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If Suarez puts his shooting boots on, Lucas plays instead of Allen and Gerrard is in full flow, then we'll thrash Zenit at Anfield (not to mention a deafening Kop!) COME ON LIVERPOOL!! Prove the critics wrong! YNWA
15th Feb 2013 8:26
SGM 73
15th Feb 2013 8:27
"We weren't in any real danger until the goals went in. We just got punished for not taking our chances. A harsh lesson for BR to be almost out of all competitions by Feb. One that I don't think he will get a chance to make again at our club. The standard has been set by sacking KD, let's hope our owners are consistent."
15th Feb 2013 8:29
"european night has always been super special for many years at anfield. we must deliver and we have to do it with a convincing scoreline. "
15th Feb 2013 8:30
"This website could use a better pic of SG .. He looks like 50 in this pic.."
15th Feb 2013 8:32
"no excuses. lets be more agressive and take the game to zenit at anfield. be more clinical in front of goal. CMON YOU REDMEN!"
15th Feb 2013 8:33
"I used to believe in BR's way of coaching the team but now its seems that he is not the right person to take liverpool where it should be. It was really disgraceful yesterday to watch our team get beaten by a team which is not that strong. Our players are becoming pathetic day by day. Look at suarez and Gerrard. Who can be our saviour now? That's the question. "
15th Feb 2013 8:34
"thats right...sloppy!...defensively we are a bit sloppy!. "
15th Feb 2013 8:35
"Need a miracle to qualify. Even if we score goals in Anfield, our defence is so poor that we can't keep a clean sheet. So, we have to outnumber them by 3 goals. Mission Impossible..."
15th Feb 2013 8:36
"I have been a supporter for 39 years and I'm 46 now. I have seen us coming back so many times and I support you Steven and go get them. I'm concerned though about our defense. Silly and stupid mistakes from internationals is not acceptable. With our best striker not having his best night, we should at most keep it 0-1. Cont..."
15th Feb 2013 8:40
"Hard luck - walk on!"
15th Feb 2013 8:40
"Yesterday when i watched the match i did not believe my eyes. is this really our team? From the first minute of the match we could have conceded the first goal! our defense was no where! and when suarez got all those opportunities to score he just wasted them! it seems that our players have forgot what is playing football and specially playing football for LFC. Who can be our next Bill Shankly? "
15th Feb 2013 8:41
"I cannot fault BR for Suarez easy missed chances. I don't think BR tells GJ not to concentrate, after all he's 28 and England 'best fullback'!! I don't think BR tells MS to invite forewords inside the 18 and shoot. Again, he's an international and has experience (never rated him much). Cont..."
15th Feb 2013 8:46
"I fault BR for: 1) seeing JA struggle in the first 15 min and not do anything about it. Whenever Allen plays Gerrard stays deep and whenever Lucas play Gerrard goes foreword . So, it's a trust and lack of trust issue. It that was Suso, Brendan would've taken him out. And who gave the ball away for the first goal!!!!!! 2) why not buy a player for this tournament is beyond me. Cont..."
15th Feb 2013 8:52
"We all can tell LS is tired and he's human and makes mistakes. Remember last year when Van Persi missed a crucial chance against AC Milan. It just happens. Both Coutinho and Sturridge cannot play in this league and Brendan knew!! What did he do! Nothing and still reliant on Suarez and Raheem!!!!!! Last night game was Assaidi type of game and BR got it wrong tactically! "
15th Feb 2013 9:04
"We need the brilliance of Stevie G and Suarez in the second leg to beat Zenit. Rodgers also need to find a way to stop that beast Hulk who was rampaging through our midfield and defense last night at will. "
15th Feb 2013 9:06
"BR, please sell Assaidi in summer if you can't play him. Watching Sterling last night was frustrating, Assaidi should have started or at least, shoulda been there on the bench."
15th Feb 2013 9:11
"With our fans providing a European Night that would deafen and frighten the Zenit players we can pull through this setback! Be confident and do your talking on the field! Come on Liverpool we know we can do it! YNWA!"
