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Liverpool growing everywhere except on the field. Very gutted abt yesterday. It's going to be another season without CL. We are in a state where we cannot blame anyone. Stupid to blame BR. He's improving the philosophy. It's the players to deliver now..
12th Feb 2013 8:38
12th Feb 2013 8:45
"Shame whats on offer on the pitch would'nt attract anyone to spend that type of money these days.Cloud cookoo land LFC"
12th Feb 2013 9:33
"Glad to see LFC are pandering to the daytrippers and prawn sandwich brigade whilst the team is booed off. Unless FSG realise that Rodgers is useless, the only 'fans' turning up will be the people with more money than sense."
12th Feb 2013 10:19
"The only "philosophy" BR has, if he has one at all, is of mid table mediocrity and talking rubbish after his usual draws and defeats. The talk of "rebuilding" when this season is far worse than last is proof of the continual stream of rubbish spouted."