 5'6. So your opinion is pure nonsense. And quit the keyboard warrior talk pal.. Anyone can act the big man online.. "
17th Feb 2013 21:06
"Please BR give the boy an extended run in the middle trio. We don't have much to play for anymore so why not? We are crying out for Suso type of player to craft some magic in the middle."