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Teams around the world need to boycott Zenit and other teams who have these racial practises. Do not do any type of business with them. Do not buy or sell from them.
14th Feb 2013 10:36
14th Feb 2013 10:57
"No one goes into this game blind. Everybody knows what to expect from their fans. Liverpool players must rise above other peoples nonsense! Let them be good at being prejudice. Let us be good at football on the day and beat them. Then they can go home and talk about that."
14th Feb 2013 11:14
"Just get through tonight"
14th Feb 2013 11:26
"Eusebio Its not the club that is behind such views, it is their fans, they were punished by RFA (Russian FA) by having 5 of Zenit's home games hosted with no fans from either team allowed in the stands. They were playing at an empty stadium with the fans watching the game at home on TV. Mark my words."