15th Feb 2013 9:15
"Stevei G ..i never doubt ur figiting spirit .. i doubt BRs tactical know how and the idiotic team selections he makes ..Allen , Downing ..Borini...are all crap ..Raheem can play max 30 mins and should be hauled off..Where is Assaidi ?? Yesil ??? "
15th Feb 2013 9:16
"Yes,Stevie,we can do that,cause Zenit defence is worse than our...Their CB's stay too wide,make short balls and so on.WE MUST PLAY WITH 2 FORWARDS.When Sturridge played along Luis,WE GOT results(City and Arsenal),fact.So,somebody need to replace Daniel next Thursday and help Suarez.4-4-2 and we'll win 2,3-0.YNWA>"
15th Feb 2013 9:22
"A win would be great, but however unlikely,it doesn't put humpty together again or turn this season into anything near like what is expected at this club. Our owners need to sell up. "
15th Feb 2013 9:22
"Steven G, you are such legend. Pls we need a turnaround fast, some of us are losing our mind as concerning the state of our beloved club."
15th Feb 2013 9:27
"I'm glad your making a point of the sloppy defending, Johnson standing still for the second goal was dreadful and embarrasing for a player of his experience."
15th Feb 2013 9:27
"If we re going to carry on spending £27.5m on the likes of Allen and Borini, young high risk players, we will never make any progress. We need to invest money in proven experienced players and managers and bring existing players up from the academy.The policy of gambling on youth underlines BR and FSG are clueless."
15th Feb 2013 9:30
"Will we score in the home leg? 100% Yes. Will we concede in the home leg? 100% Yes. Therefore we will need to score four goals and hope we only concede the one. But without Sturridge, forget it."
15th Feb 2013 9:32
"Sure you can counton the fans to provide the atmosphere but do the players believe in BR? From what we've seen the past few games, I doubt it. BR is way out of his depth and his press conferences only confirms this. Praying for a miracle. YNWA"
15th Feb 2013 9:40
"come on stevie even you cant actually believe that. our defence is so poor all zenit have to do is score 1 goal at anfield(which is not at all hard to do these days) and we'r out of the cup. doesnt matter how many we score we'r out. yes the liverpool of old could do turn the game around but not the current team. hope to God im wrong though."
15th Feb 2013 9:43
15th Feb 2013 9:43
"Don't play Suarez Sunday. He is burnt out. Get him rested for the zenit game."
15th Feb 2013 9:48
"yes stevie can be in top form during the return leg but he cant do evrything by himself. he cant defend and score at the same time. the whole team has to word extra hard. they should not take it easy for a single minute. "
15th Feb 2013 9:54
"i was at the Auxerre game when we overturned a 2-0 deficit.... still the greatest night i've ever had at Anfield. 'wheres your famous atmosphere?' the away fans sing...if ever there was a night for the Kop to wake up, this is it, should be a special night"
15th Feb 2013 9:59
"Massive fan of Rodgers but this job is too big for him. We are going backwards and our season is over and its not even March. Rodgers out and then sell all the rubbish which has been bought over the last two years. Then offer Mourinho the keys to Liverpool to rebuild our team."
15th Feb 2013 10:09
"Given the difference between the PL and the russian league, Zenit should't be much better than Wigan, Sunderland, Fulham, Norwich who we beat 3-0, 4-0 and 5-0 at Anfield. Of course it's possible, but the way things are looking now, not likely."
15th Feb 2013 10:14
"reduolf forget the come back, the team is just throwing smoke into the eyes of the supporters! the problem of our club is really serious, I hope you have understood me! YNWA"
15th Feb 2013 10:14
"reduolf forget the come back, the team is just throwing smoke into the eyes of the supporters! the problem of our club is really serious, I hope you have understood me! YNWA"
15th Feb 2013 10:18
"Brendan is not the right manager to take Liverpool forward. Why on earth did he played allen instead of lucas??????????????"
