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it's a shame that in 2013 we are still talking about of sexual and racial discrimination at that laude of the football globe, we as LFC are making a lot to promote the virtues of a society multicultural and tolerant, I hope that even other european federations will make the same very soon YNWA LFC
12th Feb 2013 12:21
12th Feb 2013 11:14
"We're deeply agonised by yesterday's defeat. The worst nightmare is the players may give up that there's going to no CL and play very badly like they did at the end of last season. I don't think we can win the EL either. We can't match the physicality of lukaku, benteke, walters. How 're we going to match HULK ?"
12th Feb 2013 11:50
"Hulk is one player, you forgetting Axel Witsel and Danny. I believe we got a chance to take something away from this game, forget yesterdy and move on. YNWA"
12th Feb 2013 11:57
"We need a real Director at LFC not inexperienced ones (like Ayre)& someone who is hardly present at Anfield but in the US (Werner) Poor leadership in that crucial position brings us towards the bottom with numerous errors. Look at Arsenal when D Dein left. "
Rushjob _
12th Feb 2013 12:06
"Can see a 'player walk off' coming on Thursday eve..... Then zero back up from Uefa....."
12th Feb 2013 12:36
"Send the LFC ladies team - that should take care of the issues, and possibly a defendable result :)"
12th Feb 2013 13:06
" Step self belief there is only way to find out if you can do something for fan "
Always A Red
12th Feb 2013 13:26
"the boys looked real tired last night. Bad ball control from Johnson and Agger - they both play at international level. Stevie should have gone with power - how did we lose that game?"
12th Feb 2013 13:46
"draw draw and loss in last three wid a good performance? We lack something n that is my concern..."
12th Feb 2013 13:50
"Team must learn to keep their shape. Make sure we at least get a point with a nil nil and the goals will come.Used to win many games in last 10 minutes. Play Johnson further forward as he can't defend. We must have full backs who stop crosses coming in."
LFC Nuuk Greenland
12th Feb 2013 14:04
"We can match ANYBODY. Keep up the faith lads. YNWA"
12th Feb 2013 14:09
"Looks like Ian Ayre got over the West Brom defeat already! We need more passionate people in the hierarchy of the club. The truth is defeat just doesn't hurt people like Ayre, Warner & J Henry, they don't care as long as money is coming in."
12th Feb 2013 14:29
"He did not answer the important question : What if the team walks off if there's a racial abuse ? What will happen to the result then ?"
Red Yank 1969
12th Feb 2013 14:55
"Im more concerned by the fact that Mr. Henry hasnt been to Anfield this season, what about Anfields refurbishment, and inconsistancy....thats what concerns me. Tired of losing....players need a good kick uo the backside..they do not fear Rodgers"
12th Feb 2013 15:06
"LFC Nuuk, are you really from Greenland?? Awesome."
12th Feb 2013 15:55
"Has Mr Ayre heard of one Hulk?"
12th Feb 2013 16:21
"I hope that this not an excuse for not performing well"
12th Feb 2013 16:22
"Nothing has changed from the 1980s when the club wrote numerous times to UEFA and the FA over concerns about the Heysel Stadium, issues over problems at Hillsborough - they were always completely ignored. If our players walk off the field due to racist abuse of black players, the club will be kicked out of the Eureka League."
12th Feb 2013 16:33
"Cozen_ i have supported Liverpool for over 40yrs and not once have i EVER wanted them to loose. Yes we need major change but all the fans have to stick together and see the truth. FSG are destroying this club with a transfer policy based solely on a financial business plan. We need top quality players in their prime and forget re-sale value."
12th Feb 2013 16:41
"Blaming players who just arent good enou8gh isnt the answer. Nor is sacking a manager who doesn't get the complete backing of the owners in transfer windows. FSG need to spend good money on at least 3 experienced professional footballers in the summer who can give 5 yrs of quality football or we will just keep falling further and further behind."
Gerrard o ya beauty
12th Feb 2013 16:49
"Just play the game get a result and deal with it after the game if it happens. YNWA"
12th Feb 2013 17:03
12th Feb 2013 17:13
"Ian Ayre only know bout bringing more cash and goodie to the yankess and what do he know bout the great liverpool football club .Bring BR in to cover all this finacial lost of last year .BR is just a muppet in the hideout .Time will show the truth no need to argure."
