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Great atude, this guy is growing on me day by day! Have to admit I was a sceptic, but will be very happy if he proves me wrong!
11th Feb 2013 13:31
11th Feb 2013 13:35
"sincerely you had a great teacher in Robbie Fowler, I wish you have catched the secrets of that Legend and you can practice them without neither give up on your own personal skills! It's importat create a own personal technical knowledge and get value from it further to acquire some skills from the favourite inspirational players YNWA Danny Sturridge"
11th Feb 2013 13:36
"So he has got the God's grace..."
11th Feb 2013 13:37
"great suff Dano just keep scoring and we'll be just fine and up there as well YNWA"
11th Feb 2013 13:42
":) "
11th Feb 2013 13:48
"Daniel, you should always listen to God ;)"
11th Feb 2013 13:56
"'Brief though their time together was' mmm-Influenced I do think, by yoda! :) YNWA"
11th Feb 2013 14:25
"England will soon have to thank Liverpool for signing this young man. "
11th Feb 2013 14:34
"I saw you playing for Bolton and I told a Chelsea supporter this: "If he concentrates on Team play, he will become England's Pele." Concentrate on Team play, like Pele did, and you'll be amazed by what will happen to your career. "
11th Feb 2013 14:36
"Like the Goal-Machine, stick yourself in front of West Brom`s goal and you`ll score. C`mon you Reds!"
11th Feb 2013 15:30
"Use your talent to make sure we do not lose. Help the defence out by tackling back or not losing the ball. LFC is a team."
Papa Syed
11th Feb 2013 15:32
"The Spirit of The Reds Warrior Arises! More goals...All Wins & CL please...YNWA DS!"
11th Feb 2013 15:57
"Now we know what you mean when you thank God after every game."
11th Feb 2013 16:10
"The more he says the better I like this player he has all the right qualities on and off the pitch !"
11th Feb 2013 16:32
"It's a pleasure to have you at our club, Daniel. So glad you're enjoying it here and putting in fantastic performances YNWA"
11th Feb 2013 17:41
"daniel wouldn't mind you getting 5 goals tonight. we need the win and a clean sheet would help the defence to start believing in themselves. 13 games to go and we want 13 wins. if not as many as poss to increase our chances of top4. come on redmen. lets do this. YNWA"
Gerrard o ya beauty
11th Feb 2013 17:53
"Keep it up mate, you have the lot to be a star for us. Just look at what LFC can do to some players, some bottle it and can't handle the pressure but not this lad he thrives on pressure. Chelsea is a horrible club to play for, for example why would they even think of letting Lampard go for all he's done for them, they disgust me!! You'v found your home now Daneil son YNWA"