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disappointed! a pity to have broken our unbeaten run, but we played on a difficult turf against a direct contender to the le in such a strong Elite Group! We are still there with the best, let's hope we bounce back immediately next Monday at home against West Brom and return to show all of good we have done until now! YNWA U21s Reds
11th Feb 2013 14:44
11th Feb 2013 14:49
"Bad luck guys :( Oh well at least give us the highlights, LFC TV. Adjust yourself quick and get ready to the next game lads, dont give up and give it all!! YNWA!"
11th Feb 2013 14:51
"Good run ended learn from this lads and come back stronger. One good reason Goal scorers on loan. Ngoo,Pacheco. YNWA"
11th Feb 2013 15:25
"Argh... Always those damn Spurs."
11th Feb 2013 15:32
"All good things have to come to an end unfortunately, and dealing with defeat is an important part of a players development. Just have to pick yourselves up afterworsd and carry on."
11th Feb 2013 15:51
"Is it just me or have the standards slipped at Kirkby since the departure of Pep Segura and the promotion of Rodolfo Borrell?"
11th Feb 2013 15:56
"I have been more than impressed with our under 21s so much so that we are creating a huge problem for ourselves with the club's transfer policy. Given that the first team squad average age is 22 and we wont buy senior players then where are all these under 21s going to go? This also holds back the under 19s and so on."
11th Feb 2013 16:25
"bad luck lads dont get to downhearted just dust yourselves down and push on and win the league if you can it was a great run YNWA JFT96"
11th Feb 2013 16:53
"Well, when we're missing the likes of Dani P, Morgan, Ngoo and Yesil, the unbeaten run was always going to come to an end! March on young reds YNWA!"
11th Feb 2013 17:44
"just make sure you win the next game. keep believing and keep learning and give your best. YNWA"
11th Feb 2013 17:50
"Yesil Ngoo Morgan, Liverpool has no strikers gor the U21 Elite group"
12th Feb 2013 1:39
"14 match unbeaten? should played them against west brom"
12th Feb 2013 9:51
"AllofRafasGems - I guess its just you. Lads did well until this defeat. I feel they gonna miss Pacheco badly.."