12th Feb 2013 17:14
"REDSARGE - Yes, I agree with you. I wouldnt want them to lose the games if the situation was not like that. Im not judas, you can call me realist. If we perform like losing, after winning and then lose and win and lose, fans cannot see the truth. All Brendan and FSG do is hoodwink. So, this is the reason of why I say, we need a chaos. "
12th Feb 2013 17:16
"were going to every aspect of this game..if we play better then we did then against arsenal and man city for a europa leauge game .....this season is our own demise..under estimate everyone rubbish and everyone we should destroy sit back and make us destroy ourselves..without the right players we cant win jack.."
12th Feb 2013 17:16
"this british policy isnt working..neither is to do that to carroll when he was hittin the ground running absoulte tool ..tika taka rubbish"
12th Feb 2013 18:24
"why would you trust br with big money he cant get half the players hes got to pass ball"
12th Feb 2013 20:18
"What a lot of negativity there is in these comments, criticising everyone from Ayre down to the water boy, and hoping we lose and plunge the club into chaos. You may call yourselves fans but you're certainly not supporters - I see precious little support coming from most of you."
12th Feb 2013 21:02
"Cozen_ you are an abject waste of space. Get your dictionary out if you have one . Since when has wishing a team you claim to support would lose their next 2 games been described as realism. With fans like you who needs enemies. Fix up or jog on. Yes we are disappointed they lost but no real would wish the team ill luck"
12th Feb 2013 21:08
"Not often do I get riled by the negativity and stupidity of some users of this site but when someone starts wishing my beloved LFC should not progress , it becomes personal. No one is forced to support this club, no one is coerced to watch our games or make comments on this site. If you wish bad things on LFC, take it elsewhere. Praying for failure and saying its in frustration is not acceptable"
12th Feb 2013 21:54
"Racism out!...Just one quick word about Celtic Game tonight. . . . ONE QUESTION! What purpose do these extra officials behind goal serve? Are they blind....blatant fouling by Juventus defenders. Sorry for using this thread relating to Celtic....just so frustrating!! "
13th Feb 2013 0:49
"I'm can't predict the future, but I'm gonna hazard a guess and say, there will be trouble at the game - what I'd like to know is when are UEFA and FIFA gonna wake up and deal with these issues properly! Football as a whole has gone down hill fast in my opinion the authorities need to wake up!!"
13th Feb 2013 1:05
"Astonishing! after the 2 displays against manc and arse many "fans" were once again believing, West Brom was a bad result to take but getting at the manager and wanting chaos at Liverpool isnt gonna solve anything, "
13th Feb 2013 1:05
"the atmosphere at Anfield last night was the worst i have seen since i been going, they were laughing at us, i mean how much motivation can our team give when they can see every week so many "fans" are giving up on them. Wheres Istanbul crowd gone? YNWA "
13th Feb 2013 1:09
"People shouldn't use thsi thread to talk about off-subject things. It's very simple-racist or phobic chants, then UEFA heavily fine those responsible and if the club is involved, dock points from the 'co-efficents' so they are less likely to get into Europe again."
13th Feb 2013 3:45
"Liverpool FC should be doing more for their fans' safety at a place so far away. For example, provide buses or extra security personnel to police our fans and protect them"
13th Feb 2013 10:32
"The only concern is the number of goals we may concede against them."
13th Feb 2013 12:34
"This website seems to allow people to post racist, h o m ophobic and other comments prejudicial to mental illness, so maybe Ayre should invest in more reresources to help the Kop and forums make it more difficult for abusers such as timecode/12thman to keep making new profiles as he has been doing for over a year now."
13th Feb 2013 12:35
"Also - people who take time and effort to reprot h o m o phobes and other prejudiced people get banned hile the trolls carry on abusing. What a farce."
14th Feb 2013 15:44
"If there's so much racism in Russia, how did they get the right to host the 2018 world cup? With supporters like those Zenit have, expect some trouble tonight. Just hopefully it won't be serious. I'd love to see Sterling score, that would silence the racists."