15th Feb 2013 10:27
"Watching the Zenit game i have come to the sad conclusion that with BR in charge we are going backwards. He is clearly not a manager for a club like Liverpool. I have supported him but enough is enough.......The game"
15th Feb 2013 10:31
"was so gutted last night at this result, it was almost a re-run of the west brom game! i hope we can have yet another magic anfield night in europe in the next game, but 2 games without sturridge and we lost twice! And i hope its just a blib but sterling is nowhere near the player he was in the first few games of the season! #ifsuarezdontscorenoonedoes. YNWA"
15th Feb 2013 10:32
"yesterday convinced me that we need a top class manager who,s been there and done it. Mourinho certainly foots the bill. We are a team in decline. Out of both domestic cups no were near top 4 and on the verge of oblivion in Europe........... Our "
15th Feb 2013 10:33
"ha not as long as you got a hole in yr backside you cant defend for toffie .and the kop since br has taken over is dead europe nights are over at anfield for a few years .unlesss you win the fair play leage but gobby suarez gets booked to many times for that .turn zenit over .with all the optilisum in the world dont be silly"
15th Feb 2013 10:33
"Lucas in Allen out then we may stand a chance. To many sloppy passes by far.............."
15th Feb 2013 10:34
"this is a i miss the 2008/09 class of players....this current group lacks drive...look confused..."
15th Feb 2013 10:34
"That's what we need to hear from Capt Fantastic. Can he instill that mentality into his fellow team-mates, because that is what's lacking at times. Last night was sickening, so many missed opportunities and then two poorly-given away goals. So problems at both ends but defence has become a worrying area. Please tighten up and dont lose concentration or "nod off". YNWA"
15th Feb 2013 10:38
15th Feb 2013 10:39
"Why on earth play Allen as a holding midfielder ? They kept on coming at us through the middle exposing are central defenders. Can,t BR see this. Going foward only Suarez was a threat and he should not be missing those chances. PATHETIC DISPLAY"
dangerous davis
15th Feb 2013 10:41
"the middle had a hole in it allen not the man for that job that is y.he cant handle that position"
dangerous davis
15th Feb 2013 10:42
"the middle had a hole in it allen not the man for that job that is y.he cant handle that position"
15th Feb 2013 10:43
"I believe that our recent good results have been down to Daniel Sturridge incredible but true. Two games without him and we have struggled. Last night only Reina and Carra were worth the shirt they were wearing."
15th Feb 2013 10:46
"It is obvious that some of our players are suffering from burn out already-....I tell you this summer will be interesting for LFC and FSG.... One of my biggest fear is that Steven Gerrard is getting older and no PL yet and NO ONE to replace his talent and passion,,,,,,"
Big Eyes ex R.S.A
15th Feb 2013 10:46
"Slowly running out of patience I am the eternal optimist however every time the ball goes into our box we look vulnerable when we attack the opposition doesn't look vulnerable, I am also sad to say we wasted £25m on two players in the summer I am 53 and I can pass the ball better than one of them, I also do a fair amount of road running so I can run around clueless up front."
15th Feb 2013 10:48
"last night could have ended up 5-3 to zenit only for great performance from Pepe,and a bad one from Luis,I do believe we can get 3 or 4 next week, but I dont believe we can keep a clean sheet."
15th Feb 2013 10:53
"BR and half the team must leave before we end up like Leeds. A FALLEN GIANT"
15th Feb 2013 10:54
"Last nights game was BRs biggest euro game of his career!! We have won the European cup 5 times and we are taking risks letting some unproven manager handle this club. Get rafa back at the end of the season!!"
15th Feb 2013 10:54
"if we dont get through are season is affriad.its been such a rollercoaster season. we have faith but something is wrong i dont know if its the fitness or the players we have but its not right"
15th Feb 2013 10:55
"I still think Brendan is the right man to eventually get us the where we should be, but he is learning like a lot of his players, he makes mistakes like all managers/coaches and last night he played Raheem, a kid that was clearly out of his depth in that atmosphere and Allen not strong enough, hope he learns. "
15th Feb 2013 10:57
"Get RAFA back. All fans...and players can now admit it was much better during his reign. He won the European cup (FSG take note if you want to make money) and reached another european final. He messed up 1 season and should have been allowed to put things right! Get someone who cares for the club"
15th Feb 2013 11:00
"I wish Sturridge was eligible because that's Wat we missed-a player in the box but the hope that fills my heart when Stevie says that is priceless #stevie4president "
15th Feb 2013 11:05
"People talking about Mourinho, get real! "
15th Feb 2013 11:17
"Let's do it for Carra, we don't want him to lose his 150th European game, and we most certainly don't want it to be his last"
15th Feb 2013 11:21
"This miracle is one too far zenit will counter attack us quicker and better on our pitch.FSG marker should be drawn from last season King Kenny's squad bought us 2 trophies we'll win nothing with Rogers #FACT."
