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Good luck against West Bromwich boys! I am confident that we can win this game! I am anxious to see Phillipe in action with the rest of the team...I have good vibes watching him train! YNWA!
10th Feb 2013 10:55
10th Feb 2013 11:54
"Love it that Luis wears a Lpl scarfe for training. What a guy! "
10th Feb 2013 12:19
"Who do you think you are? 'Why is downing always smiling' I bet you criticised torres before he left for not smiling, didn't you? "
10th Feb 2013 12:34
"would be great to see phillipe to get some minutes v west brom if he's fit enough but either way think we can beat west brom come on you reds YNWA"
10th Feb 2013 13:11
"'Why is downing always smiling' christ heard it all now... "
10th Feb 2013 13:20
10th Feb 2013 13:34
"are you seriously having a go because he's smiling? get a grip"
10th Feb 2013 13:40
"Commander cool you are a first class womble, what would you rather he was doing slashing his wrists? "
10th Feb 2013 13:42
"OMG! Carra smiled!, Brenden laughed! You muppet, surely its a good thing Downing is happy and enjoying his football???"
10th Feb 2013 13:44
"stop smiling folks its not right hahaha, i think PC might get 10mins tomorrow replacing DS after his hatrick.YNWA."
10th Feb 2013 14:01
"great to see Ngoo score again yesterday 3goals in 3games, hope he not given away like TI."
10th Feb 2013 14:43
"Whatever Downing does, he always get the stick, even for smiling. What a nice fan we got. Anyway a must-win game on Monday especially its at Anfield! 2-1 is my prediction and good time to face WB becuase of their currently bad form!"
10th Feb 2013 15:43
"Commander you comment is not that cool It's great to have a strong happy spirt in the camp... Come on the Red men... Whip Broms Ass... "
10th Feb 2013 15:56
"Thanks for that video, where nothing actually happens. Particularly impressed with the shot of Skrtel standing there scratching his ar5e. "
10th Feb 2013 16:16
"Looking good, hopefully Coutinho gets some minutes in the game. "
10th Feb 2013 16:31
"sorry for that comment earlier, that was unfair! im just not happy with his performances this season. Would love to see Coutinho or Assaidi tommorow!"
10th Feb 2013 16:40
"hope u play on monday coutinho.i just can wait to see u play.gudluckphilippe"
10th Feb 2013 18:23
"Fair play commander, it takes a man to come and admit his mistake. We all been unhappy with him and other few in past but everyone is picking up their game. Get behind the team, we got a very exciting project going on here."
10th Feb 2013 18:28
"Now on a the video. The shot where Brandon and Carra standing together, its a sight I want to see again next season with Carra as defence coach. I am very confident if we stick with Brandon we will win league within 4 to 5 years time. All it take is patience. Just remember that being un patience didn't won us the league in over 20 years. We need to adopt patience now."
10th Feb 2013 19:37
"commandercool what an odd thing to say??!!"
Lethal Tango
10th Feb 2013 21:31
"Can't wait to see his performance! Small, skillful and young! Brendan plz sub him on next game! From baidu liverpool tieba Zhi ming tan ge!"
10th Feb 2013 21:39
"Dont you just hate these monday night games?I mean the weekend is out and we have to wait till The beginning of the next week. Think we will bust those baggies though!!!!"
10th Feb 2013 21:50
"WHY ARE YOU GIVING SO MUCH CRITICISM TO DOWNING?? Seriously CommanderCool. It's unneeded."
10th Feb 2013 22:01
"The commander has said sorry!!!So whats the problem...."
10th Feb 2013 22:07
"hoping to see philippe playing some part on monday. would give the team a lift when they see his magic and we take the 3pts. hopefully a winning run will start to turn those fans with too much negativity in their veins. support the team and all players whether you rate them or not. we are LIVERPOOL. YNWA"
10th Feb 2013 22:47
"i wanna see Coutinho, Assadia and Suso in the squad. Drop Allen, Downing and Robinson"
Special Kk
11th Feb 2013 2:16
"Nice to see Skrtel picking his wedgy there at the end. Great shot selection by the editor.."
11th Feb 2013 4:14
"DAMN !!! i wanted to have a cheap pop at Commanderuncool ... but i'm too late he apologised ..more importantly NICE HD quality vid .... MORE HD PLEASE .."
11th Feb 2013 23:09
"another useless sighing and on he goes wasting money on players not suited to the prem "