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keep working hard it took lucas, henderson, downing, a while to settle in.
14th Feb 2013 9:59
14th Feb 2013 10:00
"C'mon Redmen it's time to deliver! YNWA"
14th Feb 2013 10:06
"You better work your socks off quick or you're gone buddy!"
14th Feb 2013 10:07
"Let's take game by game and see where we can finish, looking too much far could be risky in sight of the upcoming games, we got burned very often when we started to question in that way. Please Joe, no more sloppy passes, we want by you a performance on european stage as that you did against Udinese at Fruiuli, full of character and domineering! Best of luck for tonight Joe! YNWA Joe Allen"
14th Feb 2013 10:26
"work hard and change the views of many"
14th Feb 2013 10:54
"lol hell joe love your optimism , cant see us getting much further in this ,"
14th Feb 2013 10:57
"Just win n stop talking..."
14th Feb 2013 11:00
"Keep going, Joe - you have shown how good you truly are at the beginning of the season and I have no doubt you'll get there :) "
14th Feb 2013 11:14
"Big game from you tonight"
14th Feb 2013 12:01
"Is there a reason why Joe Allen being given so many interviews I think it is better for everyone concerned that he focusses on his training if he wants to be regular at Anfield."
14th Feb 2013 12:14
"Enough of the talk talk we are sick of it.Actions speak louder than words.!!"
14th Feb 2013 12:20
"I can see how sick and tired some are of talk, opening and reading this article! LFC players talking to the press-whatever next! If Joe gets his form back (Like Lucas has done)we'll be better as a team; tackling and passing-work on those key atributes as far as I'm concerned."
14th Feb 2013 12:49
"I think we should STOP TALKING about getting to finals or winning trophies UNTIL it happens. Our results have been so inconsistent who knows what will happen. There are a lot of good team in this competition and we haven't beaten a good team since last seasons 4-1 v Chelsea. START WINNING GAMES FIRST. TALK LATER."
14th Feb 2013 12:53
""win games, talk later" - what do you suggest? Utter silence and no news until we win a game? He's just being optimistic, for christ's sake. God forbid he's answers some questions. Something quite a few people on this site could take note of. God forbid he answers a few questions, right? No reason we can't win the tournament. Up the Reds YNWA"
14th Feb 2013 13:13
"T28. And they are still nowhere good enough for a top side. We need me not boys."