15th Feb 2013 11:41
"We can still win if there be alot of practice in finishing and if we get more creative other than just Suarez being the creative force, but I just cant see us go through after this maybe if we had scored a goal"
15th Feb 2013 11:50
"Why oh why did we buy two players that are inelagible for the europa league.We would have one last night had sturridge been available!!!!No stevie we cant win this one cause suerez is burnt out to many games and not enough rest!!"
15th Feb 2013 11:53
"stop dreaming....zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz"
15th Feb 2013 11:57
"Do we really have no "next Steven gerrard" ?? Once he's gone, LFC r in deep trouble"
15th Feb 2013 12:11
"Main culprit for this HUGE mess are FSG who interviewed several managers for LFC job. We became the laughing stock & many stayed away from this joke recruitment. After R Martinez stepped out they finally set their choice on BR because of his Football plan doent with NO CV, No experience & NO trophy, only an above average season with Swansea finishing below LFC. we sow what we reap"
15th Feb 2013 12:11
"The glorious times when we crushed Real away & home and were difficult to beat in Europe under master tactician R Benitez just a few years back is hard to believe now. We were in Top 4 & Champions L up to 1/4, 1/2 & finals almost every year. Sorry he was sacked for 1 off year when Torres & Gerrard & Aquillani were mostly injured. Look where we are now...Yesterday (continued)"
15th Feb 2013 12:11
"(continued) Yesterday, all my troubles seemed so far away. Now it looks as though they're here to stay. Oh, I believe in yesterday...Why she had to go I don't know, she wouldn't say. I said something wrong. Now I long for yesterday. Yesterday, love was such an easy game to play Now I need a place to hide away Oh,I believe in yesterday.."
15th Feb 2013 12:15
"Just hope FSG have enough money left to compensate BR and his staff when they relieve him of his duties in the summer. Still,maybe the sales of Borini and Allen will go some way towards it. Who'd have thought all the KK haters would have to admit that Allen is not even in Charlie Adams league as a player!!"
15th Feb 2013 12:20
"i believe we can come back in this tie at anfield YNWA!!!!!!!!!!!! come on the reds"
Billy B girl
15th Feb 2013 12:26
"Want BR out and Rafa Benitez back - I am sure you can do it Stevie but you will have to play your own game and ignore the clown Rodgers - guide the others do your own thing and we will be okay - what a sad time it is at Anfield - hope we get some fans that can sing for you!"
15th Feb 2013 12:27
"Bouncerlfc94 what makes you think we can win this???We need to score 3 Lets be real if sturridge were playing id say yes but he aint so wake up and smell the coffee!!!"
15th Feb 2013 12:35
"TheAnalyst. Mourinho coming to Liverpool is not that far fetched mate. He wants to come back to the PL and making Liverpool great again would be a challenge he would relish and it suits his ego. Ancelloti would be great to."
15th Feb 2013 12:38
"Rodgers said it was near perfect away performance!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Is the man on drugs, Rodgers go back to Swansea"
15th Feb 2013 12:41
"you can can stevie suarez reina carra and all reds.Good luck guys.YNWA"
Rushjob _
15th Feb 2013 12:44
"Billy B 1226- Im hearing that he has been anyway. G and Carra meant to have had a meeting with BR over Xmas about playing style. BR then altered it- genius move, or wilting to players? Rafa played G on the right, Stevie didnt like it- Rafa still played him on the right. Thats management."
15th Feb 2013 12:45
"Euroanfield!!This is what will happen mourinio will take charge of man city next season because they have money and he can buy decent players.He wont come to us cause FSG are skint and that tight that they sqeak so wise up!!!!"
15th Feb 2013 12:48
"Yea right...duh!"
15th Feb 2013 12:49
"Truth is until we have 2 world class players for each position we are going to get more of this mediocore stuff and for now i guess we will have to live with it!!!SAD BUT TRUE....."
15th Feb 2013 12:54
"Sorry Stevie Another season over!!! We must change this trend as we will be knowen as a mid table club. YNWA"
15th Feb 2013 12:59
"I was in support of BR from the start but due to his team selections/poor use of subsutions/cringe worthy media interviews I am not so sure now. He seems to have a great vision for the club but lacks the ability to make it a reality. I have seen enough, we need a top class manager look at Swansea they have improved since BR left."
