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Get well soon. No matter what ynwa!
24th Feb 2013 9:54
24th Feb 2013 9:55
"You could always try redesigning the inside of the net with the ball"
24th Feb 2013 9:57
"Better at that than scoring goals, "
24th Feb 2013 10:24
"you can come round and decorate my place, while your doing nothing, could do with a lick of paint, get well soon, and ill be expecting you at 9 in the morning, dont be late, YNWA."
24th Feb 2013 10:40
"Fabio, you certainly know how to set y'self up. Focus purely on football and the rewards will come, you can think about the designing after your career - NOW COME ON BUCK UP! "
24th Feb 2013 10:51
"You know what i hate the most?? people like Mearsyboy if your are here to besmirch the players then you can go Fu*k of to Manure!! We don't tolerate people like you here!! support your players and they will score goals!! Without support, they are nothing!!"
24th Feb 2013 10:53
"ahahaahaha lpoolandy that was a good one LOL :p"
24th Feb 2013 10:53
"ahahaahaha lpoolandy that was a good one LOL :p"
24th Feb 2013 10:59
"Didn't besmirch anyone, and have the right to an opinion, support anyone who turns out in red, but please don't judge me, you don't know me or how I support this club. People I hate the most........ Hmm tough one ........"
24th Feb 2013 11:14
"Typical that we get people mocking a player that hurt himself wearing the red of Liverpool.. "
24th Feb 2013 11:19
"Fabio, get well soon and will be great to see you fit next season smashing a few goals in, YNWA"
24th Feb 2013 11:35
"Lets give the boy a chance... He's proven before he can score goals he just needs that run of games. Im confident he can carve out a future at Anfield. Get well soon Fab!"
24th Feb 2013 12:48
"Keep your mood high Fabio! You had a bad injury but with calm, patience and self dedication I hope you will return the springing quick player who any supporter does remember! Have a good rehab and get well soon young Fabio Borini! YNWA FB "
Billy B girl
24th Feb 2013 13:17
"I was looking for LFC website! You couldn't make this up !!!"
24th Feb 2013 13:43
"Seems like a great bloke"
24th Feb 2013 17:18
"mushroomscouser67, are we depending on those 2? If we cant find any really good experienced midback, those 2 young dutchman we seem to want is the best option. They are the 2 first choices in Nederlands nationalteam, so may be good. "
24th Feb 2013 17:19
"I ment may be the best option."
24th Feb 2013 17:58
"Good idea he could specialise in hospital interiors and free up our wage bill meanwhile we still need a striker that can score goals. "
24th Feb 2013 18:05
"Kingston96, mearsyboy is right simple as, and if you dont like reading peoples opinions that are different to yours then why dont you just mix with 12 year olds only and bully them all into your thinking? I hope Borini gets well soon, but he aint good enough to wear our great red shirt!YNWA"
24th Feb 2013 20:31
"Explains a lot...."
24th Feb 2013 20:32
"Sorry - my last comment was unkind and uncalled for!"
24th Feb 2013 20:42
"Well so much for being a supporter. I thought supporting a club would also extend to supporting the players, even through bad spells. Obviously the likes of Mearsyboy and Dmnkid have taught me otherwise."
24th Feb 2013 21:52
"Why not Fabio, only time will tell if you make the grade here at L4 but I'd like to wish you all the very best, who knows, you may be a sensation or else end up working for Mr Allardice alongside our Andy and Joe Cole. "
24th Feb 2013 23:19
"although i think brendan is doing a fantastic job i am sure we could have done a lot better this season with andy carrol....there r certain matches we really needed our lanky no 9"
25th Feb 2013 0:05
"Laurence Llewelyn Borini - Thats your new name Fabio - If I wasn't a Buddha belittler I'd probably be an interior designer. I would go to work on this padded cell. "
25th Feb 2013 0:48
"Being an italien that does not come to me as a surprise however try to fullfil your potential as a footballer in a LFC shirt."
25th Feb 2013 9:34
"Concentrate on returning strong & ready 2 play 4 LFC Mr."