15th Feb 2013 13:06
"The times, they are strange. So Stevie Gerrard will have wasted his best years on a club that is unwilling to spend on a quality supporting cast."
15th Feb 2013 13:10
15th Feb 2013 13:12
"I wish I shared the enthusiasm of SG! He has to say these things as he is a leader. Surely he knows with BR it is highly unlikely we will progress with this group! Well Hope in your Heart and all that the Dreams are certainly being Tossed and Blown! "
15th Feb 2013 13:13
"wit ur xperienc, we xpect u 2 voice ur displeasures 2 rodgers after his tactical blunders. if a player has an off day or nt performing in a concluded formatn, cant he make changes? only rodgers can explain his formatn yesterday cos i can c d distance btwn d mids & suarez is like uk to africa. i dnt blame individual player cos d coach was there watching him 4 90mins."
15th Feb 2013 13:14
"This is BR's first foray into Europe and he has been found wanting as have other managers in the past. What you do in away games is have a solid defense and cram the midfield and then go for the counter attack and away goal. The pitch was nasty and light weight players like Allen and Sterling could not cope.CONTD"
Save us Kenny
15th Feb 2013 13:16
"We need some steel and experience. Build around spine of Coloccini, Agger, Gerrard, Alonso, Sneijder, Huntelaar, Suarez then add youth around them."
15th Feb 2013 13:18
"My worry currently is in the Team selection policy that BR has. He changes adecent winning team for the sake of changing. Our previous three games to the WBA yielded 11 goals at home and then he goes and chages the formation and chooses the wrong players.BR must learn to stick with a winning 11 and I am afraid Joe Allen is out of his depth at LFC.CONTD"
15th Feb 2013 13:20
"If they sacked Rogers now and put kenny in charge for the rest of the season who know what may happen. At least we can go oooh and aarrr as we hit the wood work. Let us face it it was really only the woodwork that didn't want Kenny to do well! Oaky give BR until after the Swansea match...."
15th Feb 2013 13:20
"Sterling has lost that ability to go past players as soon as he signed the contract. Jose keeps on trying to beat the whole opposition. Glen Johnson doesn't make the right decision of when to pass and when to dribble and he can't croos the ball into the right areas. Stevie G's game is affected by all of this going on. Luis just had an off day."
15th Feb 2013 13:23
"Charlie Adam..bought for 9 million...sold for 4 million help buy Joe Allen for 15 million! Carroll deemed surplus to requirements as BR's next signing "Will excite the fans"....he was talking about Borini! Assadi....where is he?!! Yesil....?"
15th Feb 2013 13:25
"I just hope that next week we have those Anfield nights where we are unbeatable. The fans must get behind the team no matter who is chosen. I hope we go with an all out attack next week Better to die fighting then go out with a wimper.BR just needs to show the players videos of famous Anfiled European nights and get that Red Blood going.YNWA"
15th Feb 2013 13:27
"L-MAN07 Yesil out for 6 to 9 months with ligament injury. "
15th Feb 2013 13:29
"Why include Suso and wisdom and then not play them when things are not going right. I am still stupified as to when Suso will get a decent run instead of Allen. Same size but a lot more skillful and mobile. Allen cannot be a holding midfield player when he gets brushed off easily."
15th Feb 2013 13:32
"Basically it's halftime and we're down 2-nil. IF we can defend, which has obviously been a problem lately, we can score 2 and at least get to OT or a shootout. I'm going to keep the faith until the final whistle blows. YNWA"
15th Feb 2013 13:34
"Captain Fantastic, with all respect, please don't dream. There is a 99% chance that Zenit will score against us at the rate we are going. We need at least 4 goals to go through and this is provided we can keep them at 1 away goal. I respect you as a mighty Red Warrior but please respect us in return by being realistic. YNWA."
15th Feb 2013 13:43
"Stop to lying you fans Stevie. Stop you unreliable dream. Zenit are better than WBrom"
15th Feb 2013 13:45
"Been RED at heart since 1974, but are startin to believe YNWA means You'll Never Win Anything :( These are indeed Rock Hard Times (The Eels)"
Billy B girl
15th Feb 2013 13:46
"Rushjob9 - I know SG had issues with Rafa as did we all at one time but I think SG would welcome a top class manager be it Rafa, Ancelotti, Krupp or The Sneaky One (he's off to Chelski anyway. I think Carra and SG already had words with BR hence the contin..."
Billy B girl
15th Feb 2013 13:48
"change of play in the last 6-8 weeks then BR goes back to his own ways! either way he just has to go but I would urge fans to at least get behind these guys who are probably feeling the way we are (I know they are on big money) but look at their body language! Shameful Rodgers"
Billy B girl
15th Feb 2013 13:49
"FSG waiting until second leg and Swansea game to act ???"
15th Feb 2013 13:52
"Thanks for the Yesil update LFC1958."
15th Feb 2013 14:08
"Hope Spurs finish 4th and Arsenal 5th but win the CL - that's how much I hate spurs fans. Also, just moved Croydon way so my local team is Palace and hope they get premoted so I can catch the odd LFC game..."
15th Feb 2013 14:10
"Lets face it FSGs vision was 4th spot so we have missed that with BR!! Will not be suprised if he gets the bullet after the swans game.Do we bring back RAfa????The dury is out!!!!!"
15th Feb 2013 14:15
"Stevie G and Carragher are the ones who should be allowed to talk to the media the other clowns need to keep their mouths firmly shut and delver on the field. For all the hype they drivel to the media they come up short when it really matters. Pleaes BR keep the idiots away from the media and make them work harder on the field. "
15th Feb 2013 14:17
"May be the fans should sing the song "Yesterday" during the match this sunday?"
15th Feb 2013 14:18
"We are spinless!Dont mean that in a bad way but pepe looks past his best so is SG Jamies boots are to be hung up no mid field general need re-build back to front."
15th Feb 2013 14:28
"Yes Liverpool can pull it round , the Liverpool of the late eighties. This lot , I think you could get a very good argument against us turning it round. Put it this way , I have no faith in this team or manager to get a result against Swansea never mind Zenit. Its shameful how far this club has fallen."
15th Feb 2013 14:36
"So dont matter that we are the laughing stock of the prem as long as the manager can speak to the media!!!!INTERESTING!!!!NOT...Ian ayre said we were well balanced well not going by the last few results we aint...."
15th Feb 2013 14:46
"Do we speak out now or sit on our hands and whistle dixie and end up in the lower divisions???? Cause were i am looking it aint getting any better now is it??? Not saying sack the man NO That would be too previous. All i know is the clock is running down!!!!"
15th Feb 2013 14:52
"I do not understand why Suarez must play alone in front.He need partner even that is Borini.and I also do not know,why Hendo must play at wing."
15th Feb 2013 15:03
"Its got that bad that my work colleages bought me a LFC mug with Andrew carol on it and when i unwrapped it they fell about laughing!!!embaresing or what!!!!"
dangerous davis
15th Feb 2013 15:05
"the middle had a hole in it allen not the man for that job that is y.he cant handle that position"
15th Feb 2013 15:06
"i'm trust and confident in Gerrard rather than BR words... i know the differents between determination and stupid philosophy...."
15th Feb 2013 15:27
"LFCforthewin What is the last LFC game you saw them win? We do t care about post match interviews. Rafa back at the end of the season. We can't afford to take anymore risks with unproven managers. We've won the European cup 5 times we want the next manager to show us a cup he's won before he shows us his philosophy. Rafa beat mourinho over two legs all the time!!"
15th Feb 2013 15:32
"We could/should have had a goal in 2nd minute last night, only trouble is, they almost had one in 1st , but all is not lost, an early goal next week & crowd behind us ?"
15th Feb 2013 15:35
"Dream dream dream comes to mind!!!!"
15th Feb 2013 15:35
"Rubbish! But thank you for admitting that you conceded sloppy goals! Now do something about it. As for the chance that the team will turn this round, I DOUBT IT! With the way we have been inconsistent, let's just be real, we are as good as OUT!!!"
15th Feb 2013 15:42
"The atmosphere at anfield NEEDS to be special. This season, anfield has been about as atmospheric as a prison. I'm calling on everyone at the Zenit game to sign their hearts out and spur the team on, to make Anfield a fortress again."
Scouse Harper
15th Feb 2013 15:44
"Borini is completely anonymous and has had more chances than he deserves. Allen is weak and out of his league. These 2 carry Rogers' judgement and future with them. Liverpool are slowly slipping down the tube. After all their inspiration and work Stevie and Carra deserve better."
15th Feb 2013 15:53
"Inspiring stuff from the all talk no action captain. Try turning up for once "
15th Feb 2013 16:03
"Ganpati bappa morrya!! "
15th Feb 2013 16:10
"Listen to Mushroomscouser and LFC1958 They talk sense. The likes of Allen, Enrique, Sterling, and Johnson are RUBBISH. And please you guys stop mentioning Assadi and Susso they are too fragile. We need MEN not boys. If i were FSG i would go see KD with some HUMBLE PIE! "
15th Feb 2013 16:13
15th Feb 2013 16:39
"I don't get it. Does Rodgers watch the games back after a match? It's evident from the last 6 matches. We only play well or win when we have two strikers and Allen/Shelvey do not play and Lucas starts. Borini is a striker. He's been injured but now fit. When Sturridge wasn't available why did he not start. Most games when Suarez has been the lone striker we have underperformed"
15th Feb 2013 16:42
"Continue dreaming. The fact is that there are no quality players and Rodgers is not the experienced manager Liverpool require. ForRodgers the club was too big for him and should have the decencty to resign at the end of the season or else he gets fired"
15th Feb 2013 16:50
"Shelvey is not a Striker/Forward... Why does Gerrard hang back when Allen plays? Or is it Allen not going forward? When Lucas came on against Zenit, immediatley we gaot control. He dominated and Gerrad moved forward. Henderson and Downing have only performed well in two matches. Arsenal & City. Need consistancy and Efficiency"
15th Feb 2013 17:09
"Zenit play on that Humpy Dumpy pitch every other week, so wait till they play at the lush Anfield.It 's not looking good is it? "
15th Feb 2013 17:18
"KK must be bemused by what is going on....The club he loves and always did his best for is tearing its self apart. All we can do is hope all goes well from now to the end of the season..."
15th Feb 2013 18:22
"If anyone can save liverpools season its our Captain Fantastic,see you at anfield next Thursday Stevie,im gonna be cheering you on like the rest of Anfield,lets have another Olympiacos result,score us some amazing goals,see you there,YNWA"
15th Feb 2013 19:29
""If anyone can pull it back, it's us." I believe in SG"
15th Feb 2013 20:19
"If the crowd get behind the lads like everyone in the world know we can win the 2nd leg and get through 2 next round come on you red YNWA"
15th Feb 2013 20:29
"my LFC line up.. Reina.. Glen..Carra..Agger..Enrique Downing..Gerrard..Lucas.Sterling..Borini..Suarez.. pls drop allen hes crap now..period.. "
Mr Ostrich
15th Feb 2013 21:09
"I have nothing but respect for Steven Gerrard. He has stuck with us through thick and thin. Let's face it, he has sacrificed winning trophies and honours to stay a one-man club. If he wanted to win trophies he should have left 3 years ago."
15th Feb 2013 21:15
"Auxerre- 1991!!! Still rememebr it well. We can get 2-0 in 90 minutes and a winner from Gerrad in extra time!"
15th Feb 2013 21:22
"All you guys who talk about the special one or other big manager coming here are off your rocker. One main reason they will ask for mega bucks to buy mega players and that isn't going to happen FSG have their philosophy and they aren't going to change that, so just support BR as we are stuck with him and I think he will learn from some of the errors he's made."
15th Feb 2013 21:25
"we badly need some experienced players for these kind of nights. remember mac allister n hamman. but BR loves young boys instead"
15th Feb 2013 21:29
"Mr Ostrich he is a legend and with out him we would not have won some many games "
Always A Red
15th Feb 2013 22:46
"FSG want kidz and dey wanted a young manager - BR! BR is not the one wating win nowt with kidz - top owners would have got Sneijder and other class players. i just feel sorry for Stevie G - no Prem League on his CV"
Always A Red
15th Feb 2013 22:52
"i love you Stevie G, but you no longer have Alonso and Mascherano alongside you Captain - even if we do it, we wont win the Europa League if we cant hold on to leads..Gunners/ many good teams in Europa!"